How to Build a DIY Penis Pump

This article will help you build your very own homemade penis pump - from choosing the type you want to understanding all the pros and cons
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Weak erections are a major mood killer. Fortunately penis pumps are a noninvasive method that helps create a stronger erection. Unfortunately, they can also be expensive. If buying one isn’t in your budget you should consider a homemade solution.

With the right materials, building a homemade penis pump is possible. The process is more complicated than other DIY projects, but our guide will walk you through it! Most of the materials you’ll need are available at home. Read on to learn how to make a homemade penis pump.

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What You’ll Need

As we mentioned before, you’ll need some materials to create your homemade penis pump. The materials include:

How to Build a Penis Pump

It’s now time to get down to business and teach you the art of making a penis pump. Remember that we promised to simplify the process. Therefore, our guide will contain step-by-step guidelines to build a penis pump.

Using plastic bottle

Before creating a penis pump, you need a vessel such as a plastic water bottle. Thankfully, such a bottle is food-grade and consequently, body-safe. Below, we’ll discuss the steps involved in building a penis pump using a plastic bottle:

Step 1 – Cut the bottle

Clean the water bottle and use scissors or a knife to cut off the bottom. The size of the hole at the bottom should be able to fit your penis.

Step 2 – Attach vacuum hose at the top of the bottle

Place the hose of the vacuum at the top of the bottle and check if it fits the cap tightly. If the vacuum hose doesn’t fit, you’ll have to also cut the bottle’s cap so that it has the same size as the hose.

Step 3 – Line the bottle

The next thing is to line the baseline of the bottle with tape and cotton or gauze pads.

Step 4 – Ensure that a vacuum seal is created

Use the tape to close any gap. This will help you create a vacuum seal that’s strong enough to push blood to the tip of your dick.

Step 5 – Test your homemade dick pump

Put the bottle over your dick. Then, get the end of the vacuum hose in your mouth; suck it and a vacuum will be created in the vessel as long as everything is correctly sealed.

Using vacuum cleaner

Another method of creating a DIY cock pump is using a vacuum cleaner. Below, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to make a penis sucker:

Step 1 – Cut bottom of the bottle

We advise that you use a plastic bottle as your vessel here too. Draw a circular mark—that’s the same size as your penis—at the bottom of the vessel and cut along the mark.

Step 2 – Smoothen the edge

Get to work and smoothen the edge of the bottle. This is best done with sandpaper.

Step 3 – Create a vacuum hole at the center

Make another circular pattern at the center of the bottle. Cut the pattern to create a hole for the hose of the vacuum cleaner.

Step 4 – Attach the vacuum hose to the bottle

Go on to attach the vacuum hose to the open side of the bottle. Ensure that it is properly fitted.

Step 5 – Test the penis pump

Press the bottle against your body and pump the vacuum cleaner. If the homemade penis pump is properly sealed, you’ll feel the suction from it.

Using glass

A plastic bottle pump may not last long, so you’ll need to opt for a stronger vessel if you want a solution you can use more than once. Glass is the perfect candidate for this purpose. Not only is it more durable but it’s also more hygienic.

Step 1 – Get your tools ready

Before you start construction, clean all the utensils because hygiene is quite important here.

Step 2 – Drill the glass

Pick up your drill and drill a small hole at the bottom of the glass. The cuff will be pushed through this hole.

Step 3 – Seal the hole

Coat the end of the rubber tube with sealant and push it through the cuff. Add some sealant around the entry area to ensure an airtight seal.

Step 4 – Let the sealant dry up

Lay the glass on its side and prop the rubber tube so it seals well into the hole. Allow the sealant to dry up according to the prescribed instructions.

Step 5 – Finish up

Use silicone to seal any sharp edge. Test the pump and check if the vacuum is great.

Information You Should Know

Now that all of the do-it-yourself fun is finished, let’s dive into some important information you need to know before using a penis pump. For example, penis pump basics, injury risks and how to use a penis pump are all discussed, at length, below.

Pros and cons of making your own penis pump

Creating your own penis pump has advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to decide whether the solution is worth time & effort.


  • Provides strong erection
  • Aids penis enlargement
  • Generally safer than some ED medications
  • Usually cheaper than medications in the long run


What is a Penis Pump for?

DIY penis pump; photo of a professionally made penis pump.

Although you see penis pumps listed as sex toys for men, they are actually a treatment for erectile dysfunction. You see, by placing your penis inside of the tube and using the pump to pull all of the air out of the space, it pulls on the penis in all directions. As a result, blood rushes into the blood vessels, creating an erection.

Next, once the erection is achieved, you put on a cock ring which helps you to maintain the erection. Then, you are able to have intercourse.

Medically, penis pumps help the vast majority of men suffering from erectile dysfunction stemming from aging, diabetes, post-operative prostate treatments and other medical and psychological problems. Plus, it’s far safer than medications and surgery.

And, after practice and regular use, the blood vessels become open and more receptive, allowing some men to regain natural sexual function.

Will a Penis Pump Make My Penis Bigger?

The jury is still out on whether or not a penis pump will make your penis bigger. Certainly, while you are using the device, your penis will be slightly larger and more firm.

Think of it like sucking a cup over your lips – we’ve all done that as kids. Once you remove the cup, suctioned to your mouth, your lips are puffy and maybe a bit red from the blood rushing to that area. Therefore, a penis pump works in the same way, increasing blood flow temporarily.

And, as with men who have blood flow problems downstairs, opening the blood vessels more can improve erection firmness. However, you won’t see any dramatic improvement in the size of your penis.

Can I Hurt My Penis Using a Penis Pump?

Homemade penis pump; panis injury, photo of man holding his crotch.

Yes, you can injure your penis by using a penis pump. That’s why most medical professionals suggest you only use a penis pump a few days a week and only long enough to achieve an erection. Of course, men with healthy penises can use a pump more frequently. However, you must watch out for these problems, according to Medical News Today:

Injury Warnings

  • Pain or bruising: Incorrect use of a penis pump can result in bruising and other painful injuries to the penis.
  • Burst blood vessels: Small red dots, or petechiae, may appear under the skin of the penis.
  • Skin numbness, tingling, or discoloration: These symptoms may indicate that the constriction ring (cock ring) is too tight. Using a larger ring should help alleviate the pressure.
  • Unnatural feeling erections: Some users report that their erections do not feel natural or spontaneous when using a penis pump.
  • Lack of firmness: This is often most noticeable at the base of the penis.
  • Feeling of trapped semen or painful ejaculation: A small cutout in the constriction ring can help reduce these symptoms.
  • Psychological effects: Having to stop to use a penis pump before sexual activity may ruin the mood for some couples. Some people may also feel awkward or embarrassed about using a penis pump before sexual activity.

How to Use a Penis Pump

Using a penis pump is pretty straight-forward. But, if you happen to be unusually bushy down there, you may want to manscape a bit so that the penis pump opening creates a better seal against the skin. Otherwise, follow these simple steps:

  1. Lightly lubricate your penis to prevent soreness.
  2. Place your penis inside the tube.
  3. Press the opening against your skin.
  4. Use the hand pump to remove the air from the tube.
  5. Once an erection is achieved, remove the pump and put on an erection ring.

DIY Penis Pump Warning

Homemade penis pump; photo of a basic, professionally made penis pump

Here at JoyNights, our top priority is your health and well-being. That is why I recommend only using professionally manufactured sex toys, and in this case, a penis pump. When using any sort of DIY sex toy, you run the risk of pain, injury or allergic reactions. But I am not your mama, therefore, it’s your choice to do whatever you want with your penis.

And, if that means making your own DIY penis pump and sticking your penis in there, that’s your business. I mean, you are a grown-ass man, right?

Technical, Release of Responsibility Stuff

We enjoy sharing these DIY ideas and we do so strictly for entertainment purposes only.

Therefore, to protect ourselves, we must remind you that we are in no way responsible for any illness, injury or death that may happen to you or someone you know because of the article in whole, or in part, and by creating and using any of the DIY penis pump projects below.

That includes, but isn’t limited to doctor or hospital visits, temporary, short or long-term illness and/or injury, disability and death. We do not recommend the use of any DIY sex toy, including the penis pumps listed below. If you create one of the below projects, you are doing so at your own risk. If you use one of the DIY projects below, you are doing so at your own risk.

Finally, we are not responsible for minors that run across this post and read about and/or create the DIY sex toy. We do not condone, endorse or allow people under the age of 18 (or age of majority in your state or country) accessing our blog. And, as blog owners, we are not responsible for what minors access. It’s mom and dad’s job to use parental controls.

There are Alternatives to Homemade Pumps

And, it would be irresponsible of me not to give you alternatives to making your own penis pump. Therefore, here is some important info in regard to buying safe, professionally manufactured penis pumps.

Where to Buy Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are available all around the internet – from sex toys shops to medical and dedicated brand sites. And, if you’re wanting to get your hands on one now, most brick-and-mortar lingerie and sex toy shops carry a reasonable selection.

Penis pumps can be inexpensive – starting at around $20 – and go as high as $300 for a super-deluxe, water powered pump. Several medical-grade, penis pumps have their own dedicated websites and those usually run at the upper end of the price scale.

Look into ED Medications

But please keep in mind, if you have erectile dysfunction and health insurance, see a urologist and he or she can prescribe a top-of-the-line pump. And, if you have good insurance, you could very well get your luxury penis pump for free or at least for a cheap co-pay!

Don’t Forget the Erection Ring

DIY penis pump; photo of the Screaming O Ring O Pro silicone cock ring.
Screaming O Ring O Pro silicone cock ring

Finally, if you are looking to make a homemade cock ring, we have a guide for that! Otherwise many retail locations, drug stores and big-box stores carry them in the family planning sections near the condoms. Or, you can order them online.

Final Thoughts

Trust us, we understand how frustrating a weak erection can be. Apart from limiting the man’s sex life, it can cause self-esteem issues. Even though penis pumps are seen as safe solutions, the factory-designed options can be quite pricey. A homemade solution is what you opt for if you can’t afford a regular option at the moment. As we’ve explained in this article, creating a homemade penis pump is possible, albeit tricky.

With some household materials, you can increase your chances of enjoying sex. Although this homemade solution is great for the short term, we still recommend a high-quality device for the long term. A high-quality option such as the Tracey Cox EDGE Rechargeable Penis Pump provides all the convenience in the world while boosting your sexual stamina. Plus, it offers three levels of suction with two interchangeable attachments.


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