Who is Ashley Matheson – Interview at AVN 2024

At the 2024 AVN Awards and Expo, we crossed paths with the vibrant TikTok star Ashley Matheson, aka Smashedely, who was mingling barefoot and capturing the essence of the event through lively chats and photos. In a candid interview, Ashley recounted the whirl of her first AVN experience, filled with unexpected adventures and genuine connections. She also introduced us to her latest project, the "Hotter Ones" podcast.
Last updatedLast updated: April 01, 2024
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Who is Ashley Matheson?

Ashley Matheson, also widely recognized by her online alias “Smashedely,” (or her former alias peepeepoopoogagnamstyle) is a Canadian TikTok star and social media influencer known for her vibrant and engaging content. Born on July 24, 2001, in Ottawa, Ontario, Matheson catapulted to online fame through her TikTok channel, where she posts a mix of dance videos, lip-syncs, comedic sketches, and lifestyle content. Her charismatic personality and creative content have amassed a substantial following, making her one of the prominent figures on the platform. Beyond TikTok, Ashley has expanded her influence to other social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube, where she continues to share aspects of her life, fashion, and travels, connecting with a broader audience.

The 2024 AVN Awards and Expo, although primarily focused on the adult entertainment industry, has evolved to include broader aspects of internet culture and social media influence, reflecting the changing landscape of online content creation and consumption. Ashley Matheson, known as Smashedely on TikTok, finds herself at this event due to her significant influence as a social media personality. Ashley also has a new podcast, Hotter Ones, where she interviews other OnlyFans content creators.  Her presence underscores the increasingly blurred lines between different content creation realms and highlight the role of social media influencers in shaping contemporary entertainment and cultural trends.

Ashley Matheson Tripod Video

Aside from her TikTok dances and comedy videos, Ashley went viral for an attempted jump over her tripod that ended in her landing squarely on the tripod.

The tripod still haunts her to this day, and she is often knows as #thetripodgirl

Hotter Ones Podcast

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