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Last updated: March 29, 2024

Lelo Gigi 2 Review (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: March 29, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
What’s special about it:
  • Signature flattened tip
  • Whisper-quiet
  • Usable while charging
  • Dual stimulation options
  • Powerful motor
  • Waterproof design
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  • Noise level 9.7
  • Working time 9.8
  • Usability 9.5
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Lelo is a respected name when it comes to sex toys since they have taken great care over the years to create devices made of high-quality materials that offer amazing satisfaction. In this Lelo Gigi 2 review, we’ll take a look at this new model, which is an upgraded version of the original Lelo Gigi. This brand didn’t have to change much for this new version since the old one had a ton of great features but they added a few extras to make the Gigi 2 well worth your while.

This isn’t a huge toy but it can reach those sensitive pleasure areas perfectly for more than one type of stimulation. It also offers a variety of patterns to choose from, though it remains whisper-quiet, even on the most powerful setting. This allows you to use this toy discreetly, even in a house full of people. For more information on what this vibrator has to offer, check out our Lelo Gigi 2 review below.


Our #2 pick for the best lelo vibrators


Total length
6.5 in
Insertable length
3.7 in
1.5 in
Vibration patterns
Noise level
50 dB
ABS plastic, silicone
Working time (one charge)
4 hours
Standby time
90 days
Charging time
2 hours
2.8 oz
1 year limited

Those who aren’t familiar with the Lelo Gigi 2 vibrator may not be aware of how this model differs from other vibrating toys on the market. Though they may all seem the same, there are several features that this toy includes that make it a better choice than some of the other toys on the market. If you want to know what is so special about the Gigi 2, the following sections can give you all the information you need.

Overall performance

The Lelo Gigi 2 personal massager isn’t a powerhouse, so those looking for an extra powerful motor be a bit disappointed. This doesn’t mean that this device doesn’t give you the stimulating sensations you’re looking for. It still has a variety of patterns to choose from, plus it is made of fantastic materials that look and feel great. It just may not be the toy for an experienced vibrator user who needs the high power and girth of a larger model.

Gigi vs Gigi 2

The Gigi 2 is the upgraded version of the original toy but since the Gigi was so well-received, there weren’t a whole lot of changes needed when they created the new one. There are a few differences worth noting, though.

The original Gigi was not a waterproof toy, so it couldn’t be used in the shower or bath. This also made it a bit more difficult to clean since you had to be careful to keep the water out of the mechanisms. The Gigi 2 is fully waterproof, with a small covering piece over the charge port, so you can submerge it in water during a sexy bath whenever you like without damaging the toy.

The power has also been increased in the Gigi 2, so it has a stronger motor than the original for more stimulating vibration patterns. There are also more of them to choose from for an even more pleasurable experience.

The original Gigi came in a few pretty colors but the new version added a gray option as well for those who wanted a more neutral color than the pink, blue, or rose models. The silicone on the new model also feels quite a bit softer and more luxurious than the old one, which may have you trying it out on all your sensitive areas.


The Lelo Gigi 2’s main function is pleasure, which it has no trouble providing to its users, but it has an elegant design that is sleeker than some of the other vibrating toys on the market. It is also small and lightweight, so you don’t strain your arm and wrist using it, even during those longer sessions. The gentle curve of this device fits most body types and shapes, offering the maximum amount of stimulation possible, despite its small size.

This toy comes in four stylish colors as well that please the eye before the toy pleases your other areas. These include a soft pink, a bright turquoise, a deep rose, and a neutral gray. This allows you to choose the one that suits your taste and personality best. You can also try to match it with your other toys if you like.

Vibration technology

Though this toy is small enough to fit into even the slimmest hand, it still packs a punch in terms of its vibration technology. This is due to the extra-strong motors built into the device, which give you double the power of the original for more intense vibrations every time you turn it on.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that this is the most powerful toy available. There are toys out there that offer stronger stimulation from a larger motor, but not everyone prefers a toy that leaves your hand numb afterward from those potent vibrations. Beginners or those who like to take things slow may actually prefer a device that doesn’t shake them right out of their bed as they use it.

Number of patterns

There are 8 different vibration patterns to choose from when using the Gigi 2, which is 3 more than the original model had to offer. These include varying pulse levels, wave and rollercoaster patterns, and even a continuous vibration for constant stimulation. You can scroll through these patterns or set it to your favorite and enjoy the pleasurable sensations this toy has to offer. You can also adjust the intensity of each pattern as you see fit.


Most of the vibrators on the market have a rounded tip that looks a bit similar to a man’s genitals. Though this shape is a bit more realistic, it lacks a bit in terms of stimulation. The Lelo Gigi 2 has a signature flattened tip that is designed to cover more area, making it much easier to hit that G-spot with some targeted vibrations.

The flat tip also makes it easier to use this toy on your other erogenous zones as well. You can use it for clitoral stimulation, as well as on your nipples, neck, and anywhere else that gives you pleasure for a more versatile toy.


There aren’t a wide array of buttons on the Lelo Gigi 2, so it shouldn’t take too long to get used to the controls on this model. They are set up using a control wheel, with arrows on the top and bottom of the wheel that change the mode and plus and minus buttons on the sides to adjust the intensity of the chosen pattern. Holding the minus button also turns off the device when you’re finished using it, decreasing the number of buttons needed to control this little vibrator.

Though it may take some getting used to for those trying this toy for the first time, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get the hang of it, so you’ll be scrolling through those patterns like a pro in no time. There is also a travel lock to prevent the Gigi 2 from turning on accidentally if the wheel is bumped in a drawer or suitcase.

Length and girth

The Lelo Gigi 2 isn’t a huge toy, which makes it a great option for those trying out a vibrator for the first time or who like a smaller device. The total length for this toy is 6.5 inches, with an insertable length of about 4 inches, so you should be able to reach that G-spot easily once you have this toy in position.

It is also about 1.5 inches wide, so it gives vibrator newbies a thinner toy to get used to. Anyone who prefers a fuller feeling may not enjoy the smaller circumference as much, though this toy is stimulating in many ways, so might still be worth trying out.

Noise level

There’s nothing worse than a loud vibrating toy drawing all kinds of attention to your activities. Luckily, this toy is extremely quiet, giving you a level of discretion not offered by other vibrators on the market. You can use this toy for as long as you like with people in the next room without being heard unless you want to be.


If you’re going to use a toy like this one, you want to make sure that only high-quality materials are used to ensure that they are safe for your body. The Gigi 2 takes this into account, using premium medical-grade silicone for the head and ABS plastic for the handle of this toy.

As well as being durable, these materials are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and non-porous. This means that they won’t cause any allergic reactions, grow unhealthy germs, or absorb any of the lubricant or bodily fluids they come into contact with. The texture of the silicone is also velvety-soft, so it feels great against your skin, plus it is resistant to lint for a cleaner toy.

Cleaning easiness

There are a few features that make the Gigi 2 easy to clean before and after you use it. First of all, it is made of premium non-porous silicone that doesn’t absorb any moisture, so everything it touches stays on the outside for quick removal when you’re washing it. This toy is also waterproof, so you can dunk it right in the water without worrying about damaging the controls.

There is one small area that makes cleanup a bit tricky. There is a small ridge between the silicone head and the plastic base of this vibrator, so you do need to be careful when cleaning this area to remove all of the fluids. Failing to clean this area could result in nasty buildup of things you don’t want to consider, so take your time to ensure the cleanest vibrator possible.

Working and charging time

There’s nothing worse than turning your toy on and having it shut down after only a few minutes of enjoyment. This vibrator gives you up to 4 hours of use when fully charged, so you can play for as long as you like. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge using the included USB charge cord, but unlike other toys, this one can be used while charging if needed, as long as you’re careful with the cord.


Though heavy toys may feel solid and durable, they also wear out your hand and wrist quickly, taking some of the enjoyment out of the experience. A lighter toy allows you to last longer with less pain for some marathon sessions. The Lelo Gigi 2 weighs only 2.8 ounces, which is incredibly light for a vibrator, so there will be no aching arms to ruin your good time.


You may never need to use the warranty offered with a vibrator but having a decent one gives you some peace of mind, in case the toy fails for some reason. The Gigi 2 has a 1-year warranty, which covers you for any defects in the parts or manufacturing, so if the toy isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, you can get it repaired or replaced during this time.

Discreet shipment

Lelo knows that not everyone wants their bedroom activities on display, so having a discreet shipping policy ensures that no one knows what you’re buying except for you. Not only do they keep the contents of the shipping box private, but they also offer free 10 to 14-day shipping for added convenience.

Price tag

The Lelo Gigi 2 isn’t the cheapest toy on the market. On the brand’s website, this toy has a list price of $189.00, which is pretty high for a vibrator of this size. It is a high-quality piece, though, so it may be worth the money for some users. You can also check other websites for deals and sales to save a bit of money if you’re on a budget. Though you likely won’t be paying too much less, a price drop of $30 or $40 may put this toy into your price range. The free shipping option on the Lelo website also helps to reduce the overall cost, so this may be something to consider as well.

  • Dual-use
  • Multiple patterns
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Quality materials
  • Price tag is a bit on the high side
  • May be a bit tight during insertion
  • Clean up is ok but does require a bit of effort


The Lelo Gigi 2 is the upgraded version of the original model that came out several years ago, adding some fantastic new features to an already well-received toy. Despite its small size, this little vibrator has enough power and pattern options to give you the stimulation needed for those amazing orgasms, with a whisper-quiet motor that prevents anyone else from knowing how much fun you’re having. Unless you want them to, that is.

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