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Last updated: May 27, 2024

Fleshlight Turbo Review (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: May 27, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for
  • Men who want to stimulate the tip of their genitals
  • Oral sex
  • Those who want a nonhuman design
Main features:
  • Available in two versions: Ignition and Thrust
  • Transparent design
  • Made of patented Real-Feel SuperSkin
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out of 10
  • Stimulation 9.5
  • Tightness 9.0
  • Realism 8.3
  • Cleanup and dry time 9.5
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Sexual satisfaction has since the creation of man been a necessity of our existence. But things have evolved in recent years. For men to have immense fun while alone, it’s important to purchase a reliable male sex toy. Fleshlight is here for just that with amazing product ranges that have made it the benchmark company for men’s sex toys.

ILF surprised Fleshlight fans in 2017 with a completely new Fleshlight generation called “Fleshlight Turbo”. The versions (Thrust and Ignition) are designed each in bronze and blue-transparent colors. These are great masturbators, and you can purchase each at a very affordable price. In this Fleshlight Turbo review, we’ll tell you everything about this range of products.


Total length
9.75 inches
Insertable length
8.5 inches
Canal diameter
0.4–1 inches

Fleshlight Turbo Review

In this section, we’ll see how the Fleshlight Turbo feels, appears in texture and material, and how easy to use and clean it is.

Feel and Texture

The sheath of the Turbos is advertised as reproducing the deep throat. However, here, we have a sheath with an unusual texture. This is Real Feel SuperSkin. It’s a different material from SuperSkin in our opinion. Here, the material sticks more than what you may be used to finding on Fleshlight Girls. It is also more flexible. It almost looks like jelly.

Anyway, this texture is hypoallergenic, it does not contain phthalates or latex. But we think it remains a bit porous. So avoid lending your Fleshlight to a third party.

The orifice is neutral. But the shape is special. We have three parts which are found centered on a small hole. This shape seeks to reproduce the shape of the lips forming an O. It reinforces the sensation of penetration of the glans in the mouth.

When the sheath comes out completely, you can see right through. You have a first part where the glans penetrates a small hole. It passed through a part that is 0.4 inches long with open spaces on the outside, before the next part of the sheath continues to an area that seems to represent the inside of the mouth with a sensation of the tongue. Then, you have a hole of 0.4 inches in diameter which ends in the shape of a groove. The diameter of the throat part is 0.8 inches.


The sheath of the Fleshlight Turbo Ignition is well made. The first chamber marks the meaning of the word Ignition. It’s the start, the take off. The open zones in the sheath bring a lot of suction and constriction effect.

The air intake is on the upper part when the bottom cap is closed. It is quite divine. Moreover, you have to use the Fleshlight Turbo Ignition in “large movements” mode. You need to slide it up to your cock.

The inside of the sheath is also stimulating. It is quite precise and above all narrow. You will feel a sensation of constriction of your penis.

However, with the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust, whether it’s in terms of performance, finish, or the sounds it makes while sucking you, everything is aimed at driving you crazy (with joy).  You could decide to make it your go-to masturbator and you will not regret the decision.

It’s noisy, but not in a bad way! With the cap fully closed and making ample back and forth movements, your masturbator will make noise. The air which enters and escapes will be heard. But, for many, this is a good point.

You are on a deep gorge. And the noises generated by the masturbator are quite similar to the noise you can hear in a deep throat. Between the lack of air and the moans pushed by the grip of a penis blocking the throat, this is a befitting concept.


Usually, Fleshlight uses an exclusive and patented material called “Superskin” in its products, including the Fleshlight Turbo series. Well, roughly it is a TPE type material (polymer derived from petroleum) but which is guaranteed phthalate-free and non-toxic. It nevertheless remains porous, hence the importance of cleaning!

But the quality is not impressive in this case! We don’t know what they used as a material, probably a variation of Superskin, but it’s not the best quality because it sticks! The last thing you want when you masturbate is for the masturbator to stick to your sex organ. We hope Fleshlight can fix this in subsequent releases or upgrades.

However, the Fleshlight Turbo is portable, making it easy to use around the home, while in your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. You can also decide to take this along on your next official or business trip. This is a product that can even be taken to your office for some stress relief.

This FleshLight Turbo product series is very durable and strong.  Provided you use and maintain it right, you are sure to enjoy it for several years to come. That’s because it’s been meticulously precision-crafted by Fleshlight.  Provided you maintain it well, this sex toy should last for a longer time than many romantic relationships you’ve been in.

Except for being a bit sticky at times, we didn’t see a problem with the Fleshlight Turbo.

How to Use

Using the Fleshlight Turbo is the same as for other fleshlights. Here, you have to remove the cover, add a little lubricant to the sheath and on your penis. Then you can start playing with it!

For the lubricant, take a water-based lubricant that is especially not based on silicone. You have the Fleshlube as a sample, but you will need to purchase one separately for future use.

The SuperSkin is porous as mentioned above. The use of any greasy or silicone-based lubricant is therefore prohibited under penalty of damaging the sleeve of your Fleshlight. Use only a water-based lubricant!

Users rarely had so much struggling to lubricate a masturbator than with this. You have to put two to three times more than usual to manage to lubricate the three orifices while cheerfully repainting the back of the case.

Again, it’s almost impossible to use the Turbo Thrust without having a concrete erection. The diameter of the first hole is very small and so flexible. It waddles, you cannot penetrate as you should.

On the other hand, what we love about it is that you can see your penis through the case and the sleeve! But that only works for the Blue Ice color, that is, the Fleshlight Turbo Ignition.

However, again, the material used sticks so much, that even if you use lubricants, it may tear your condom if you wish to use one!


The cleanup is easier than in most fleshlights. Because you can see right through, it is easier to know if it is clean. There is an open part, which makes it easier to make water run through it.

The regular maintenance of your Fleshlight will be decisive in the life of the sex toy! Superskin is porous, if mold ever grows on it, all you have left to do is throw it away! This is the part that could be scary, but in the end, is very simple!

Once finished with the toy, remove the two stoppers, rinse thoroughly with hot water, but no soap or the like.

Once you’re done, remove the sleeve and let it dry. If you’re in a hurry, put a thin, lint-free, rolled-up cloth inside.

When most of the water is gone, shake and then turn the inner/outer sleeve upside down.

Once it’s done, sprinkle with cornstarch and remove the excess, turn over again and repeat the process. Put the sleeve back inside the case and you’re done!

Key Features

Below, we’ll list and describe some of the key features of the Fleshlight Turbo:

  • Available in two versions

You have the choice between two versions of the Fleshlight Turbo: Ignition and Thrust. The fleshlight is also available in two different colors which you can choose when purchasing: Ice Blue or Copper.  It’s up to you to choose the color you prefer, knowing that this does not change the model. For its diameter, the Blue Ice version on the external part is 6 cm at the lowest and 9.5 cm at the highest. By counting the sheath, depending on the diameter of your penis, you have a margin of 1 cm. The texture being flexible compresses.

  • 75 inches in length

The total length of this Fleshlight Turbo is 9.8 inches, and the sex toy has the possibility to, with great ease, accommodate any male member up to around 8.5 inches by providing all the warmth and friction that men seek.

  • Transparent in design

The Fleshlight Turbo Ignition comes in a transparent design that makes it easy to clean. This also makes it possible to watch your penis glide through the sex toy. It’s not a realistic design but the models seem to be created for users who prefer a non-human design. The products are visually reminiscent of state-of-the-art sex toys. The futuristic style that characterizes the models in the Fleshlight Turbo series could lead to the producer attracting further groups of buyers. Especially men who are not enthusiastic about porn stars seem to come into question as users. Anyone who like a modern design can think about purchasing the futuristic sex toy.

  • Unique orifice for a blowjob

The Fleshlight Ignition and the Fleshlight Thrust have a fairly unique orifice that can completely simulate the real mouth. The toy has lips, a tongue, and a throat that will give you that realistic impression of receiving a blowjob. The tongue with the throat slowly stroke your penis, letting you have a great orgasm, as you can fully explore that deep throat. This characteristic makes oral sex greater than with some girls who refuse deep throat.

  • Discreet shipping

Fleshlight prides itself on offering top-quality sex toys. You can purchase it from the Fleshlight website and your toy will be shipped right to your door.

Fleshlight, knowing its market well, takes the confidentiality of its customers seriously and offers services guaranteeing the discretion of orders to its customers. The company ensures a confidential payment process for customers.  There will be no mention on your bank statement.

Secondly, the packaging is super basic. Not even your secretary or mailman will know what’s really in that unmarked, unprinted box.

ILF values privacy. It thus ensures that discretion is ensured with all its products and services. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about someone realizing that you have ordered a Fleshlight sex toy. No one will know!

  • Complete package

The scope of delivery of the variants includes the case, the insert, a Fleshlube lubricant sample, and instructions. The manufacturer also promises easy cleaning of the products.

Price Tag

The Turbo Thrust and the Turbo Ignition currently sell for less than $70 on the Fleshlight website. They are sold for the same price on Amazon.

However, we think the Fleshlight Turbo is still a bit expensive. In comparison, it’s considerably more expensive than the Fleshlight Quickshot which is about $30 less expensive.

How Does Turbo Thrust Compare with Ignition?

The Ignition versions differ from the Thrust models. They have different inner canals that are about 25 centimeters long. All versions have a new type of air chamber, which is positioned between the opening and the duct entrance. Thanks to the chamber, the front areas of the Fleshlights inserts are much more flexible. The mobility of the elements enables the sensation of oral sex.

There are no significant differences between the two, except in the internal textures. The only real difference is the narrowness of the casing: Ignition is a bit wider and less ribbed. The feeling you get from using one or the other is relatively similar.

ILF, which manufactures the Fleshlights in the USA, uses its patented SuperSkin™ material for producing the models. According to the manufacturer, users can use the Fleshlights to fulfill their oral fantasies. According to the producer, men can use sex toys to stimulate the tip of male genitals. But it is also possible to penetrate deep into the inner canals, which simulates another type of blow job.

Then men use these products to simulate oral sex in which their penis is completely ingested. Deepthroating, as the technology is called, finally becomes practicable with the variants of the Fleshlight Turbo. At least that is what ILF promises.

How Does Turbo Compare with Other Fleshlights?

The Fleshlight Turbo offers a blowjob and deep throat more real than life! With the packaging, the first thing that you will notice is the transparency of the hull. It’s a little more transparent than the shell of the Fleshlight Ice Crystal. It’s roughly the same transparency as the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage.

You can directly see the internal structure of the sheath. You can quickly get the idea behind this. You can easily see the residue remaining during its cleaning. Another reason is so that you can see your cock inside.

With the sheath, like the Fleshlight Quickshot, you are not going to have a realistic sheath. Rather, it is a conceptual sheath that does not attempt to resemble an actual orifice. It looks like some kind of engine part or something.

We can also see a noticeable change in the sheath, its color. Here, you have a sparkling blue that contrasts with the usual flesh color. And regarding the cutting of the sheath at the level of the orifice, a few centimeters further, there are open spaces.

A fleshlight always changes in size. Certainly, some models were a little different from this. These include the Fleshlight Go Surge, the Fleshlight Quickshot Boost, and the Fleshlight Flight Instructor. Otherwise, it’s still the same concept. It’s like an electric torch that is 9.8 inches in length for maximum penetration of 8.5 inches.



  • Beautiful and transparent design
  • Ideal for oral sex
  • Available in two color options
  • Hypoallergenic and flexible material
  • Easy to clean
  • Difficult to lubricate
  • Not realistic


What Are the Alternatives?

The Fleshlight Turbos are designed for men who want oral sex and want to stimulate the tip of their genitals. Hence, great alternatives are the Quickshot Vantage and the Quickshot Pulse.


The Quickshot Turbo is a good fleshlight with a unique design concept. There is not much of a difference between the Ignition and the Thrust and they are sold for the same price. Certainly, they make noise during use, but this contributes to a positive experience, as we explained in the Fleshlight Turbo Review. Goodbye to the realistic aspect of this model, but hello to the new sensations. Hence, the Fleshlight Turbo is worth considering.  The Ignition and Thrust models can be ordered from the ILF Fleshlight store and other online shops.

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