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Last updated: February 20, 2024

Lelo Tiani Review: Your G-Spot Will Be Grateful (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: February 20, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Couples
  • Single women
  • Foreplay
  • New sensations
  • Body-safe materials
  • Bendable design
  • Dual stimulation arms
  • Remote control
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Very few sex toys can offer solo pleasure for single ladies and stimulate both partners during couple’s play all in one device. The ability to fulfill these needs is just one of the many reasons the Lelo Tiani 3 has become such a popular toy. It can be used for dual stimulation during masturbation or placed between you and your partner during intercourse for both of you to enjoy. It features body-safe materials, several vibration settings, and even includes a remote control. To see what else this fantastic toy has to offer, check out our Lelo Tiani review below.

Main features

Our #4 pick for the best lelo vibrators


Body-safe silicone, ABS plastic
Insertable length
3.1 in
Overall dimensions
3.1 x 1.8 x 1.3 in
Standby mode
90 days
Working time
2 hrs
Charging time
2 hrs
Vibration patterns
Remote working range
39 ft
Noise level
50 dB
1-year limited, 10-year quality guarantee

Lelo Vibrator Overview

Lelo is one of the leading brands in the luxury pleasure device category, which is as much to do with their focus on shame-free self-care as it does with the quality of their products. The Lelo Tiani 3 is one of their new models, upgraded from previous versions to offer ladies pleasure when they are on their own and with a partner. The Tiani 3 has fantastic features that are easy to use, even for beginners, and will drive you and your partner wild with every use.

Tiani vs Tiani 2 vs Tiani 3

As its name suggests, the Tiani 3 is the third generation of this toy, with two previous models paving the way for this fantastic model. Before discussing what the newest toy has to offer, let’s take a look at the ones that came first, starting with a Tiani Lelo review.

The original waterproof model was revolutionary for its time, with silky, body-safe silicone skin and non-toxic ABS material. It used a remote control to select the three modes, with the Sensemotion function that reacts to tilting in the first mode and shaking in the second mode. The third mode worked without Sensemotion, relying on the buttons to alter the intensity. The remote had a 39-foot range and could fit between you and your partner for various couple’s activities.

There were issues with the connectivity between the toy and the remote, though, so even closing your legs could prevent proper use. You also couldn’t use the toy without the remote, which made the connectivity issues even more frustrating. The vibrations also aren’t very strong, so those requiring more intense stimulation may not have enjoyed the toy.

The Tiani 2 took the complaints about the original model into account. It was made of the same waterproof materials and has a similar shape and size, making it comfortable for all users, even first-timers. The three usage modes also worked the same on the new device.

Of course, the new version had a few upgrades, including more power while reducing the noise level of the vibrations. The remote also includes a memory chip to prevent those connection losses. It includes two attachments, the original rounded G-spot piece, and a new flatter version. There are even buttons on the device so you can use it with or without the remote.

When comparing the Tiani 2 vs the Tiani 3, you’ll see many of the same features. The materials remain the same, as does the waterproofing. The new model also maintains the flexible design of the first two versions and has a similar size.

There are a few upgrades worth noting, though. First, the newest device has more modes to pick from, so you can use one of the three original modes, as well as five more to meet all your sexual needs. The external arm of the Tiani 3 is squared off for broader clitoral stimulation for those who prefer less intensity while still enjoying themselves. It also offers more power without raising the noise level, so you can discreetly use it wherever you like.

Harmony vs Duo

Lelo Tiani offers various toy types in its line: gentle and quiet Harmony and thick and powerful Duo

The three versions of the Lelo Tiani aren’t the only models in the line. The Harmony and the Duo are similar in design, though with a few features that stand out from the other versions. Let’s take a look at how they compare.

The Lelo Tiani Harmony is made of waterproof materials, including body-safe silicone and ABS plastic. It offers G-spot and clitoral stimulation, though it contains two internal motors for more power in each area. The Harmony device is also rechargeable, just like the other versions.

One more notable difference may make this toy a better option for some. It only has four standard settings, though it can be used with the Lelo app to add more modes, giving you a total of ten to choose from. What it lacks is the remote control, so you can’t use the Sensemotion functions the other toys have to offer.

Like the other models in the line, the Duo uses the same materials and is USB rechargeable, but it features the same dual motor technology as the Harmony, so those vibrations are more intense than what you’d get from the single motor in the other Lelo Tiani toys. It lacks the app control of the Harmony, though it includes a remote control for hands-free use of the toy and gives you access to those Sensemotion functions for a total of 8 vibrations settings.

If you like what these toys have to offer in terms of materials and varying patterns, you can also check out the best egg vibrators for some exciting new sensations.

Sensemotion technology

Sensemotion technology is an innovative feature by Lelo that pairs your movements with the remote to alter the intensity of the vibrations. There are a couple of modes that vary in usage for you to pick from. The first mode requires you to tilt the remote control, raising the intensity as you turn it from a horizontal position to a vertical one. There is also the second Sensemotion mode that allows you to shake the remote. The harder you shake, the more intense the vibrations will get. This allows you to customize the vibrations as you see fit. You can also hand the remote to your partner and let them surprise you with their movements while you use the toy. Of course, those hand movements make it difficult to use the Sensemotion modes in public, so they should be left to the privacy of your bedroom while you enjoy the other settings wherever you like.

How to Use Lelo Tiani 3

Now that you know how the Lelo Tiani 3 compares to the other models in the line, it’s time to take a closer look at what it’s like to actually use one of these phenomenal toys.


You can control Lelo Tiani with the convenient remote control and turn it on with the power button on the body

There are two options when it comes to controlling the Tiani 3. First, it has a button on the toy itself, which is used to turn the toy on and off and cycle through the standard patterns. The remote control can also adjust these patterns and their intensities, plus allows you access to the Sensemotion modes that alter the intensity with the movements of the remote. The controls are intuitive and easy to use, so there will be minimal fumbling when trying to find the settings you want.

Variety of patterns

There are 8 patterns available with the Tiani 3 from Lelo, giving you plenty to choose from for the stimulation you’re craving. These patterns include 6 standard vibration options, as well as the two Sensemotion modes that are paired with the remote control’s movements.

Remote range

The remote control has a range of 39 feet, so your partner can be across the room and still get your engine revving. You can use this toy almost anywhere, from a busy restaurant to a club with friends.

It also has upgraded features from the original model, so it shouldn’t lose connectivity at any time to disrupt the enjoyment for either of you.

Noise level

Though you may not be concerned about the noise level of your sex toys when you’re at home, your privacy can be affected when there are those around you that can hear the buzzing of your favorite devices. Luckily, the Tiani 3 isn’t overly noisy. It has a decibel level Trusted Source What Noises Cause Hearing Loss? | NCEH | CDC Noise is a significant source of hearing loss, but you can protect your hearing. An important first step is to understand how noise causes hearing loss. of about 50, which is somewhere between the level of a fridge and an air conditioner.

When inserted inside of you, this noise level may be somewhat muffled, reducing the noise level even more. Though you may not want to wear this toy in the quiet of a library, you could likely get away with wearing it in noisier public settings. When in your bedroom, those on the other side of the wall likely won’t hear it at all.

Standby mode

Even those that love the Tiani 3 may not have time to use it every day or could frequently swap it out with other toys. That’s what makes standby mode so important. It prevents the rechargeable battery from draining between use for up to 90 days after you’ve fully charged it. So, if you use it infrequently, it will still be ready to go when you are.

Working and charging time

Lelo Tiani features standard charger that powers up the device in 2 hours, the toy can work continuously for the same amount of time

The Lelo Tiani 3 has a working time of up to 2 hours, depending on the intensity of the modes you’re using, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your favorite patterns. It also takes about 2 hours to charge, so be sure to get it going long before you want to put it to use.


The construction of a toy determines how long it will last and how comfortable it is during use. Let’s take a look at how the Lelo Tiani 3 stacks up in this area.


The Tiani 3 is made of a combination of ABS plastic and FDA-approved medical-grade body-safe silicone. These materials are durable, non-porous, and free of phthalates, making them a safe material for even those with the most sensitive skin.

Overall and insertable length

The overall dimension of the Tiani 3 from Lelo are 3.1 x 1.8 x 1.3 inches, so the device is compact and easy to store and travel with. The insertable length is about 3.1 inches, which is the perfect length to hit your G-spot for some pleasant internal stimulation.

Color variation

There are three colors available for the Tiani 3. including Deep Rose, Cerise, and Black. You can pick whichever one you like best to match your tastes or the other toys in your collection.


The Tiani 3 has a bendable area in the middle between the internal and external arms. The flexible design allows you to adjust the width of the toy to fit your curves perfectly, regardless of your size. Once positioned the way you like it, it stays put until you move it again.


Lelo Tiani is a fully waterproof sex toy that can be used in the bath as well as cleaned under warm water

Waterproofing allows you to use your favorite toy in the shower or tub, so even more pleasure options are at your disposal. The Tiani 3 has a waterproof rating of IPX7, which means it can be submerged in up to a meter of water for about 30 minutes. Be sure the pieces are screwed together tightly before you begin your water play, though, or you may damage the charge port or internal mechanisms.


There are a few factors to consider when it comes to maintaining your Lelo Tiani 3, which we`ll cover below.


Most people prefer to maintain discretion when it comes to the sexual products they’re purchasing. That’s why all of Lelo’s products are shipped in plain cardboard packages with discreet labeling to keep your bedroom activities private.


Vaginal health Trusted Source Vagina: What's typical, what's not - Mayo Clinic Vaginal health affects more than just your sex life. Find out about common vaginal problems and ways to promote a healthy vagina. is extremely important and can be affected by a variety of factors, including using unclean sex toys. That’s why it’s important to clean them after each use to get rid of any germs or bacteria that could collect on the toy. Luckily, the silicone and ABS materials and waterproof design make cleaning the Tiani 3 a quick and easy task using mild soap and water.


The compact size of the Lelo Tiani 3 makes it easy to store this little device and its accessories almost anywhere. It even includes a satin storage pouch to keep the toy and everything that goes with it clean and organized.

  • Ultra-smooth premium silicone
  • Multiple vibration setting
  • 100% waterproof
  • Solo and couples use
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Expensive
  • The remote isn’t rechargeable


The Lelo Tiani 3 is an innovative toy designed to slip between you and your partner during intercourse while also allowing for solo play when you’re on your own. It is beginner-friendly and discreet, with multiple settings and Sensemotion technology for easy intensity alterations to match every sensitivity level.


What Noises Cause Hearing Loss? | NCEH | CDC
Noise is a significant source of hearing loss, but you can protect your hearing. An important first step is to understand how noise causes hearing loss.
Vagina: What's typical, what's not - Mayo Clinic
Vaginal health affects more than just your sex life. Find out about common vaginal problems and ways to promote a healthy vagina.
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