Dakucon 2023 Interviews

Dakucon is a unique Denver convention celebrating the sophisticated, and often adult, side of geekdom. JoyNights brings you the essence of this adult-centric gathering, from intricate cosplays and innovative gaming to the diverse offerings of vendors. Explore the creative heart of the geek community in an environment that harks back to the intimate conventions of yore, all through the lens of adult enthusiasts. Join us in embracing the vibrant, mature spirit of Dakucon.
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Dakucon 2023 unfolded as a celebration dedicated to the adult geek, harkening back to the days when conventions were a more intimate affair, buzzing with specialized interests and a mature crowd. JoyNights delved into the heart of this unique event, navigating through a sea of imaginative cosplayers, innovative game studios like Drunk Robot Games, talented artists, and enthusiastic attendees. This article captures the spirit of Dakucon, a local Denver con with a flair for the adult-centric, offering a glimpse into the various facets of nerd culture from anime to gaming and beyond.

Cosplay Galore

One of the highlights of Dakucon is undoubtedly the cosplay. Characters from beloved video games, anime, and other media were brought to life by passionate fans. JoyNights interviewed several cosplayers, diving into their creative process, the inspiration behind their costumes, and what Dakucon means to them. Each story was a testament to the dedication and spirit of the cosplaying community, showcasing the con as a vibrant stage for self-expression and fandom tribute


A Melting Pot of Creativity

The vendor’s alley was a treasure trove of creativity. JoyNights wandered through stalls adorned with a myriad of goods – from artwork to home-made beef jerky. Conversations with vendors revealed stories of craftsmanship and enterprise, from intricately designed whips and pillows to bespoke glassware. Each vendor had a unique story, contributing to the eclectic and welcoming atmosphere of Dakucon.

Gaming and Panels: A Nerd’s Delight

Dakucon’s programming offered something for every shade of nerd. JoyNights sat down with game developers like Drunk Robot Games to discuss the latest in video gaming, including their games Runic and Santa’s Special Delivery. We also attended panels that spanned a wide array of interests – from anime deep dives to tabletop gaming strategies. The adult-centric events added a unique flavor to the con, providing mature content that catered specifically to the 18+ crowd, all within an atmosphere of relaxed fun and camaraderie.

Final Thoughts

As Dakucon 2023 came to a close, it was clear that the event stood out as a unique space for the adult nerd community. It successfully recaptured the essence of cons of yesteryear, focusing on a mature audience while offering a diverse and rich program of events. JoyNights’ journey through the con highlighted the passionate individuals and groups that make such gatherings a memorable experience. From the intricate cosplays to the diverse vendor offerings and the wide range of gaming and panel content, Dakucon proved to be a haven for those looking to celebrate their geekdom in an adult-oriented environment. As attendees dispersed, the spirit of community and shared passion lingered, marking Dakucon as a must-visit for enthusiasts looking to dive deep into the heart of nerd culture.

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