Lovense Max vs Max 2: Should You Upgrade?

Can't decide between Lovense Max and Lovense Max 2? We compared them for you.
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Last updated: July 13, 2024
Lovense Max
Lovense Max 2
Can't decide between Lovense Max and Lovense Max 2? We compared them for you.
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Lovense is one of the sex toy pioneer manufacturers in the male masturbators market. The brand’s popularity grew rapidly because it offers male consumers top-notch options that suit their deepest desires and pleasures. Lovense Max and Max 2 are the company’s latest inventions. Both masturbators set a new standard for male masturbation with unmatched features. Although the Max 2 is an upgraded version of the Max, it has a few similarities and notable differences that make it a worthy upgrade.

In this Lovense Max vs. Max 2 comparison, we take a closer look at the two masturbators’ features to point out the differences and similarities that make either a better option. Read on to see if either of the sex toys fits the criteria of what you are looking for.

Lovense Max vs. Max 2 Comparison Chart

Lovense Max and Max 2 are definitely worth to be added to the list of the best male masturbators on the market. The Max 2 has a few improvements from the Max, which we will look at closely in this section. The original Lovense Max has a lot of innovations that the Max 2 and many other models copied. The best thing about Max and Max 2 is that they have a lot in common, and you can enjoy using either. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the masturbators.

Features Lovense Max Lovense Max 2
Material skin-like TPE, ABS  skin-like TPE, ABS
Total length 9.1 in 9.5 in
Inner diameter 2.5 in 3.33 in
Vibration modes 3  7
Contraction modes 3 3
Working time 2 hours 2-3 hours
Charging time 2 hours 100 min

Main Features Comparison

As mentioned earlier, the Lovense Max and Max 2 have similar features, but the Max 2 comes with some improvements that set it apart. Here is a clear breakdown of the masturbators’ main features and what sets them apart.

Outer design

The new outer shell design of Max 2 allows easier grip

The Lovense Max and Max 2 are both small masturbators compared to others on the market. Coming in at 9 inches in length and 2.4 inches in diameter, the Lovense Max is slightly smaller than the Max 2, which measures 9.5 inches in length and 3.3 inches in diameter.

Both masturbators are made with plastic, and the Max 2 is easier to grip thanks to its new outer shell design. The outer shell adds ridges to the plastic casing, making it easier to handle, especially when you have lots of lube in your hands. The Lovense Max, on the other hand, has a smooth outer shell that is prone to sliding off, especially when you have a lot of lube in your hands. This is quite a bummer as using both devices require plenty of lube.

Furthermore, both devices feature air vents at their bottoms. Air vents control suction strength. The original Lovense Max has its air vent holes covered by a piece of rubber that you can easily detach. The Max 2 is a tad cooler as it comes with a sliding switch that can open and close the air vent.

Inner design

Both devices have contractions and vibrations, but the Max 2 gives better 360-degrees contractions. It is also much bigger and more powerful because of its airbags.

Sleeve choices

With the two masturbators, you have two types of sleeves to choose from:

  • Pink TPE: This has a vagina-shaped opening, an even pattern texture and bumps inside it.
  • Clear silicone sleeve: This has a neutral ring hole with a lining that offers a realistic vaginal texture.

The original Lovense Max comes with the pink silicone sleeve while the Max 2 comes with a clear silicone sleeve with a neutral ring hole. Both sex toys have a good feeling, but the Max 2 is a bit softer and has better tightness, thus giving greater sensations.

App compatibility and controls

Both the original Lovense Max and Max 2 can connect to the Lovense remote app. Connecting to the app opens possibilities to advanced orgasms and easy control of the sex toys. The app is available on the Apple App store and Google Play Store. The app has all the information about the devices and how to use them. You will even find information on how to connect the masturbators to a Bluetooth device if you want them to play to the beat of music. In addition, both masturbators have buttons on the side for controlling vibration and air suction.

Modes and vibration settings

Both devices come with three modes: solo mode, Bluetooth and couples mode

Both the Lovense Max and Max 2 have three modes:

Solo mode: As its name suggests, the solo mode is like a fleshlight with additional vibration and air compression.

Bluetooth music: This mode allows you to connect the Max or Max 2 to a Bluetooth device and enjoy music while using the sex toy. Listening to music while connected makes the toy react to the beats of the music, which can be amazing, depending on the type of music you are playing. The mode is also available to other devices like Nora, which is compatible with the Max and Max 2.

Couples Mode: This is where both Max devices shine. It is the most interesting feature and the top reason why people are buying sex toys. According to an article by Forbes, more couples are open to inviting Artificial intelligence to their bedrooms, hence the rise in couple-friendly sex toy sales. Couple-friendly sex toys grew popular during Covid as more people were forced to isolate themselves. The couples’ mode on the Max and Max 2 allows you to enjoy sex with your partner even if you are far from each other. If you are in your house and your partner is not around, you can easily connect your devices with Bluetooth capabilities and get to feel what they are doing.

The Lovense Max and Max 2 are hands-down the best long-distance sex toys. Moreover, the technology caters to the LGBT community as it allows a connection between two masturbators.

Cleaning and care

Cleaning a sex toy after use before storing it is crucial. According to Healthline, proper cleaning and maintenance of a sex toy help prevent the spread of bacteria that could cause serious infections that can harm your reproductive system. The article also maintains that you need to clean sex toys based on the materials used to make them.

For example, the original Lovense Max is made with TPE and ABS plastic. TPE is non-porous, and if not cleaned well, it can house bacteria and grow mold. To clean the Max, pull out the sleeve and rinse thoroughly with water. Rinse out the chamber, then let the sleeve and case dry. Ensure the water does not go beyond the toy’s inside, where the sleeve fits.

Max 2 is made with clear silicone, but Lovense is adamant that you should not expose the inner sleeve to any type of soap. You can use an extremely small amount of soap when cleaning the inner shell, but you have to be sure none of it is left behind when you put back the toy together. You can get a sex toy cleaner for your Max 2 but ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean it correctly. Both Max 2 and Max are not waterproof. Do not submerge them in water.

Working time and charging time

The Max 2 provides shorter charging time and longer operation

The first thing to do when you unbox your Lovense Max or Max 2 is charge it, and ensure that it is turned off. Plug in the USB cable into the USB adaptor or port to charge. The Max will take approximately 2 hours to charge and will last you 2 hours when fully charged. The Max 2 will take 100 minutes to charge and last longer; between 2 and 3 hours.

Durability and warranty

Lovense provides a 1-year warranty for all its toys. The warranty covers the working parts that affect the toys’ functionality. It does not cover cosmetic deterioration caused by wear and tear or an attempt to take apart the toy. To redeem the warranty, you have to provide the order details, your account details and proof of the issue.

As if that’s enough, Lovense offers a 90-day return period for both Max and Max 2’s sleeves in case of manufacturer defects. You will hardly use the return period because the sex toys are built to last with high-grade body safe materials. A generous warranty period is enough proof that the workmanship can be trusted.


Max 2’s packaging isn’t that different from Max’s packaging. It is only a little bigger to accommodate the bigger Max 2. Inside the packaging of each model is a magnetic charging cable and a quick guide with visual instructions.

Lovense Max 2 vs Max: Which is better?

The Lovense Max 2 is a worthy upgrade from the Lovense Max because of its several improved and new features like:

  • A quick air release option that allows you to release the pressure levels for maximum comfort.
  • An adjustable air vent that adjusts suction intensity for maximum comfort.
  • Air pump technology with 3 settings that allow you to get 360 degrees contractions in deep, mild, or subtle levels.
  • An improved design that allows for more pleasurable sensations on the penis’ shaft and glans.

If you are interested in Lovense products as much as we are, you’ll definitely want to check out the best Lovense reviews we’ve compiled for you, and upgrade.

In conclusion

Our in-depth Lovense Max vs. Max 2 comparison guide depict both sex toys as high-quality male masturbators that offer pleasurable sensations. Both toys are a fantastic option for men who are in long-distance relationships or away from their partners regularly. However, the Max 2 has several new and improved features that make it a worthy upgrade. It is more comfortable, thanks to the adjustable air vents for controlling suction intensity and quick air release for reducing pressure levels. It also gives greater pleasure with its extended vibration parts and 360 degrees contractions that come in three intensity levels; deep, mild, and subtle.

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