Homemade Anal Douche Ideas – Clean Your Butt Easily

This article will give you helpful tips on creating homemade anal douche by using household objects like water bottles, big syringes, and even a hose
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There’s a lot that goes into anal sex and one step that many people take is anal douching. This eliminates anything inside your rectum and makes for a cleaner sexual experience. While not necessary, more and more people are turning to this step during anal sex.

Those involved in BDSM relationships may use anal douching as a punishment. While there are many douche products readily available, you can also decide to make a homemade anal douche. The trick is to be safe about it and only use ingredients that work. Whether you simply don’t have time to run to the store to pick up a pre-made anal douche, or just want to see if you can make your own, we’ve got plenty of suggestions for you.

Do you need to douche before anal sex?

Like all sexual acts, how you prepare for them is entirely up to personal preference. Some people ritually anal douche Trusted Source 9 Anal Douching FAQs: Why It’s Done, How to Do It, Safety Tips, More Anyone who’s ever toyed with the idea of anal play has probably worried about the whole poop thing. Enter: anal douching. Here’s what you need to know. www.healthline.com before anal sex while others don’t feel the need. Then there is the fact that sometimes sex is spontaneous and there simply is no time to douche.

The biggest fear that spawns the activity of douching is pooping during sex. After all, for most people, that’s a pretty big turn-off. However, the good news is that this very rarely happens. Trusted Source Common Anal Douche Myths and the Truth About Them | Teen Vogue Find out some common anal douche myths, and the truth about them, after Netflix’s “Sex Education” featured the practice on the show. www.teenvogue.com

Even if you don’t actually poop, you may just be worried about any reside after the act. The truth is that sex, all kinds, are messy. Sometimes you just need to be prepared for the mess and stop worrying about it.

Those that regularly engage in anal sex and who don’t always douche may just get into the habit of showering afterwards. And enjoying a hot, sudsy shower with someone you care about is pretty sexy.

Is Homemade Douche Safe?

Let’s start by saying homemade douches, while surprisingly safe, are not superior to store-bought douches. However, they can work in a pinch. Store-bought douches are made for this specific purpose. They are clean, sterile, and made to high standards. They have been tested to ensure they work how they are supposed to work. For example, the Colt Bum Buddy Jumbo has an ergonomic design that makes it much easier to insert. As long as you stick to certain safety standards, your DIY anal douche should be safe.

One issue with regularly douching can be irritated tissue inside your rectum. The more irritated this tissue becomes, the bigger chance there is that small abrasions appear, and if bacteria is present, it can enter your bloodstream and cause an infection.

If you insert something like a syringe, try to lube it up before hand to prevent abrasions. Also listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right or there is a painful feeling, it’s best to stop douching for a bit and give your body a chance to heal.

Precautions to consider

Whenever you insert anything into your body, you want it to be clean. Bacteria can quickly grow on anything and if that bacteria spreads to your intimate parts, you run the risk of infection. Always properly clean anything you intend to use as a douche.

Also, pay attention to how you are feeling. If something is uncomfortable or painful, stop immediately. Yes, you may feel that douching is important in the moment, but if it causes pain or possibly injury, it is not worth it.

The more experience you have with anal play, the easier it will be to engage in douching. For example, if you have experimented with anal beads, you will be familiar with the sensation of having something inside your anus.

However, even if you are new to anal sex and especially new to douching, as long as you go slowly you will be ok.

How to Douche with A Water Bottle

Perhaps the most common device, a DIY enema bottle is used with materials you most likely have around the house.


Start by finding a water bottle. It should be smaller bottle, about 250 mL in size. Anything bigger than 500 mL will be too large and unwieldy. We also recommend cleaning the bottle. Warm, soapy water is all you need, but be sure to clean both the outside and the inside.


The water bottle should also have a squirt nozzle on it, like what you would find on a sports drink. If you can find an actual rubber nozzle, that is best, but this will probably necessitate going to the store.

It is not recommended to simply place the open bottle near your anus. The ridges on a plastic bottle are quite painful and can dig into your opening.


Once you have your bottle ready, it’s time to use it. You can use regular water. If you want to go a step further with sanitary measures, you can always boil the water, first. Just be sure to let the water cool before inserting it.

Squat down so it is easier to insert the water bottle and its nozzle. Do this in a bathtub or shower so there is less cleanup afterwards.

Then, squeeze the bottle so that water shoots up into your rectum. Continue to do so until only clear water runs out.

Once done, dispose of the water bottle. You don’t want to run the risk of someone using it for drinking purposes and it may hold contaminants so it’s best to get rid of it and use a fresh one at a later date.

Homemade Douche Syringe

If you plan on regularly crafting your own homemade anal douches, you might want to invest in a syringe. This allows you to fill the product with water and easily move the water into your rectum.

There are many syringes available. You can find plastic ones at a local drugstore or you can purchase something like the Colt Master, which is designed specifically for anal douching.


Start by purchasing a syringe. Unlike the water bottle method, this needs a bit more preparation and is better for those who routinely douche and want an easy, efficient home method.

Depending on the type of syringe you have, it may come with a needle. Be sure to dispose of this and it is not needed. Instead, you will need a plastic nozzle.

For those that have a dedicated douching syringe, you will want to clean it both before and after use. Obviously cleaning afterwards make simple sense. But even a very clean syringe can pick up dust and possible bacteria between uses. Warm, soapy water will do the trick.


Once you have all the important parts, it’s time to fill the syringe with water. Again, you can choose to boil the water to purify it. It is also easier to fill up a container so you can easily pull water into the syringe.


Place yourself in a shower or bathtub and move into a squatting position. Maneuver the nozzle into the opening of your anus. Insert the water and try to clench and keep the water inside of you for up to a minute. Then, let the water out.

Repeat until only clear water runs out of your bum.

Shower and garden hose

This method takes a bit more preparation in order for it to be a clean and safe method of douching. Also, it might not be the perfect method for those that are not familiar with anal play. If you are new to anal sex, we suggest an anal training kit to hep you become more comfortable and confident.


Essentially, when using a shower head or hose, you are using a continuous water source for your douching experience. However, shower hoses are not as clean as you may think they are.

First, remove the shower head from the accompanying hose. The shower head won’t have a thick enough water jet, so you need the power from the hose. Use warm, soapy water to clean the rim of the hose and a few inches of the outside.

If you like this method but want a cleaner alternative, you can check out the Colt Shower Shot. It has a penis-shaped head for insertion and even has its own hose to attach to a shower. Because it can be removed, it is much easier to clean.

Safety advice

There are two important pieces of safety advice when using a shower hose. The first is it needs to be clean. Mildew easily forms in a shower and you do not want bacteria entering your anus. Thoroughly clean the hose and if you plan in inserting it, clean as far down as will be inserted.

Second, there can be a lot of pressure with this method. You are in less control so you want to start with a smaller pressure and work your way up.

Take a break and don’t let too much water enter inside of you. Again, the continuous water method may make cleaning faster but there is much less control.

And finally, always test the water temperature out before using it in your anus. Test the water on the inside of your wrist, where it is most sensitive. Adjust the water temperature as needed, but go slowly. Even the inside of your rectum can burn.


For this method you will be in the shower, which is where you should be. Turn the water on and test for both temperature and water pressure. Spray the water on the inside of your wrist as this sensitive area of your body will tell you how the water will feel inside your rectum.

Try not to insert he hose into your anus. You might be tempted for a better sensation, but water pressure can change unexpectedly. A sudden burst of hot water is more easily controlled when the hose is outside of you than inside.

Hold the hose for about five seconds and then try to hold the water inside of you. Release the water and repeat. Continue the process until the water comes out clear.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are anticipating engaging in anal sex or there is the threat of BDSM punishment, anal douching is a common occurrence. It eliminates any unwanted mess and makes your sexual experience much more pleasant. There are many store-bought douche products and while these are designed specifically for the purpose, they may be inconvenient and expensive over time. An alternative is to create your own homemade anal douche. You can use a simple water bottle with a squirt top, a dedicated douche syringe, or even the hose from a shower head. Keep steady, practice, and if something feels off, be sure to stop and alter your movements. There is a lot of fun you can get from anal sex and there are many toys that offer unique sensations, such as anal dildos. Have fun, stay safe, and experiment with your comfort zone.


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