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Last updated: February 02, 2024

Emily Willis Fleshlight Review (Fall 2022) – It Will Make You Cum Again and Again!

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Last updated: February 02, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for
  • Fans of Emily Willis
  • Those who want to try a fleshlight with intense patterns
  • Men who want to experience a better toy than the cheap ones found in the marketplace
  • Men of all sizes
Key features:
  • Nine inches of real-feel, skin-grade silicone to get you the best sensation during every session, regardless of your length.
  • Molded from Emily Willis' vagina and butthole, so you can feel like you're really inside her.
  • With two different versions - Squirt and Smash - you can decide whether you want to be in her pussy or in her ass.
  • Five different patterns inside Squirt will give you an intense orgasm, while Smash will leave you feeling satisfied.
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  • Cleaning 9.5
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

If you’ve never heard of Emily Willis before, you’re not the only one. The Argentina-born and Nevada-raised sweetheart has only been in the adult industry since 2018, right when she turned 18. Since then, Emily has been in quite a few movies and videos, earning her a legion of loyal fans and admirers. It was only a matter of time before adult toy stores would start selling a fleshlight modeled after her intimate parts.

Are you one of Emily’s fans? Or perhaps you’re curious about this toy. Regardless of which one you are, this Emily Willis Fleshlight review will convince you to try out this pocket pussy sooner rather than later.


Internal Length
9 inch.
Soft plastic

Emily Willis Fleshlight Overview

The Emily Willis fleshlight has two orifices available – a vaginal one called “Squirt” and an anal one called “Smash”. Both are supposed to replicate what it’s like to be inside Emily’s holes, and they feature textured sleeves to provide maximum stimulation. Not only that, but the entrances for both Squirt and Smash are modeled after Emily’s actual holes. Just lube up, and you’ll be good to go.

Even though there are two versions of this fleshlight available, keep in mind that they are two separate units. They’re not double-ended, so you’ll have to purchase one of each if you want to experience both. Keep this in mind if you have a limited budget.


Realistic male masturbator molded from porn star Emily Willis for authentic pleasure sessions.

Squirt and Smash might feel like you’re having fun with Emily Willis herself, but the toy isn’t going to move on its own. For that, you’ll need one of the best automatic fleshlights. You can also wedge it against something so you can do the thrusting yourself. Keep reading as long as you’re okay with using a manual pocket pussy.

The Emily Willis fleshlight features a nine-inch sleeve, accommodating even the well-endowed users. For Squirt, each section’s different texture will give you a different sensation with every movement. And as for Smash, the sleeve pattern is more uniform but is still designed to provide you with as much stimulation as possible.

The product also has an adjustable end cap, so you can change the suction level to your preference. There’s nothing worse than a sleeve tightening uncomfortably around your member just as you’re starting to get into it.


Lifelike vagina opening and real-feel material for thrilling authenticity and fantasy play.

Both fleshlights feature a lifelike replica of Emily Willis’ vaginal lips and anus. They both have tight yet flexible holes, so you can be sure to get the full sensation once you enter.

For the Squirt toy, the entrance features a corkscrew-like texture as soon as you’re inside. That quickly leads to a group of small dots or nubs that move back and forth with you as you thrust. And the further you go, the more the pattern changes. You’ll never have the same sensation every time you move.

On the other hand, the Smash’s uniform pattern of ridges gives you a more uniform sensation as you move in and out of the sleeve. It’s good for a quick session or if you don’t feel like having an intense finish.


Temperature-responsive canal lined with unique ‘Squirt’ texture for mind-blowing sensations.

Sleeve texture is what sets the Squirt and Smash apart. While the Smash has a set pattern, the Squirt is more varied the further you go in.

Emily Willis’ Squirt fleshlight features a whopping five different textures, all designed to give you the maximum stimulation possible. The first group features a group of corkscrew ribs, which quickly leads to alternately placed dots. The third section has a group of larger yet wider nubs, giving way to the fourth section with ridges that run criss-cross from each other. If you can reach further, the fifth section will reward you with a tightly-packed bunch of raised dots. Filling the entire sleeve with your member rewards you with different sensations all over your penis.

The Smash, on the other hand, is a bit more simplistic regarding its pattern. It features groups of vertically curved strands that go in the opposite direction from the next set. Dividing each small section is a group of two raised ridges. It may not be as varied as the Squirt, but it can still give you the pleasure you seek.


The soft plastic is flesh-like and durable, and the harder plastic cup will be able to take plenty of handling.

The Emily Willis Squirt and Smash fleshlight use the same materials: a hard plastic canister for its exterior and skin-safe silicone for the internal sleeve. This silicone material is called “Real Feel Super Skin,” and it’s a registered trademark in the United Kingdom and other European countries such as Germany. However, that trademark does not apply in the United States; the application was marked as “dead” in 2012.

According to the manufacturer, Real Feel Super Skin is supposed to replicate how penetrative sex feels. It’s also durable enough to be heated for a more realistic feel and is compatible with water or oil-based lubricants. Just make sure you clean it well afterward.

How It Feels

The product touts itself in how realistic it feels or possibly even better. The manufacturer supports this claim by showing the different patterns in each sleeve so you can understand what you’ll encounter during use. An adjustable cap at the end allows you to tighten or loosen it based on your suction preference.

As for the sleeve itself? The squirt’s nine-inch length will give you a different sensation the further you go in. Do you prefer to thrust deep every time, or do you like short but quick movements? Whatever you like, you’re sure to feel something different on your shaft with every move. You can even just stop short and stay at a specific spot if you like how that section feels compared to the others.

The only thing that’s missing is the wetness and warmth of a real vagina. By default, you won’t get this out of Squirt, but with the help of lube and warmers, you can bring your experience as lifelike as possible. Not even the best milf sex toys can come as close to the actual experience as Squirt.


Between the two Emily Willis fleshlights available, Squirt provides more stimulation than Smash does. That’s because both have a nine-inch long sleeve, but Squirt has five distinct patterns inside. Smash is more uniform and provides a milder, more stable sensation.

What’s more, Squirt allows you to customize your experience by giving you a different pattern to feel depending on how far you go in. With five different textures to choose from, you can decide whether you want to feel all of them simultaneously or focus on a specific one.

The downside, however, is that men with shorter penises will miss out on the later textures. If you can’t fill the entire sleeve, you won’t know what the end bits will feel like.

And that’s where the Smash shines the most. Because the texture has the same pattern throughout, you don’t have to worry if you’re missing out or not. Whether you have a six-inch rod or a nine-inch one, the stimulation you’ll experience stays the same.

Realism and Intensity

Use the twist base to control the suction within the canal and squeeze yourself all the way to the finish line.

The realism and intensity of the pleasure and orgasm you get from Squirt or Smash sets it apart from similar items such as the best mouth fleshlights. That’s because oral sex toys usually have different textures inside, which isn’t how a human mouth and tongue would feel. They might feel good, but the realism stops after the suction. They can also look downright disturbing because some of them are designed to look like a disembodied nose and mouth.

The Emily Willis fleshlight, on the other hand, already features a realistic replica of her pussy and butthole. That image alone can arouse a man even more, and that sensation will only increase as soon as the penis enters it. The various textures inside the sleeve will drive you wild even more, leaving you thrusting more until you cum. You’re always in control of how intense you want to finish.

And if you ever feel like your Squirt or Smash toy is too tight around your penis, try adjusting the end cap of the canister. You can loosen or tighten it to fine-tune the amount of suction you get from the sleeve. With the right amount of lube, it won’t take long before you forget you’re inside a fleshlight. The only thing missing is the sounds of ecstasy from a woman.

Not entirely happy with how your Emily Willis fleshlight feels? Try soaking the sleeve in warm water first to simulate a woman’s warmth. Make sure you don’t leave it too long so you don’t feel uncomfortable during your session. Then, make sure you use your water-based lubricant liberally. Use as much as you want, depending on how wet you want this pocket pussy to be. Once you’ve done those, you’ll be amazed at how realistic your Squirt toy can feel.

In Use

While the Emily Willis fleshlight doesn’t claim to feel exactly like a real vagina, it does claim to feel very close to one. Even though the sleeve can feel tight around your shaft, enough lubrication should allow you to move in and out comfortably without hurting yourself. It should feel just tight enough for you to enjoy the experience. If you find it too tight, see if you can loosen the cap at the end of the holder. The suction effect might be too strong and could cause soreness if you don’t adjust it.

Keep in mind, however, that this is a manual fleshlight. That means you’ll either have to move it yourself to simulate a woman riding you, or you’ll have to do the thrusting yourself. If moving it up and down with your arm is distracting for you, consider finding a spot where you can wedge the fleshlight and enjoy doing it doggy-style.

If you’re trying to be discreet with your usage, some users have reported this product producing some audible sounds during faster movements. If this happens, you might want to either slow down or use less lube.


Go to fantasy fulfillment by warming the sleeve in water before play, and use plenty of water-based lube for that authentic feel.

Using the right kind of lube will help not only your enjoyment but also the lifespan of your toy. Because both the Squirt and Smash have the same silicone-based sleeve, you should never use a silicone-based lubricant Trusted Source Types of Lube Guide to Picking the Best One for You SELF Shopping for personal lubricant can feel overwhelming. Here’s what you need to know about using the different types of lube. with it. Doing so will cause a reaction that degrades the sleeve, eventually leaving it torn. That’s the last thing you want to do with a fleshlight of this quality and price.

Instead, you should use water or oil-based lubricant. Both are safe to use on silicone-based products, so it’s up to you to decide which one to use. Water-based lubricants are easier to clean but tend to dry more quickly. On the other hand, oil-based lubes last and stay slippery for longer, but at the cost of longer cleaning time. Oil is harder to wash off, so you’ll likely spend a bit longer trying to wash remnants of it with warm water and soap.

Cleaning and Storage

Simply remove the sleeve from the outer cup and turn it inside out. Wash in warm water with a mild soap or (preferably) a fleshlight cleaner. Make sure you leave it to dry completely before using renewer powder to keep it completely fresh.

Cleaning the Squirt or Smash is easy. Simply take the sleeve out and wash it with warm water and soap. The sleeve’s material dries quickly, so you don’t have to wait that long before placing it back into the canister. It even comes with a protective cover and a hard white case, so you can be sure your fleshlight is clean the next time you’re ready for some action.

The only downside to cleaning this toy, especially for Squirt, is the number of different patterns on the sleeve. Because the entire nine-inch sleeve has different designs every few inches, you need to be meticulous when washing it. If you’re not careful, leftover lube or semen will stay somewhere in the sleeve, which can cause mold and mildew problems later on. The last thing you need is an infection from a poorly cleaned toy. However, this isn’t a problem with Smash because of its notably muted design.

With a little bit of effort and attention, you can be sure your fleshlight is clean and safe for you to use another time.


Each variety of the Emily Willis fleshlight costs $79.99, which can be quite pricey, especially if you’re on a budget. Getting both is always recommended so you can experience the difference, but the Squirt should be more than enough if you have limited funds. The initial cost might sound expensive, but remember that this isn’t just any regular fleshlight on the market – it’s molded to replicate an actual porn star’s vagina. You know you’ll be getting a premium experience every time you use your toy. You don’t want to go cheap when pleasuring yourself.

  • Comes in two varieties: “Squirt” for the pussy and “Smash” for the butthole.
  • With nine inches of sleeves, men of varying lengths can enjoy both toys.
  • Squirt has five different patterns internally, giving your penis a different sensation the further you go.
  • Both toys are replicas of Emily Willis’ vagina and butthole so that you can bring your fantasies closer to life.
  • The sleeve is made from skin-grade silicone that feels good on your while still being easy to clean and dry.
  • At $79.99 per fleshlight, buying two separate ones can get expensive.
  • The “Smash” fleshlight is a lot milder than the “Squirt” fleshlight.
  • Those with smaller penises won’t get to enjoy the entire length of Squirt because the entire length has different patterns.
  • Because of the intricate patterns all over Squirt, it requires a more meticulous cleaning compared to other fleshlights.
  • The canister itself is quite large and can take up a bit of space in your bag when traveling.


Our Emily Willis fleshlight review should’ve convinced you by now to grab either Squirt, Smash, or both if you want some variety and can afford it. Squirt provides varying degrees of stimulation with its five different patterns, while Smash is a bit milder with its repeated sleeve design. Regardless of what sounds good to you, don’t wait any longer; buy this fleshlight so you can finally find out what you’ve been missing.


Types of Lube Guide to Picking the Best One for You SELF
Shopping for personal lubricant can feel overwhelming. Here’s what you need to know about using the different types of lube.
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