Can You Use Canola Oil as Lube Safely? Let’s Find Out

Tips on when can canola oil as lube benefit your sex life - its compatibility with condoms, sex toys and intercourse fluids
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Most people who have sex will quickly discover how important lube is. Even the most aroused couple will appreciate more lube, and most solo acts need lube to enhance the experience. While lube is readily available both in stores and online, you may be looking for an alternative. This may lead to the question, is canola oil as lube a safe and effective method? Keep reading to find out the answer and how canola oil can be used with different body parts.

Canola Oil Personal Lubricant Overview

Can you use canola oil as lube? Yes, you can. Even though there are many varieties of lube available, you may either want an alternative or just not have any lube left in the house. Instead of stopping your activities and going to the store, you can open your pantry to see what there is.

Here are a few ways to use canola oil as a personal lubricant.

As vaginal lube

Even if you are a woman and turned on, you can still benefit from lube during vaginal penetration sex. Using lube takes the pressure off you and acknowledges that sex is a process that is not always straightforward.

Canola oil is safe to use in your vagina and can add that extra slipperiness so that both people will enjoy themselves.

As anal lube

Anal sex especially needs lube. The anus is not able to create its own lubricant, so an artificial one is necessary. If you are worried about ensuring there is enough lube in the process, you may want to check out this list of the best lube injectors. They minimize the mess that lube can cause and will easily get to harder-to-reach areas.

With toys

Many male masturbatory toys are greatly enhanced with the use of lube. For example, anytime we mention such toys, we also include a list of the best lube for fleshlights because they go hand in hand.

Canola oil can be used for almost any toy, as long as you don’t have a sensitivity to it.

Can Canola Oil Be Used as Lube

Yes, canola oil can be used for lube. While there are many forms of lube available, such as water-based and latex, canola oil is also a healthy substitute.

Condom compatibility

Canola oil can be used in conjunction with condom use. The oil won’t react with the condoms and instead will create a better experience.


Whether you want your sperm to survive or not is a personal decision between you and your partner. But if you are trying to conceive, then you definitely need a lube that won’t damage your swimmers on their journey.

A benefit of canola oil is that it won’t kill your sperm. You can use it when trying to conceive and it should not affect the reproductive process.

Cons of Canola Oil for Lube

Even though canola oil is mostly safe to use as lube, there are a few things to be aware of first.


Your first time using lube shouldn’t be full of anxiety but there is always the chance you have an unknown allergy. Just watch for these signs of lube allergies Trusted Source The signs you could be allergic to sex It’s something no one wants – an allergy to sex. But like all things in life, it is possible to be allergic to getting down and dirty. , and if you do present with any of the symptoms, then be sure to try a different type of lube.

The good news is that you’ve most likely been exposed to canola oil before, so you should know if you have an allergen to it. However, using canola oil on your sensitive areas can cause a reaction or sensitivity, which should also be avoided.

There are many natural lube products available if you are prone to allergies and sensitivities. The AH! YES Organic Plant Oil-Based Lubricant is a nice option as it is organic and therefore has fewer chemicals in it.


The purpose of any kind of lube is to make sex more comfortable and prevent any sort of chafing. If there is too much dryness, small tears can appear in your skin, which can then invite bacteria.

Unfortunately, if you use canola oil during sex and you develop a tear, this can lead to an infection. While your body should be able to fight off a minor infection, always be cautious. Listen to your body and if you feel any discomfort during sex, stop and assess the situation.


The biggest reason not to use canola oil for lube is that cleanup can be hard. Oil will naturally stain clothing and sheets Trusted Source How to Get Grease Out of Clothes (Without Ruining Them!) Greasy food splatters and spills happen. Use these fast-acting stain removal tips to remove old grease stains from clothing. , unless you immediately soak them and then aggressively wash them. If you’re lying in a blissful state, the last thing you want to do is jump up and start cleaning.

There are other options to consider if you are worried about the cleanup. For example, this list of the best silicone lubes is a good place to start. Even though silicone can still stain, it isn’t as big a worry as oil.

Alternatives for Canola Oil Lube

Here are a few alternatives to canola oil lube and what they are best used for.

Silicone Lube

Silicone lubes are a good alternative to consider. They don’t dry out as fast as water-based lubes do, so if you know you’re in for a long session in the bedroom, silicone lube is a good place to start.

Silicone lube is also recommended for anal sex. Again, it won’t dry out and will provide that all-important anal coating.

There are many options for silicone lube. We especially like the Gun Oil Personal Silicone Lubricant. It lasts a long time and includes vitamin E and aloe vera, so there will be no irritations.

Water-based lube

There are many benefits of using a water-based lube, which is why it is so popular. It is very easy to clean up, so there is no worry about extra laundry. Furthermore, it is incredibly thin so you won’t even feel it.

Final thoughts

Using lube during sex, either by yourself or with a partner, is always recommended. It will help prevent too much friction and make it enjoyable for everyone involved. There are many different types of lube available, including water-based lube and silicone lube. Still, if you are out of lube, or just want to experience different sensations, you may be looking for an alternative. Using canola oil as lube is a safe, effective method. It can be used both vaginally and anally, and can be paired with toys and condoms.


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It’s something no one wants – an allergy to sex. But like all things in life, it is possible to be allergic to getting down and dirty.
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