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Last updated: February 29, 2024

Kiiroo KEON Tested & Reviewed: Is it the best interactive toy for men? (2024 Update)

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Last updated: February 29, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Solo play
  • Couple’s play
  • Beginners
  • Experienced users
Main features:
  • Compact design
  • High maximum speed
  • App control
  • Rechargeable
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  • Working time 9.6
  • Noise level 9.9
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Advancements in sexual technology have given rise to smarter, more interactive adult toys. This is a trend that our product testers have followed closely over the years as we’ve tested and reviewed products. We’ve encountered a mixed bag of results – some products, like the AutoBlow 2, fell short of expectations, while others, like the Kiiroo Keon + Feel Stroker are truly game changers.

The Keon + Feel is the successor to the Fleshlight Launch, which is an automated stroker developed in partnership with Kiiroo, showed promise but disappeared rather quickly.

Like the Launch, the Keon features the ability to integrate different strokers for an automated or manually controlled experience, offering a range of stroke lengths and speeds. It can also sync with your favorite content for an immersive experience.

Our testers ultimately rated the Keon higher than the Launch. Among other things, this was thanks to its better specs and the noticeable size difference between the two. The increase in available content since the Launch’s release is also a big factor here. Keep reading to see our deep-dive about how five years of progress has enhanced what was already a compelling automatic-masturbator from Kiiroo.


Our #1 pick for the best automatic fleshlights
Our #5 pick for the best penis milking machine


ABS plastic, silicone, TPE sleeve, PC
Overall dimensions
8.6 x 5.1 x 5.7 in
2.4 lbs (6.8 lbs with stroker)
Max stroking speed
230 strokes per minute
Use time
30 mins to 2 hrs
Charging time
4 hrs
Sleeve insertable length
7.8 in
7-day return of unopened items

The Kiiroo KEON & Feel Stroker offers arguably the next best thing to a real blowjob. This is due to its many exciting features, including app connection, toy pairing, VR connection, stimulation, ease of use, and more.

Keep reading to see what our team thought of the KEON + Feel Stroker combo.

Overview of the Kiiroo KEON Automatic Masturbator

The Kiiroo KEON is an elegantly designed automatic masturbator known for its advanced features, ergonomic design, and a textured sleeve for enhanced sensations. This sex toy is not just aesthetically appealing but is loaded with interactive features to spice up your pleasure sessions.

This sought-after sex toy owes its popularity to its unique technology that significantly enhances user experience. Kiiroo KEON allows you to connect with other Kiiroo/FeelTechnology-enabled toys, making it a suitable option for adventurous couples.

It offers a range of compatible couple’s sets, including the KEON + FeelStroker & Esca2 Couple Set, which allows you to connect a wearable massager to your KEON masturbator for long-distance play. The Kiiroo KEON also syncs with 2D and Virtual Reality (VR) adult content, transforming your masturbator into an interactive device mimicking your favorite content. Furthermore, it can connect to interactive webcams, making it ideal for the cam girl experience.

Kiiroo Keon & Feel Stroker Unboxing and Test Results

First Impressions

What’s Inside the Box

Upon unboxing, the Kiiroo KEON impresses with its neat packaging that comes within a robust, private cardboard box (the box shown above comes inside of discreet, plain packaging). Inside the branded inner-box, you will discover the Keon itself, along with a few other things:

  • A Kiiroo Keon automatic masturbator
  • A Feel Stroker
  • A universal USB charging cable
  • A tech-setup manual
  • An instructions and warnings manual

As an added bonus, you will find a card that gives you a month’s worth of free content for use with the KEON. This is an excellent introductory offer and we recommend giving it a try. We had no issues cancelling the trial before the beginning of the next period.

The only thing that we recommend adding to your purchase is water-based lube, which does not come with the device.

Initial Setup and Charging

Setting up the Keon is a straightforward process.

Before your first playtime, you should fully charge the device using the provided USB charger. This takes about four hours.

Once fully powered, the Keon can deliver approximately two hours of uninterrupted pleasure. Our testers reported that this felt like plenty of run-time, and they had no complaints about batter life or reliability even during extended play sessions.

Kiiroo KEON should be charged for 4 hours for full-time use, or you can opt for an hour charge that gives 30 minutes of use time

Sleeve Options for the KEON

It is crucial to note that the Keon package does not include a stroker; these are to be bought separately. This gives users the flexibility to choose their preferred sleeve based on their unique preferences. A bundle option is available for purchase, combining the Keon and a sleeve for those who prefer a one-stop-shop.

For our review, our testers used the new Feel Stroker Butt. However, there are also sleeves modelled after adult stars, broadening the variety and catering to different tastes – check out our guide to the most realistic Fleshlights for more options.

Setting Up the KEON

Preparing the Device for First Use

The setup process for the KEON is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive. After ensuring your device is fully charged, simply power it on. Upon activation, the Keon automatically enters its interactive mode, indicated by the flashing LEDs.

Using the FeelConnect App for Pairing

Next, you need to launch the FeelConnect app, available for both iOS and Android users. The app typically detects the Keon quickly for pairing. However, if this doesn’t happen, you can manually initiate the pairing process by tapping the Bluetooth icon found on the main menu screen’s corner. This action prompts the app to start scanning for nearby devices. When the Keon appears, select it to establish a connection to the FeelConnect network.

Connecting to Interactive Content

Once connected, you have the option to pair the Keon with another device or sync it with interactive content. To do this, create an account with FeelXVideos—courtesy of the free one-month subscription included with the Keon.

Though it asks for payment details during registration, you can cancel anytime within the initial 30 days to avoid charges, unless you wish to continue your subscription.

After signing in, select your desired content, then scan the page’s QR code using the app to sync your Keon with the chosen action.

Switching to Manual Control Mode

The Keon isn’t just for interactive play—it also provides a solo experience.

You can easily switch to manual control mode by holding down the smaller button above the power button for two seconds.

This mode allows you to adjust the speed and stroke depth according to your preference. In our experience, we did not have any issues connecting, and the signal remained consistently stable.

Let’s dive deeper into Manual Control Mode.

Getting Started with Your Session

When it’s time to begin your Keon journey, the stroker insertion process is a breeze. The stroker needs to be introduced from the Keon’s bottom end. The casing is thoughtfully designed with guiding grooves to assist users in aligning the stroker correctly with the Keon.

A ‘click’ sound signals that the stroker is securely in place and the device is ready for use. In the following sections, we will delve deeper into our hands-on experiences with the Keon device and share further insights.

Using the Keon: How did it feel?

In short, our testing team found that the KEON paired with the Feel Stroker Butt felt incredible.

Stroke Length

The range of stroke length was satisfactory, ensuring that you won’t get bored or too used to any given setting.

The device can create a generous stroke length if you’re into that, and on the other end of the spectrum it particularly excels at short, fast strokes. One thing to note – it’s crucial to ensure a generous application of water-based lube to avoid friction burn, especially when the KEON is set to its shortest and fastest speed (check out our guide to lubes for Fleshlights for more info).

Stroke Speed

As noted, the KEON has one of the fastest maximum stroke speeds on the market. If that’s your thing, then you’ll love this device.

The lowest speed setting is quite slow, but it offers a good buildup to what is to come from the higher speeds. You can steadily move to higher speed levels, pressing the “+” button on the right side of the device at intervals.

Stroke Power

One drawback that a couple testers noted is that the power delivered at longer stroke lengths felt like it was lacking. It’s understandable given the weight of the sleeve and the intricate mechanics, which may not withstand higher speeds at high power without risking damage. This constraint was notable with the original Launch and explains why some folks on our testing team lean more towards devices like the Handy.

All of this being said, even our testers who wanted more power were generally satisfied with the KEON, and those who loved it LOVED IT.

Kiiroo KEON has great variety of speeds for you to never get bored, it can develop the speed of 230 strokes per minute

Stroke Patterns

The Kiiroo KEON comes with four stroke patterns.

The patterns involve different stroke lengths and depths, and each offers a unique sensation.

We found that the shortest stroke-length setting goes about as far as your penis head – which makes it great for edging, especially on slower settings. The longest stroke-length setting can reach the base of most penises.

How did the Stroker Butt Sleeve feel?

Regarding the Feel Stroker Butt sleeve, it’s decent. Its texture is somewhat basic and while it’s sufficient to get the job done when used as a standalone manual stroker, it doesn’t provide a mind-blowing experience.

In general, our testers wished for a bit more pronounced textures, but the tightness somewhat made up for the relatively basic texture.

How was the Interactive Content for the KEON?

The real game-changer is when the KEON is combined with the interactive content.

Syncing this device to a scene is truly a unique and fun experience. Our testers enjoyed bringing fantasy’s to life, and I suspect we have a few who are going to renew their subscriptions. Overall, we think that the Kiiroo KEON lives up to the hype.

Connecting and Synchronizing with Content

As previously discussed, connecting the Keon with interactive content is a straightforward process.

Connecting to the Kiiroo KEON App

Notably, the Kiiroo KEON automatic masturbator offers two modes; Manual and Interactive. The manual mode uses buttons on the device, but the interactive mode requires a free app. Specifically, the latter uses the FeelConnect 3.0 app, which you need to download on your smartphone via the App Store or Google Play Store.

Kiiroo KEON should be connected to the specific app to deliver interactive features you’d want to try

Before you can experience interactive fun with the FeelConnect App, you must secure a connection with your KEON. The connection process is relatively seamless. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, push the small button at the back of the device until you see blue LED light, follow the onscreen instructions, and you’ll get a connection in no time.

Once you secure the connection, the app saves your toy automatically, so you won’t have to go through the same process for subsequent sessions.

Pairing with the Kiiroo KEON

Your partner does not need to own a Kiiroo KEON automatic masturbator for them to connect their sex toy to yours. As long as both of you have a KIIROO or FeelTechnology-enabled sex toy, you can sync your pleasure devices. The FeelConnect 3.0 app’s “local connect” mode helps to secure device-to-device control.

Once you and your partner pair your toys, you get to control each other’s toys, regardless of distance. If you want long-distance control, both of you should create FeelConnect accounts. A guest account will only work for short-distance control.

Besides, the KEON automatic masturbator does not sync with only male masturbators; it can sync with female toys too. Strokes along the surface area of your partner’s G-spot stimulator will provide similar thrusts on your dick. And you can expect a full range of motion.

VR Connection

Another interesting function of the Kiiroo KEON interactive experience is VR connection. This automatic masturbator helps you escape to an alternate, virtual reality to experience sexual pleasure. It can connect with all mobile VR goggles/headsets and interactive content.

With the VR function, you can experience erotic videos with 180 and 360 degrees views. The most impressive part is that your masturbator will simulate the actions in the videos.

Once linked, the Keon performs admirably in keeping sync with the on-screen action. The catalogue of available content has experienced a substantial growth since our first experiment with the Launch.

Expansion of the Content Catalogue

Specifically speaking about the gay content, we’ve witnessed an increase from merely 2 videos to well over 150. An exact count is challenging due to the interface, but the growth is significant nonetheless. However, this number is still dwarfed by the volume of hetero content, boasting at least 3,500 videos, deduced from the 303 pages of new content.

While the progress in expanding the content catalogue is commendable, there’s definitely room for more growth and diversification of content offerings.

Using the KEON with Cam Girls

Kiiroo KEON offers pairing your masturbator to you cam girl’s toy of choosing for realistic experience of the act

Gone are those days when all you got from watching cam girls perform was a visual pleasure. Now, you can feel what you see with the Kiiroo KEON automatic masturbator. This toy connects to the FeelMe website, which boasts a large selection of live cam models. You’ll need to create an account on the website to connect your toy.

Once you select ‘LIVE CAMS’ on the website’s homepage, you’ll be treated to several models with an interactive device. You can watch and feel interactive shows from amateurs and professionals while you chat with them.

The most exciting part is that you’ll never run out of models to play with. Regardless of the time you visit, you’ll always find naked guys, girls, couples, and trans models performing live sex shows. The FeelMe website also offers access to interactive VR adult videos.

Moreover, connecting your Kiiroo KEON to the website is straightforward. Select your favorite cam show and tap the Sync Toy to Video option. A QR code will pop up. Scan the code via your app, and you’ll be connected in seconds. Your masturbator will start moving in sync with the action happening on your screen.

At times, we did notice some delays in the toy’s response to the interactive content, but they had little to no impact on the overall experience.

Materials & Construction

The Kiiroo KEON masturbator boasts an ergonomic and robust construction.

The exterior of the Kiiroo KEON automatic masturbator is made of ABS plastic, polycarbonate (PC), and silicone. These materials are all known to be durable, so you can trust the device to withstand some harsh falls. Also, the materials shouldn’t trigger any allergic reactions on your skin.

The inner sleeve is typically made of TPE, but it depends which sleeve you choose.

Overall dimensions and weight

The KEON is a compact sex toy despite being packed with features, coming in at 8.6″ x 5.1″ x 5.7″ – this means that it can be easily stored in a drawer.

The sleeve’s insertable length is 7.8 inches, about 3.3 inches more than the average penis length Trusted Source Average-Size Erect Penis: Fiction, Fact, and the Need for Counseling - PubMed Most men believe that the average length of an erect penis is greater than 6 inches (15.24 cm). This belief is due, in part, to several often-cited studies that relied on self-reported measurements, with means of about 6.2 inches (15.75 cm) for heterosexual men and even greater for gay men. , according to research. That means this stroker will fit most penises.

While we’ve seen some people on other review sites complain about the KEON’s weight, our product testers did not find the weight to be an issue. The device only weighs about 2.4 lbs, and our team did not report experiencing hand fatigue when using the toy, though obviously this depends on the individual, the position(s) used, and the length of time used.


Simply put, the KEON feels good in your hand, and it feels like it will last a long time. If maintained properly, this masturbator should last for many years.

Ease of use

The Kiiroo KEON automatic masturbator’s intuitive controls are some of the toy’s strengths. These controls ensure ease of use. The app connection is also easy to secure. Furthermore, this masturbator’s compact design makes it relatively comfortable to hold during play.

Cleaning & Maintenance

As mentioned, the Kiiroo KEON feels like a durable device, and if maintained properly it should last you for many years.

Here’s how to properly care for your device.

Cleaning your KEON and its sleeve

Kiiroo KEON is very easy to clean, you just need to get the sleeve out of the toy and thoroughly wash it under warp water

Here are a few steps to clean your Kiiroo KEON automatic masturbator effectively and adequately:

  1. Pour warm water inside a small bowl and add mild soap/toy cleaner
  2. Remove the stroker from the KEON
  3. Remove the sleeve from the stroker’s outer casing
  4. Gently wash the sleeve with the mixture in the bowl, using your fingers
  5. Rinse the sleeve with clean water
  6. Let the sleeve air dry
  7. Wipe down the stroker’s outer casing and the KEON with antibacterial wipes


Storing a wet sleeve can cause bacteria to grow, creating the risk of infections. Hence, ensure that the Kiiroo KEON masturbator’s stroker is completely dry before you store it. This toy does not come with a storage box, so you’ll have to buy one separately. Thankfully, you don’t spend big on a large bag considering the masturbator’s compact size.

Finally, ensure that there’s no direct sunlight exposure in the device’s storage space.


Kiiroo offers a one-year warranty for the KEON, which it only honors if you buy from its website. This warranty covers only defects that you did not cause. Although the company won’t give you a refund, it will send a replacement without any cost to you.

Besides, Kiiroo collects returns for a refund within seven days of purchase. However, the masturbator must be unopened for you to qualify for the rebate. Also, you’ll need to part with shipping costs as well as pick and pack costs, roughly around $22 – $25.

Comparing the KEON vs The Fleshlight Launch

Performance Improvements

Kiiroo’s latest model has been optimized after a few hiccups from older versions. The KEON boasts up to 230 strokes per minute at its fastest setting, a significant jump from the 180 strokes per minute capability of its predecessor, the Launch.

Control Improvements

In terms of control operations, the KEON significantly outshines the Launch. The Launch utilized a somewhat vague touchpad for adjustments, and we found it difficult to precisely control the device.

Conversely, the Keon features robust, user-friendly buttons that offer a definite ‘click’ when pressed, providing users with clear tactile feedback. The button layout is logically arranged, with the left side buttons governing the depth of the stroke and the right side buttons regulating the speed.

Kiiroo KEON Alternatives

While our team loved the Kiiroo KEON, there are also a number of alternatives that we also frequently recommend, which we will briefly cover below.

Fleshlight Launch

Fleshlight Launch is not that interactive of a toy yet it offers great variety of interchangeable sleeves to try, including porn star collections

The Fleshlight Launch is another automatic stroking simulator. Although it offers four different stroke lengths like the KEON, it provides a higher maximum stroke speed at 250 strokes per minute. Furthermore, using Fleshlight Active Launch Mode, you can use the toy while plugged into the wall. The device fits most Fleshlight and non-Fleshlight sleeves.

However, this masturbator does not connect with interactive content, although there seems to be an attempt to remedy that hole with the included smartphone mount. The mount can hold your phone while the toy strokes your penis to the porn on your screen.

Autoblow AI

Autoblow AI is one of the best interactive options that can imitate blowjobs in various techniques

The Autoblow AI is a product of artificial intelligence. The masturbator has the unique ability to replicate real-life blowjob techniques, delivering the best realistic experience. It also boasts an easily customizable dick gripper that adjusts to a suitable tightness level regardless of your size.

However, this sex toy is not rechargeable. You need to plug it into an electrical outlet to use it, but it’s designed to be safe.

Arcwave Ion

Arcwave Ion is a rather compact masturbator and stimulates sensitive spots near the head

Meet Arcwave Ion, another attractive alternative to the Kiiroo KEON. The Arcwave Ion uses Pleasure Air Technology for thrilling frenulum stimulation. It also offers you eight different intensities for various sensations of pleasure. Furthermore, this masturbator features the Smart Silence function that turns off the toy automatically when it is not in contact with your body.

Finally, the Arcwave Ion is waterproof but does not offer app control.

Lovense Max 2

Lovense Max 2 can be a very unusual toy to use at first with the powerful suction it offers, but you will get to love it

The Lovense Max 2 is an app-controlled male masturbator. It uses an air pump design to stimulate your dick. Overall, the masturbator lets you explore three suction intensities and seven vibration functions for customizable sessions. Also, you can use the air vent to adjust the suction to your satisfaction.

Additionally, this masturbator connects to the Lovense Media Player for synchronized VR experiences.

If you’d like to check out other male masturbators–like the Kiiroo KEON and Lovense Max 2–that offer VR experiences, there are many options on our list of the best VR sex toys.

  • Provides hands-free fun
  • Ideal for long-distance play
  • Highly customizable
  • Offers the VR experience
  • Long charging time
  • No storage box


We hope our review of the Kiiroo KEON has provided you with enough information as you search for an automatic masturbator.

Thanks to the device’s wide range of stroke settings, it is ideal for both beginners and experienced users. It’s also a great masturbator for couples in long-distance relationships.

Finally, the VR experience via the FeelConnect app is truly unique, and we highly recommend checking it out.


Average-Size Erect Penis: Fiction, Fact, and the Need for Counseling - PubMed
Most men believe that the average length of an erect penis is greater than 6 inches (15.24 cm). This belief is due, in part, to several often-cited studies that relied on self-reported measurements, with means of about 6.2 inches (15.75 cm) for heterosexual men and even greater for gay men.
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