What Happened To GirlsDoPorn?

The recent legal troubles surrounding GirlsDoPorn, a controversial adult website for amateur porn, have taken a dramatic turn with the unsealing of details from an FBI investigation into the site's owners and employees for crimes related to sex trafficking. What started as a small operation by its mastermind, Michael Pratt, from New Zealand in 2009, grew into a mini-empire based in San Diego with a dedicated cult following of fans who were drawn to its unique premise of "hot local girls who shouldn't do porn." But behind the scenes, GirlsDoPorn was allegedly involved in deceptive and coercive practices, as well as exploitation of young women, as revealed in court filings and testimonies.
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GirlsDoPorn’s Origins and Early Years

GirlsDoPorn was founded in 2009 by Michael Pratt, who immigrated to the United States from New Zealand in 2007 with the goal of filming pornography, specifically of amateur women or semi professionals. Pratt and his childhood friend Matthew Wolfe, who joined GirlsDoPorn as a videographer, traveled across the U.S. filming videos of amateur girls in hotel rooms. Pratt launched the paysite GirlsDoPorn in 2009, and for its first five years, it gained a loyal following of fans who were drawn to its unique concept of featuring local girls who were unlikely to do porn. The popularity of GDP made the downfall even more impactful for the adult industry and everyone involved.

The Rise of GirlsDoPorn and Controversies

By 2013-2014, GirlsDoPorn was gaining more visibility in online sex communities, and its fan forum, supervised by Pratt and his employees, became an important source of feedback on models and content. Allegations of deceptive practices and exploitation began to surface. Some models claimed they were recruited just before turning 18 and were forced to lie about their age during filming. Ruben Andre Garcia, a popular male talent and recruiter for GirlsDoPorn, was accused of manipulating performers with false promises and engaging in sexual assault. The company also faced criticism for its misogynistic and exploitative portrayal of women in online forums.

Coercive Practices and Deceptive Recruitment

GirlsDoPorn allegedly used deceptive recruitment practices, such as bait-and-switch tactics, to lure young women into performing in pornographic videos. Models were initially hired for bikini shoots but later told that the job had changed to shooting a sex scene for a higher pay. The company also allegedly used “reference girls” to vouch for the experience and reassure the new recruits that everything would be okay. Some of these reference girls were also allegedly involved with Garcia and may have been complicit in the deceptive practices.

Legal Troubles and Allegations of Sex Trafficking

The legal troubles for GirlsDoPorn intensified with the unsealing of details from an FBI investigation, which revealed allegations of sex trafficking. Garcia, along with other owners and employees of the company, was charged with sex trafficking and accused of rape and sexual assault by multiple models. The investigation shed light on the coercive and exploitative practices that allegedly took place behind the scenes at GirlsDoPorn, and the case brought national attention to the issue of exploitation in the adult entertainment industry.

Fallout and Impact on the Adult Entertainment Industry

The legal troubles and allegations against GirlsDoPorn have had significant repercussions in the adult entertainment industry. The case has raised awareness about the exploitation of performers and the need for stronger protections and regulations in the industry. It has also led to increased scrutiny of other similar websites and practices in the adult entertainment industry. The case has prompted discussions about the need for ethical and consensual practices in the production of adult content, and has brought to light the power dynamics and exploitation that can occur in the industry.

Some of the models who started with a GirlsDoPorn video have actually gone on to become bona fide adult film porn stars. The site offered an entry point into the industry to Whitney Westgate, Sophia Leone, Scarlet Red, Layla London, Alexis Adams and others.

And then there are Episodes 439 and 443, released in 2018 and featuring the adult industry debut of one of the top rising starlets in porn right now, superstar Emily Willis.

“I met someone on Tinder and we started dating,” Willis told an adult interviewer a year ago. “He had a site, GirlsDoPorn and he asked if I wanted to do a porno with him. I was so starstruck and I said, ‘Yeah, whatever, let’s do it!’ I was really uncomfortable with it and after that, I fell in love with it. After my first two scenes with them, I decided I needed to do more. This needs to be in my life.”

Final Thoughts

The recent legal troubles surrounding GirlsDoPorn have shed light on the dark secrets of the adult industry and the exploitation of young women. From its inception as a small amateur porn website to its rise in popularity among collectors and fans, GirlsDoPorn was built on deceit, manipulation, and illegal activities.

The FBI investigation into GirlsDoPorn’s owners and employees, including Michael Pratt and Ruben Andre Garcia, has exposed the horrific reality of sex trafficking and sexual assault that occurred behind the scenes of the seemingly innocuous porn videos. The stories shared by the Jane Does and other victims paint a grim picture of how young women were lured into the industry with false promises and then subjected to traumatic experiences.

The case has also highlighted the toxic and misogynistic culture that exists within some segments of the adult industry, as evident in the online forums and fan communities associated with GirlsDoPorn. The objectification and dehumanization of women, as well as the promotion of harmful attitudes towards women, were rampant among the fans of the site.

Despite the challenges faced by the victims, their bravery in coming forward and seeking justice has led to the indictment and arrest of several criminal individuals involved in GirlsDoPorn. This serves as a reminder that those who engage in illegal and unethical practices in the adult industry will be held accountable.

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