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Last updated: February 19, 2024

Lovense Hyphy Review: the Most Unusual Sex Toy for Women (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: February 19, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Single women
  • Couples
  • Long-distance relationships
Key features:
  • Dual-sided
  • Multiple attachments
  • Charging/storage case
  • App controlled
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Vibrating sex toys are fun to use, though few of them offer the versatility of the Lovense Hyphy sex toy. This model is dual-sided, with each end designed to stimulate a different erogenous zone, so you can achieve heights of pleasure you may not have thought possible with only one toy.

The Hyphy is powerful, with multiple patterns, speeds, and attachments to choose from, plus it pairs perfectly with Lovense’s app for even more stimulation options. For more information on what this fantastic toy has to offer, check out our Lovense Hyphy review to see exactly what you’re getting with this vibrator.


Silicone, ABS plastic
Overall dimensions
8.37 x 1.38 x 0.24 in
Insertable length
4.53 in
Insertable diameter
1.38 in
Vibration patterns
Intensity levels
Using time
5 hrs
Charging time
75 min
1-year limited

The Lovense Hyphy vibrator isn’t your usual sex toy. It has a ton of features and accessories that make it stand out from other toys that you may have heard of or used in the past. These include the dual-ended design, the varying stimulation attachments, and the app-controlled functions that offer a wide range of options that the toy alone can’t give you. Let’s take a look at exactly what you’ll be getting when purchasing the Hyphy from Lovense.

Lovense Double Vibrator Overview

Dan Liu founded Lovense Trusted Source Lovense Bluetooth Sex Toys - History of Innovative Sex Tech Lovense has been pushing the sex toy industry forward for years! Learn more about us and history of our sex tech! while in a long-distance relationship in 2009, due to the lack of intimacy in his relationship. After some research and development, his new company created the very first vibrator in the world to use remote functions, which were controlled using a Skype connection. A few years later, app control took over, reducing the limitations of Skype and giving users a much more user-friendly experience.

Several new toys were also developed over the years, including the Hyphy in 2020, offering women a G-spot and clitoral vibrator all in one well-designed machine. The dual motors and high-frequency vibrations combined with the multiple attachments and settings ensure orgasms in under 5 minutes, so there is never any waiting for pleasure.


The Hyphy from Lovense uses dual-motor technology, which allows the toy to vibrate at both ends at the same time. This allows you to swap which end you’re using, depending on the type of stimulation that you’re looking for, making this one of the most versatile toys on the market.

This toy also uses a combination of Bluetooth and Lovense’s Remote App to pair your device with the Hyphy, adding more stimulation options and a variety of other features to the toy’s use.

App Control

Lovense Hyphy can be easily paired with yours or your partner’s device to control all the patterns

App control is a must for those looking for some intimate pleasure time with a partner, even when that partner is miles away. The Lovense Hyphy can be used with the Lovense Remote App, allowing you to hand off control to your partner, no matter how far away they are. Once this is done, they can man the controls, stimulating you in a variety of ways to drive you wild. You can also use the app when you’re on your own to add some new and interesting functions to your session that the toy alone can’t offer.


Pairing the Lovense Hyphy with your chosen device isn’t difficult, as long as you have the right specifications. The Lovense Remote App is compatible with a variety of devices, so you don’t need to buy anything special to make it work.

You can use it with an iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch iOS device that is upgraded to 11.0 or higher. It can also be used with an Android device upgraded to 5.0 or later and has Bluetooth 4.0 enabled. A Mac with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled or a Windows PC with a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter can also be used with the Hyphy.

To pair your Hyphy with your chosen device, download the app and then follow the instruction on the screen to link them together.

You can also send an invite to your partner once they’ve also downloaded the app, which links them to your session and allows them to take control.


The Lovense Remote App offers several customizable features that you can use to take your masturbation session to new pleasure heights every time you use it. There are a few built-in vibration patterns available but you can also use the app to create your own for personalized stimulation.

Your partner can also design patterns for you to surprise you with some new and exciting sessions. The pattern can be adjusted as needed if it isn’t working for you to ensure you’re getting the most amazing experiences possible.

Another great feature allows the app to sync your Hyphy’s patterns to the music you’re listening to. You can sync it to a specific song, playlist, or your entire library. It can even be used with Spotify for added convenience. The intensity level can be adjusted for every pattern used, with or without music involved.


The performance of any vibrator or sex toy you buy is important since this determines how much fun the toy is to use and how well it works when it comes to giving you the pleasure you desire. The following sections cover what the Lovense Hyphy has to offer in terms of performance.


Lovense Hyphyis a powerful toy and it comes with a set of interchangeable heads for different sensations

Stimulation is one of the most important factors to consider when checking out a toy’s performance since this tells you how much fun the toy is to use and how tantalizing it will be on specific parts of your body. The Hyphy from Lovense is dual-ended, so it offers double the stimulation of most vibrating toys.

First, there is the slim end, which is the perfect size to cover your clitoris, especially when you’re using one of the 3 attachments included with the toy. This tip uses high-frequency, ultra-strong vibrations to drive you wild, bringing on the most powerful orgasms you’ve ever experienced. You can also use this tip on other areas, like your nipples, as part of your foreplay before using it on your most sensitive area.

The other end of the toy is wider, with a slight curve and another motor, making it a fantastic G-spot vibrator. You can insert this end for internal stimulation on its own or flip the toy back and forth to get the best of both worlds in one mind-blowing session.

Noise level

Using noisy toys can be somewhat frustrating, especially when you’re trying to be discreet to prevent others from knowing what you’re doing while in the privacy of your bedroom. That’s why many people try to avoid noisy toys or at least use them when they are home alone.

The noise level of the Lovense Hyphy has been compared to that of an electric toothbrush Trusted Source Common Noise Levels - Noise Awareness Day While noise-induced hearing loss is permanent, it is completely preventable by taking simple steps to avoid noise exposure and protect your hearing. , which is usually between about 50 and 60 decibels, though some models can be a bit louder, depending on the brand. This range falls somewhere between the sound of rainfall and a normal conversation, which means those in the next room could hear your Hyphy buzzing while you use it. Of course, if you turn on some music, you can likely cover this noise easily to keep your sessions as discreet as you like.

Vibration patterns and intensity

Not everyone likes the same type of stimulation, which is why toys like the Hyphy have incorporated several different vibration options into their performance. The Hyphy from Lovense features 10 built-in vibration patterns for you to experiment with. There are also 3 intensity levels, so you can go as slow or as fast as needed for the most amazing personalized pleasure possible. There are also unlimited patterns that you can pick from when using the Lovense Remote App, plus you can customize them as you see fit.


Lovense Hyphy can be controlled with the app, but if you don’t have the phone around, the two buttons on the body will  do the task

There are only 2 buttons on the Hyphy, which makes it seem like the toy is easy to use. The buttons aren’t completely intuitive, though, so you should read the instructions carefully and practice with the toy a bit before getting down to business.

This is because the + button has a few functions, like turning the toy onto standby mode, starting the oscillating tip, and changing speeds and intensities. The – button decreases tip power, as well as turning on the G-spot vibrator on the thicker end of the toy and switching to the lower vibe speeds. It may take a few tries to get the hang of the controls, though, after a few tries, you should be ready to go.

Sound activation

If you’ve ever read any of the best Lovense reviews, you’ve likely noticed that toys like the Hyphy offer sound activation. This means that the toy can be used to respond to the sounds you’re making. You can also use the app to sync your Hyphy to the music on your device, reacting and vibrating along with the beat of the song you’re listening to. You can also create your own playlist for a unique experience every time you pull your toy out and put it to use.

Working and charging time

Lovense Hyphyfeatures convenient magnetic charger that takes just 75 minutes to get to 100% from zero

The runtime of the Lovense Hyphy is incredibly long, especially when compared to many of the other vibrating toys on the market. This model can be used for up to 5 hours before you need to charge it again. Of course, this time may be reduced if you’re favoring the more powerful vibration patterns and intensities since these use up more power than the lower and slower options. Even with a slightly shorter runtime, the toy will still give you a few sessions before you need to plug it in.

When the toy is almost out of juice, you can plug it in using the magnetic USB cord included with the Hyphy. It takes only about 75 minutes to charge, so you can plug it in before making dinner and it will likely be ready when it’s time for dessert.


Any sex toy, as well as anything else you buy, needs to be constructed well to ensure that it won’t fall apart as soon as you put it to use. Let’s take a look at what the Lovense Hyphy has to offer in this area.

Extra attachments

The tip of the Hyphy is designed for clitoral stimulation, which it can do on its own if you want to try the toy this way. There are also a few extra attachments that you can add to the tip for some new and interesting sensations to stimulate you in a variety of ways.

The first tip attachment is the circle tip, which is broad and round. When using this piece, you get broad stimulation for wider coverage. The second tip is the U-shaped piece, which hugs your clitoris for more localized stimulation right over your most sensitive area. You can also use this piece on your nipples for some exciting foreplay.

The last tip is the tongue attachment, which can be used to simulate oral sex. Using this piece can be especially fun when you’re combining the toy with the app and letting a long-distance partner control it. It almost feels like they are with you, even when they are miles away.


The Lovense Hyphy has dual motors, one located near the clitoral tip and one on the other base where the G-spot vibrator is located. These motors are quite powerful, delivering buzzy vibrations to your most sensitive parts for as long as needed for mind-blowing orgasms.

The only issue with these motors is that they can’t be used independently. They both run at the same time once you turn the toy on, no matter which end you’re using, though the vibration speeds and intensities can be localized to the tip or base. Though this won’t really affect how you use the toy, being able to run one motor at a time would reduce how quickly the battery wears out.

Insertable length

Lovense Hyphy has 4.5-inch long insertable end that also offers 4 inches of circumference

Though this toy is double-ended, there is only one end that is actually inserted inside of you. The wide base doubles as a G-spot vibrator and has an insertable length of about 4.53 inches. Though this is a decent length, it may not be long enough for some women, so if you’re used to longer vibrating toys, this may not be the right model for you. The diameter is also somewhat thin at under 2 inches, making this a great end for beginners, though it may not be thick enough for those who love that full feeling of a larger toy.


The materials used for a sex toy need to be durable and safe to avoid injury or any type of allergic reaction when using them. The Hyphy by Lovense is a combination of ABS plastic and silicone.

The plastic is used for a high-strength cover over the motor and other internal parts. It is visible on the slimmer clitoral end of the toy, though the very tip of this end will be covered with the included body-safe silicone attachments. The ABS material is also quite rigid, giving the toy a firm feel without being too uncomfortable.

The handle and G-spot end of the toy is also coated in silicone, which feels fantastic against your skin, whether you’re using it on the inside or outside of your body. All the materials used in the Hyphy are free of latex, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals, making them safer to use as often and for as long as you want.


Lovense Hyphycan be used in the shower, and cleaned in soapy water after each use without breaking

Waterproofing on a sex toy allows you to use it in several ways that non-waterproof toys can’t offer. For instance, a fully submersible toy can be used in the shower, bathtub, or pool for some intimate water play when you’re alone or with a partner. Being completely waterproof also makes a toy easier to clean since you don’t need to worry about any moisture getting into the nooks and crannies of your favorite sex toy.

Lovense has taken all of this into account, making the Hyphy completely waterproof and submersible, so you can use it however you see fit, both in and out of the water. You can also wash it quickly using as much water as needed to get rid of any fluids or debris that have collected on the toy.

Durability and warranty

Sex toys can be pricey, so if you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on them, you likely want them to be as durable as possible to last for years. The makers of the Lovense Hyphy and other toys by this brand know this, which is why they have put a great deal of effort into making their toys.

The materials used, as well as the design of the Hyphy, are all high-quality to ensure that the toy won’t break, deteriorate, or fall apart when used and cared for properly. The ABS plastic is quite strong, as is the silicone used for the coating on the device and the attachments for the clitoral end, so there is little chance that the toy won’t live up to your expectations.

If the Hyphy doesn’t work as you expect it to, Lovense does offer a 1-year limited warranty with the toy. This ensures that if there are any issues with the parts or the manufacturing of the toy, you can get it repaired or replaced at no charge for a full year.

Delivery and Maintenance

Though the features we’ve described above are the ones you’re most likely interested in when choosing a new sex toy, there are also a few other considerations worth noting. We’ll cover these in the following sections.

What’s in the box

Lovense Hyphycomes in a storage box that is kind of shaped like a banana, it has space for all the heads and charger

What’s in the box when you order the Lovense Hyphy is something to look into to ensure that you’re getting everything you need with the toy all at once so that the toy is ready to use when you receive it. Inside the Hyphy’s box, you’ll find the dual-ended vibrator, a magnetic USB charge cable, and a handy case.

This case can be used as a handy holder for the toy when you’re charging the battery or as a storage case when the toy’s not in use. It can also be used to keep the Hyphy safe during travel. The downside to the storage case is that it has a transparent cover, so it isn’t as discreet as some other storage cases.

Also included with the Hyphy are the three handy attachments for the clitoral end. A user manual is in the box as well to help you get to know your toy before putting it to use.

What you won’t find in the box is an adapter for the magnetic charge cord, so you can’t plug it into a wall outlet unless you purchase one of these separately. You also don’t receive any lube with the Hyphy, so be sure to stock up on water-based lubricant when purchasing the toy to ensure comfortable, friction-less use.


Cleaning sex toys isn’t the most entertaining part of using them but it is a must to prevent infections or other nasty issues around your vaginal area.

The combination of ABS plastic and silicone on the Lovense Hyphy ensures that this toy doesn’t need any special cleaners to get this job done.
You can use a mild soap and warm water to wash all of those fluids and anything else on your toy away. The fact that this toy is waterproof makes this job even easier since you can fully submerge it to give it an extra-thorough cleaning before and after you use it.


Storing the Lovense Hyphy is easy, thanks to the storage case included with the toy when you purchase it. This case is large enough to hold the toy, its charge cord, and all of its accessories, so you can keep them together and organized when the toy isn’t being put to good use. The case also protects the toy from dust or dirt, so it stays clean while it’s tucked away in a drawer or beneath your bed.

  • Multiple speed and pattern options
  • Long runtime
  • Waterproof
  • Simple controls
  • The lid on the storage case is transparent, so the toy is always visible
  • The controls are a bit tricky at first


The Lovense Hyphy is a double-ended toy that features a tantalizing end and 3 fantastic attachments for clitoral stimulation and a thicker base for stimulating your G-spot. It is perfect for all experience levels looking for a fantastic solo toy. It is also great for couples, whether they are in the same room or a long-distance relationship, thanks to the Lovense Remote App that keeps you connected no matter how far apart you are.


Lovense Bluetooth Sex Toys - History of Innovative Sex Tech
Lovense has been pushing the sex toy industry forward for years! Learn more about us and history of our sex tech!
Common Noise Levels - Noise Awareness Day
While noise-induced hearing loss is permanent, it is completely preventable by taking simple steps to avoid noise exposure and protect your hearing.
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