How to Find and Cure Fleshlight Mold

This article will give you tips on dealing with Fleshlight mold - how to find it, determine the cause and clean
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For those of you who have discovered the fleshlight, we’re just happy you were able to take time away from all the pleasure to read this. For those that are not sure about purchasing it, we think you will not be disappointed. While the fleshlight, a male masturbatory sex toy, is capable of providing endless hours of pleasure, there are a few things to be aware of, most importantly fleshlight mold.

Unfortunately, if proper care is not taken with your toy, mold can set it. You can try to clean it but many people find it too difficult and end up throwing out your prized toy. We’ll address what causes mold on a fleshlight and provide you with some tips to help prevent it. A fleshlight is an investment and we want you to be able to use it in a safe, effective manner.

Why Fleshlight is Molding

Mold is a type of fungus Trusted Source Basic Facts about Mold and Dampness CDC Mold Web site provides information on mold and health, an inventory of state indoor air quality programs, advice on assessment, cleanup efforts, and prevention of mold growth, and links to resources. and it needs water, food, and oxygen to grow. It does not, however, need sunlight, which is why mold often grows in dark, damp places.

Your fleshlight consists of two parts, the outer case and the inner sleeve. While the outer case is easy to clean as it is made from a hard plastic, the inner sleeve is a lot more difficult to clean. Not only is it a tight fit but there are folds and crevices where mold can take hold of.

Furthermore, the inside of your fleshlight can get quite dirty. Lube, semen, and sweat are contained inside a fleshlight which is why it is imperative to clean your toy after each use.

How dangerous is it?

Mold is a toxic substance Trusted Source Mold in the home: how big a health problem is it? Mold can cause a lot of damage in the home, spreading across walls and eating away at wood and fabric. But what effect does it have on the body? . It can greatly affect those with allergies and asthma. It is not something you want to breathe in, especially in highly concentrated amounts.

The biggest threat with fleshlight molding is that the mold could enter your blood stream, via your urethra. Just think: do you want your penis next to a potentially toxic substance? The risk of infection is great and who knows what that could mean to your very sensitive areas.

How to Look for Fleshlight Mold

You should do a periodical check for fleshlight mold. While you do not have to do this every time you use it, there are times that make sense. If it has been a while since you last used your fleshlight, you should definitely check it before use.

Also be aware of other signs and if something seems off, do a quick check, just in case.


The biggest sign that your fleshlight has mold is its smell. Thankfully, mold has a rather distinctive smell, so it is often the first tip-off that there is a problem. Mold smells earthy and musty. This is in sharp contrast to a clean fleshlight which may have a faint smell of plastic or silicone.

If you are especially worried about mold, simply do a smell test each time you use your fleshlight. Bring the inner sleeve close to your nose, give it a quick smell and you can (hopefully) be on your way to a good time.

Look inside

If you do detect an earthy small, the nest step is to look inside your fleshlight. For this you will want to use a flashlight as there are many folds inside the toy. Luckily, most cell phones have flashlights so you can easily look inside.

With the light, move the fleshlight around a bit so you can view it from all angles. Look for signs of discoloration such as black spots. This is a sure sign your fleshlight has mold.

How to Remove Fleshlight Mold

If you have detected mold in your fleshlight, try not to panic. If the situation is not too bad, you can still salvage your favorite toy. To do so, you will need a pair of rubber gloves, a face mask, rubbing alcohol, hot water, and bleach. You can use a cloth for the exterior but your fingers are best for the interior.


The one thing you absolutely do not want to do while cleaning your fleshlight is to further spread mold around. To prevent this, there are some basic safety precautions to take.

Always wear gloves as this will protect your hands, both from the mold and any chemicals you decide to use. Also, use an old towel to place everything on, something that you can dispose of afterwards.

It’s also best to work in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside, so that the more spores don’t settle somewhere else in the room. And finally, while it may seem like a bit much, if you suffer from any breathing issues, you may want to consider wearing a mask, just in case.


Removing mold from the inside sleeve of your fleshlight is pretty hard. You are not able to flip the sleeve inside out, which means you will have to wash it a bit blindly. Also, you don’t want to use an abrasive brush as this can scratch the inside, which means more potential for bacteria and mold to grow.

Start by rinsing out your fleshlight. Then, find some rubbing alcohol, which you can purchase at any pharmacy. Put on some gloves and pour a bit of the rubbing alcohol on your fingers. Then, gently rub the inside of your fleshlight. Give it a good rinse and then wash with a fleshlight cleanser. Try a product like Fleshwash which is designed specifically for this sensitive toy.

While you can use bleach if there is still mold, it may be too harsh for the inside of your fleshlight. Basically, if there is too much mold, no amount of cleaning can make it safe again for use and you will have to purchase a new toy.


Removing mold from the exterior of your fleshlight is a lot easier and usually you can end up salvaging your toy. Start by rinsing the entire toy with hot water. Dry it and then wipe down the surface with rubbing alcohol. This should be enough to kill the mold.

If, however, mold still persists, you will want to mix a solution of one tablespoon of bleach to five cups of water. Take a cloth and gently scrub at the areas with mold. Because you are cleaning the exterior, you can scrub a bit harder.

Leave the bleach mixture on your toy for a minute and then rinse thoroughly. Finally, use a fleshlight cleanser to wash away the bleach so that it doesn’t damage anything.

How to Prevent Fleshlight Mold

Hopefully you now realize that while you can try to clean mold from your fleshlight, the best way forward is proper prevention. Purchasing a fleshlight can seem like a dream come true. It is everything you wanted in a male masturbation toy and as such, you should take good care of it. Also remember that while not extraordinarily expensive, fleshlights can be a bit of an investment. You don’t want to have to continually purchase your toy.

Air drying

Letting your fleshlight dry after cleaning is imperative. Mold needs moisture to grow and if you have a perfectly dry fleshlight, then it is not given the opportunity. However, drying your toy may not be as simple as you would think.

After washing your fleshlight, be sure to leave it on a clean towel to dry. Place the fleshlight so that the opening is down, which will allow the water to drain out.

You may be tempted to dry your fleshlight with a towel to speed up the process. However, even clean towels can have bacteria on their surface. Drying your fleshlight with a towel can transfer that bacteria to your toy, which can result in mold.

Instead, leave your fleshlight in the right position and let it air dry overnight. When you go to put it away the next day, just give it a quick inspection to ensure it is properly dry.

Thorough cleaning

Even if you don’t want to do it, your fleshlight needs to be cleaned after every use. Invest in a solid fleshlight cleaner and wash the outside and inside of your toy. Use your fingers to wash the inner sleeve and not a brush. Brushes and clothes are too hard for the sensitive material and can cause scratches on the surface, which can lead to more bacteria.

Instead, use you fingers so that you can feel all the folds and get into any hidden areas. You can use warm water or a special fleshlight cleanser for this purpose. If you want more steps to clean your fleshlight, you can check out this article here.

Wash after every use

As we said earlier, your fleshlight needs to be cleaned after every use. There are no exceptions. Even if you wear a condom, which helps decrease the overall mess, your fleshlight still needs to be washed.

Try not to wait too long after use. Lube and semen can dry quickly and it is harder to wash them off when dry then when they are still liquid.

Frequent inspections

Checking for mold does not need to be an hour-long affair. It can be something as simple as a quick smell test each time you go to use it. Then, maybe once a month take a fleshlight to see inside your toy.

If you suspect anything, or it has been a while since you last used your fleshlight, be sure to give it a good inspection.

Renewal powder

One new product that can increase the longevity of your fleshlight and help prevent mold is Fleshlight Renewing Powder. While the frequency of use is up to you, many people get into the habit of using the powder after every use.

After you clean your fleshlight, let it dry completely. Then, simply sprinkle the powder over your fleshlight. It works similar to cornstarch in that it absorbs any excess moisture. It also maintains that smooth texture you want in a fleshlight.

Most people are impressed with fleshlight powder and you can make an older toy feel brand new again.

Final Thoughts

Sex toys are fun but they also need a bit of care and intention. When you are done using a device, don’t just toss it into a drawer. Instead be sure to clean it and store it well. A fleshlight is a bit of an investment and because of how it is constructed, you need to pay a bit more attention to it. The inner sleeve is designed for maximum pleasure but it is also where mold can grow. Wash and air dry your fleshlight after use, making sure to get into every nook and cranny. Then, periodically smell for mold and use a flashlight to inspect the inside. If you do detect fleshlight mold, you can try to clean it with rubbing alcohol. However, mold is dangerous and if there is too much, it means you will have to replace your favorite toy.


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Mold can cause a lot of damage in the home, spreading across walls and eating away at wood and fabric. But what effect does it have on the body?
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