Adult Industry Salaries: Analyzing How Much Pornstars & OnlyFans Creators Make

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While you can look up salaries for most jobs on sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn, it’s harder to find how much stars in the adult entertainment industry take home. While there are plenty of rumors and myths surrounding the salaries of porn stars, there is little concrete data available to provide a clear picture of what these individuals actually earn. In this analysis, we will cover the salaries of porn stars based on our findings from talking to 100’s of performers and production company staff in the industry. So, how much do porn stars make? Let’s find out.

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How much money do adult stars make?

The following numbers are based on per-scene/shoot/video/movie earnings. In other words, our data covers the earnings that a performer makes during an entire video or photoshoot, typically ranging from 1 to 4 hours.

  • Daily Rates (USA) – these are average rates per scene/shoot/video
    • Median: $900
    • Top-tier: $2,200
  • Male adult performer median rates are: $300 – $800 per scene (top 10% earn over $1,500/scene)
  • Female adult performer median rates are: $900 – $1,500 per scene (top 10% earn over $2,200/scene)

When taking into account all income streams, including video/photo shoots with studios, OnlyFans, etc., adult performers earn the following per year:

  • Median Annual Salary (USA) – this includes all activities across all platforms
    • Average: $65,500/year (The average annual salary for an American in 2023 was $59,428)
    • $125,000 for women
    • $54,000 for men

Median adult performer earnings by type of scene:

Job Salary
Female Performer, Man/Woman Scene $500 – $1,500
Female Performer, All-Woman Scene $400 – $1,200
Male Performer, (Straight Scenes) $300 – $1,500
Male Performer, (Gay Scenes) $200 – $1,000
Top 10% of male and female performers $1,500 – $5,000
Extreme scenes $1,500 – $3,000
Director $500 – $3,000
Cameraperson $200 – $700
Sound Technician $200 – $400
Production Assistant $100 – $200
Writers $200 – $500
Still Photographers $300 – $800
Makeup Artists $250 – $500

How much do the top 20 porn stars make?

The most popular porn stars earn significantly more than the average stars in the adult industry. The following earnings are estimates based on publicly available information and include all revenue streams: adult content, sponsorships, social media collaborations, merchandise selling, strip clubs, and more.

The highest earning porn stars such as Riley Reid, Johnny Sins, and others earn millions of dollars per year.

Top 20 porn stars by net worth and popularity:

# Porn actor Net worth
1 Jenna Jameson $40,000,000
2 Lana Rhoades $28,000,000
3 Riley Reid $19,000,000
4 Tera Patrick $14,000,000
5 Jesse Jane $10,000,000
6 Johnny Sins $8,200,000
7 Kimmy Granger $7,500,000
8 Traci Lords $5,500,000
9 Mia Khalifa $5,000,000
10 Nicole Aniston $4,500,000
11 Peter North $4,000,000
12 Jenna Haze $4,000,000
13 Lexington Steele $3,750,000
14 Maria Takagi $3,700,000
15 Brandi Love $3,500,000
16 Dillion Harper $3,250,000
17 Adriana Chechik $3,000,000
18 Mia Malkova $3,000,000
19 Katie Morgan $2,500,000
20 Eva Elfie $2,300,000

Overview of the top porn star’s salary per video:

Earnings Percentile Median Earnings per Scene
Top 10% $1,800 – $3,000
Top 5% $3,500 – $5,000
Top 2% $7,000 – $10,000
Top 1% >$10,000

How much do gay porn stars make?

  • Gay porn salaries per scene have a median range of $200 – $1,200. It’s a bit less than male earnings in heterosexual porn. One of the reasons is that the demand is lower for gay porn than for heterosexual porn.

How much do amateur porn stars make?

Most amateur stars start at the bottom of the pay brackets covered above. Here are the median earnings per scene for amateurs:

Job Salary
Amateur Female Performer, Man/Woman Scene $400 – $700
Amateur Female Performer, All-Woman Scene $300 – $600
Amateur Male Performer, (Straight Scenes) $200 – $500
Amateur Male Performer, (Gay Scenes) $200 – $400


How much do porn stars make on Pornhub?

The average RPM (rate per 1,000 video views) in 2023 on Pornhub was $0.66, and owners of videos are paid 80% of that.

So if you have 5 videos that have 100,000 views each, you will generate (80% x $0.66 x 500,000 views / 1000) = $260.40. So one will earn about $260 for 500,000 views.

A user that really has succeeded on Pornhub is the couple behind LeoLulu. They said:

“It took us around half a year to get traffic, and then slowly build up our fan base. The primary thing that influences your profit is your number of views, so it’s important to keep putting out content that people love.”

They have more than 931,000,000 views. Based on the earnings rate that we discussed above, that’s 80% x $0.66 x 931,000,000 / 1,000 = $491,568.

What influences a porn star’s earnings?

There are several factors that can influence a porn star’s earnings. Some of the main factors include:

  1. Experience: Experienced performers who have been in the industry for a longer time and have established a reputation for themselves can command higher rates than new or less experienced performers.
  2. Popularity: Porn stars who are more popular and have a larger fan base can charge higher rates for their scenes, as their name recognition and demand increase.
  3. Niche: The type of scenes that a performer is willing to do can also impact their earnings. For example, performers who are comfortable with performing in more extreme or niche categories may be able to charge higher rates.
  4. Gender: Male performers typically earn less than female performers, due to a variety of factors such as demand, availability, and the types of scenes they are willing to do.
  5. Production company: The production company a performer works for can also impact their earnings. Some companies may pay higher rates than others, and some may offer more frequent work opportunities.
  6. Industry trends: The overall state of the industry can also impact a performer’s earnings. For example, changes in consumer demand or shifts in the popularity of certain performers or genres can affect the rates that performers are able to charge.

How much money do OnlyFans models make?

Creators on OnlyFans don’t generally earn money from a single income stream — they often take advantage of the various monetization options the platform offers, as well as making money off-platform. This includes content on OnlyFans (via subscriptions, tips, and premium content), other creator-focused sites, and porn sites.

Overall, earnings are very much dependent on a creator’s following. Let’s look at a few examples:

Earnings for OnlyFans creators with fewer than 10,000 fans:

  • Belle Grace, a British creator, has around 2,400 subscribers. She shared the exact schedule that made her six figures on OnlyFans and allowed her to buy a house.

Earnings for OnlyFans creators with between 10,000 and 100,000 fans:

  • Amber Sweetheart has about 26,ooo fans on two profiles. And she’s made over $2.6 million since joining OnlyFans.
  • Steph Mi has about 50,000 subscribers. Read how she built her income to over $73,000 per month through livestreaming, airplane banners, and more.

Earnings for OnlyFans creators with over 100,000 fans:

  • Bryce Adams has 660,000 subscribers. She made over $5 million in a year from OnlyFans.
  • Adams also shared her strategies for success and her plan for 2023 after making $6.4 million in 2022.
  • OnlyFans superstar Amouranth broke down how she built an adult-content business that made her $1.5 million per month, and her advice to creators.

It’s important to note that the earnings discussed throughout this article are averages and medians based on a limited sample size. Many factors influence the earnings of an individual performer.

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