DDLG Rules: Learn How to Behave Like a Perfect Girl

This article will show you how to properly follow DDLG rules: learning vocabulary, roles and even apply them to long-distance relationships
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There are a lot of ways you can enhance your relationship with your partner. You can add anal play with the use of pretty jeweled butt plugs, use a sex pillow for some interesting new positions, or even try out a sex swing for incorporating those BDSM fantasies you may have. Some people even enjoy trying out daddy dom little girl, or DDLG, role-playing for a new dynamic to their otherwise adult relationship, which requires the use of DDLG rules.

There are a few different types of DDLG relationship options, including non-sexual, kinky, or even hardcore BDSM master and slave play, so you can choose the one that both partners are willing to try out. The DDLG relationship rules should be set out in advance to make the game pleasurable for both of you. If you’re unsure how to create a DDLG rules list, the following information can get you started.

What’s an age game

An age game is a type of role-playing game between two adults who consent to give one the dominant role of a caregiver while the other regresses to fulfill the role of the submissive or little girl. Despite its name, this type of play doesn’t involve incest or sex with a minor. It is only for fun, adding a new dynamic to your adult romantic or sexual relationship with your partner.

This type of game doesn’t go on all the time but instead has set times that those involved usually refer to as Little Space, which gives the participants a temporary escape from the responsibilities and stress of their daily life.

Vocabulary to learn

There are a few terms to learn when incorporating a daddy dom baby girl dynamic into your relationship. These include:

  • Daddy Dom – the caregiver, dominant party, and disciplinarian
  • Little Girl or Little – The submissive child-like person who regresses to a chosen age (baby to young teenager)
  • DDLG – daddy dominant little girl acronym
  • Little Space – the set time for DDLG play
  • BDSM switch – those who like to switch roles from dominant to submissive

Daddy dom role

Once you’ve learned the vocabulary, it’s time to learn your roles in the game. The Daddy Dom role is the person who takes the dominant role in the relationship, acting as a caregiver who takes care of the Little and enforces the rules set out before the game begins. They also dole out the punishments when the rules are broken.

Little girl role

The Little Girl is the one who regresses to a child-like state, which can vary from a baby in a diaper to an early teen. Choosing the age is all a matter of preference and comfort level. The child can be sweet, silly, and even bratty at times. They are required to follow the rules and receive punishment if those rules are broken.


Setting up rules for the Little Girl to follow is a must for this type of role-play. These rules need to be agreed upon by both parties beforehand and should help the Little improve themselves in some way while strengthening the DDLG relationship. The rules should also be specific rather than generic to ensure they add something useful to the dynamic.

DDLG rules for littles

There are a wide variety of rules that you can set for the Little Girl in the DDLG relationship. These can include:

  • Always call me Daddy
  • Brush your teeth every morning or night
  • Go to bed at a set time
  • Clean your room
  • Shower every day
  • Always tell the truth
  • Eat healthy meals
  • Get regular exercise
  • Drink lots of water
  • No foul language
  • Don’t do anything that harms yourself
  • Say “Please” and “Thank you”
  • Tell Daddy when you’re upset
  • Compliment yourself each morning and night
  • No smoking or drinking

There are also other rules you can come up with that work for both of you. You can alter these rules for each session or keep the same rules every time, though it is best to discuss this beforehand to avoid any confusion or unnecessary punishments.

DDLG daddy rules

Though there are a lot of DDLG rules for Littles, there aren’t really any for daddy that work the same way. Rather than specific rules to follow, the Daddy Dom uses positive reinforcement to reward the Little’s good behavior and punishes them when they break the rules. The rewards can include a later bedtime, extra stories, reduced chores, or anything else you think fits the scenario.

DDLG punishments

Sometimes your Little Girl may act up and choose to break the rules you’ve set, which requires punishment. The punishments shouldn’t involve withholding love or affection but instead, teach a lesson. For instance, you can try a punishment spanking, using your hand or a paddle, like the Lovehoney Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle.

Other punishments can include extra chores, taking away toys, early bedtimes, removing privileges like television, video games, or dessert, or even grounding. For broken rules like swearing, you can add a Scandal Silicone Stopper O-Ring Gag to teach your Little to use nice language. Like with the rules, the punishment should serve a purpose to teach a lesson rather than to make your Little Girl feel bad about herself.

DDLG long distance rules

For those whose caregiver is far away, you can still set up some rules to follow on your own. These can be similar to the other daddy dom baby girl rules we discussed above, including a set bedtime, remembering personal hygiene, doing your chores, and the proper self-care.

You can also perform the punishments yourself with Daddy’s permission, including an early bedtime, no snacks, no movies or television, and self-spankings.

There can also be rewards in place for these long-distance rules, like coloring, reading a story to yourself or having Daddy read it over the phone, enjoying a nice bubble bath, or skipping the chores for the day. Like the regular rules, these should be discussed beforehand to ensure both of you agree on them and there are no unwanted surprises.

Final thoughts

Daddy dom little girl role-playing games can add new aspects to your relationship, helping you build trust and enhancing the partnership you already have. This type of age-play can also help the Little Girl improve herself since the DDLG rules are designed to be beneficial to her while filling the needs and desires of both members of the game.

There are a ton of different DDLG rules to choose from, so you can decide on the ones that the Daddy Dom will be enforcing beforehand to ensure they work for both of you. In fact, everything that goes on should be by mutual consent to keep the game fun and exciting every time you enter your Little Space. You also need to remember aftercare to help you both recover and bring you back to the real world in a relaxing and comfortable way.

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