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Bellesa Plus, a company dedicated to the normalization and celebration of sexuality, has announced plans to launch a new creators platform. This platform is aimed at supporting sex workers and content creators following the announcement that OnlyFans will begin banning sexually explicit content. Though OnlyFans did not follow through with their announcement, it lead creators to look for alternatives.
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Last updatedLast updated: April 19, 2024
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What is Bellesa?

Bellesa, or Bellesa Boutique, is a sex toy company, online retailer, and soon to be content creator platform. Bellesa mostly sells vibrators, dildos, and other female oriented sex toys. CEO Michelle Shnaidman describes it as: “I founded Bellesa because I wanted women everywhere to feel *empowered* by their sexuality. By creating a community where pleasure is not only normalized, but truly celebrated, we are breaking the framework for what sexuality on the internet should look like. Whether it’s via Bellesa Plus, Bellesa Boutique or just on our Instagram- you decide how you want to embrace your own sexuality, on your own terms.”

What is Bellesa Plus?

Bellesa, a community and content platform that celebrates female sexuality and empowerment, has announced plans to launch a new creators platform that will support sex workers and video content creators. The new platform is expected to launch later this year and aims to provide an alternative to OnlyFans following the announcement that the platform would begin banning sexually explicit content. Content creators will be able to earn money and tips from users who subscribe to their content on Bellesa Plus, placing the power in the hands of the creators. Bellesa has also emphasized its focus on investing directly in performers, exemplified by the BIPOC Creators Program, which offers a monthly investment of $20,000 towards the funding of projects from BIPOC creators. Michelle Shnaidman, Bellesa’s CEO and founder, states that the company is “deeply dedicated to both the empowerment of content creators and the de-stigmatization of sex work.” Stay updated on Bellesa’s progress by joining their email list and following them on Twitter.

Final Thoughts

The launch of this new platform by Bellesa Plus is expected to give content creators the power to earn money and tips from users who subscribe to their content, directly investing in the performers. Bellesa CEO and Founder, Michelle Shnaidman, says the company remains dedicated to the empowerment of content creators and the de-stigmatization of sex work. Stay tuned for further updates and information from Bellesa Plus.

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