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Last updated: May 08, 2024

Lisa Ann Barracuda Fleshlight Review (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: May 08, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for
  • Stamina training to last longer in bed
  • Intense stimulation and arousal
  • Average to smaller penis lengths
  • Over 9 inches insertable space.
  • Sleeves have varying textures and tightness
  • It is compatible with all fleshlight accessories.
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  • Stimulation 9.4
  • Tightness 9.6
  • Realism 8.5
  • Cleanup and dry time 9.2
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

If you are reading this Lady Ann Fleshlight review, you are probably looking for the best fleshlight to buy?  The Lisa Ann Fleshlight sex toys for men comes in two versions, the lady vagina and the butt.

Lisa Ann is one of the most popular adult film stars, and the barracuda fleshlight is designed from pink latex material. It has a slightly pearly sheen that makes you imagine how Lisa Ann’s vagina would look up closely. This sex toy looks very much like a real vagina and would arouse you. We will show you everything you need to know in this Lisa Ann Fleshlight review about this barracuda fleshlight sex toy.


Lady, Butt
Total length
9.75 inches
Insertable length
8.9 inches
Canal diameter
0.39–0.71 inches

Lisa Ann Barracuda Fleshlight Review

If you are stuck in a situation where you can’t be with your partner, your fleshlight can come in handy. It is a safer and healthier way to have sex without exposing yourself to sexually transmitted diseases. The experience can be even more pleasurable when you use a good toy like the Lisa Ann Barracuda Fleshlight.

The Lisa Ann Barracuda fleshlight is one of many from the Fleshlight Girls series along with other famous pornstars like Alexis Texas, and many others.  This fleshlight has been perfectly crafted to look like Lisa Ann’s body. If you are a fan, you have a chance to feel what it’s like to be inside this sexy pornstar when you buy this model. We will look at some of the features of this amazing sex toy.

Feel and texture

The Lisa Ann Barracuda’s orifice is a replica of her vagina, and inside it, you will find two different chambers. The first chamber is shorter than the other and is lined with triangle bristles or bumps directed at the opening of the fleshlight. When you go into this chamber, you will feel the long bristles and bumps moving in the direction of your movement. This way it feels right and creates a stimulating sensation around the head of your penis. When you place it on the base of your penis, the tightening sensation feels even better and gives you a firmer erection. The first chamber makes it slower to climax.

The second chamber is long and takes up most of the barracuda sleeve. It also has the same bristles or bumps on its sleeves as the first chamber, but the difference is these bumps are facing an opposite direction. They face the end of the sleeve and increase the tightening effect on your skin. The second chamber is more intensely stimulating than the first and will make you climax quick. The stimulation is mind-blowing and can cause immediate ejaculation on entry.


Looking at its design, the Lisa Ann Fleshlight like the other Fleshlight series comes in its patented SuperSkin material. It is a unique design that is built specially for Fleshlight’s sex toy.

The toy has a safe of a safe material that won’t cause any problems. The patented SuperSkin material feels like real skin and is also hypoallergenic. This means you can use it conveniently, and it won’t cause any skin irritation. However, when using this toy, you should have your lube on it.

Using the fleshlights without lube can cause skin irritation not because of the material but because of traction.

How to use the Lisa Ann Barracuda Fleshlight

The Lisa Ann fleshlight gives very intense pleasure when used the right way. The amount of pleasure you get from this fleshlight is better than what you will find when you use other cheaper toys. It has a firm grip and is very durable. If you are new to fleshlights and are struggling with using this toy, you can simply watch the Lisa Ann Flashlight video. The video shows Lisa Ann demonstrating just how you can pleasure yourself using a replica of her vagina. The fleshlight will arouse you, and the very tight opening will make you climax because it feels like a real vagina. You won’t have any problem operating this toy because it is very easy to use. You use it just like you are having sex with your partner and it even feels that way. There is no complex process involved and you can watch Lisa Ann show you how to pleasure her.


The Lisa Ann fleshlight is very easy to clean after use because of its texture. You can easily run warm water through the sleeve to clean it, but that won’t be enough to get it thoroughly cleaned. Using a finger to flex the bristles or bumps while running warm water through the sleeve will get out most of the deposits in it.

We recommend you also get a cleaning solution from Fleshlight to keep your toy in a good condition and also to avoid getting any infections.

You will need to wash it thoroughly with dishwashing detergent because semen and lube can easily get stuck on the bristles. If there is enough air, it takes about 12 and 24 hours to get dried. After cleaning the sleeve, you can stand it upright to dry quickly.

Key features

Here are essential features of this fleshlight worthy of consideration:

  1. 2 Unique Sleeves

The Lisa Ann Barracuda Fleshlight comes with two pocket vaginas in its unique sleeves. The first sleeve is a vagina-like orifice, while the second is called the Savage, and it has a butt-like orifice. This two sleeves offer a varying amount of pleasure. The first one is less intense than the second sleeve but still pleasurable. If you want to enjoy the sensation without climaxing early, the first sleeves slows things down a bit so you can savor the pleasure.

  1. Lisa Ann MILF Fantasy

Lisa Ann is a very attractive pornstar and she has a surprising amount of fans. When you buy the Lisa Ann Fleshlight series, the package comes with a Milf Fantasy series of your favourite pornstar Lisa Ann and even the toy is designed to look like her body. You get to imagine what it’s like to be right in front of Lisa Ann, and this is a big turn on.

  1. Easy to clean and Maintain

One of the best features of this toy is its material and the fact that it is easy to clean. The unique texture makes its maintenance so convenient. You must keep it clean after use to maintain good hygiene. You can easily wash your toy just like you wash after sex.  Failing to clean up after can expose you to bacteria and other skin irritation. It is easy to maintain because it only requires that you clean it thoroughly each time you use it. It is also important that you use only the right solution for cleaning your fleshlight to avoid any skin problems.

  1. Great Feeling and Heavy Orgasms

The feeling you get each time you use this fleshlight is so intense. This Lisa Ann fleshlight gives you a good amount of pleasure because of the tightening sensation on your penis. You can also warm the temperature of the sleeve with warm water to make it feel even more intense. The sensations are different for the two chambers. The second being more intense than the first because it feels more like a woman’s cervix. The sleeves are flexible and wide enough to give your penis enough room to penetrate. You will enjoy using this toy especially when you feel the urge to have sex and your partner isn’t available.

Price Tag

There are many fleshlights in the market today. Some are cheap while others are on the high-end. Price should not be a determining factor but instead you should get your sex toy based on the quality of pleasure you get. The cheap toys are not always durable and don’t always give as much pleasure like the expensive ones. However, the Lisa Ann Fleshlight isn’t cheap and it is also inexpensive. It falls around the midrange price. It is also among the best fleshlights you will find in the market today. It is affordable and for its price, the pleasure can’t be compared to cheap fleshlights.

If you plan on buying the Lisa Ann Fleshlight, you can get it at a retail price of $79.95. This is the price fixed by the manufacturer, but you can also be lucky to get a discount price on combo deals. This sex toy is not expensive and considering its quality, it is worth the price.



Texture gives very intense sensation

9-inches of insertable length

Tightness is pleasurable

A bit too tight for some

Needs thorough washing to clean


How Does Barracuda Compare with Other Fleshlights?

The tightening effect of the long bristles of the Lisa Ann Barracuda gives an amazing sensation. The stimulation in the two different chambers varies because of the alignment of the bump textures unlike when you compare it with other fleshlights like Condo Touch. This Barracuda fleshlight has an overall great experience for both beginners and experienced hands. You can build intensity gradually to prolong the sensation and then go intense. The Lisa Ann fleshlight can be compared to the sensation you get when you use toys like Destroys. The orgasm you get is simply out of this world.


Lisa Ann Barracuda fleshlight is one of the top fleshlights for men. Hopefully from this review, you can see why this toy beats any other within its range. The next time you want to get a fleshlight to think of the intensity, tightness, the ease of cleaning, and this should be enough reason to get this toy. This is one of the best sellers of Fleshlight’s collection.

If your first fleshlight experience wasn’t so good, you should try the Lisa Ann Fleshlight. It gives you a type of pleasure like you have never experienced before. Now that you know all about this model from this Lisa Ann Fleshlight review, you should get your own toy.

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