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Last updated: March 07, 2024

Riley Reid Fleshlight Review: Reach Euphoria (Fall 2023 )

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Last updated: March 07, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • People wanting to try out their first Fleshlight
  • Fans of adult entertainment legend Riley Reid
  • Those who want a more sophisticated self-pleasuring experience
Key features:
  • There are two models of fleshlights to choose from
  • Be sure to clean your fleshlight after every use or it won’t last for long
  • The Riley Reid fleshlight has premium construction and a so can be out of budget for many people
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

The Riley Reid Fleshlight is built with quality and luxury in mind. It offers a unique experience that will leave you wanting to feel those sensations over and over again. There are two models of the Riley Reid Fleshlight you can choose from and both are modeled after her most intimate body parts. Just as Reid is a favorite of the adult industry, her Fleshlight was one of our favorites. We loved it! Let’s look closer at what you can expect from this purchase.


Our #1 pick for the best fleshlight girl
Our #1 pick for the best pocket pussy


Porn star
Riley Reid
Texture type
Utopia, Euphoria
Opening type
Pussy, Butt
Inner length
6.25-9 in
Opening diameter
0.5-0.9 in


Choosing a new sex toy is getting harder and harder. There are so many choices available, and they range from terrible to amazing. Whether you simply need a new toy or want to spice things up with your first toy, the Fleshlight is a great option.

The Riley Reid fleshlight combines the best of everything. Not only are the versions available powerful and pleasurable but being able to imagine a face as you use your toy is rather unique. We dive into the Riley Reid Fleshlight, and what sets it apart from other sex toys.

Riley Reid Fleshlight Overview

There’s a lot to discover with the Riley Reid fleshlight. If you are new to the world of Fleshlights, you will be astonished to discover just how realistic they feel. Through innovation and creativity, the inner material really feels like the inside of a person.

As a famous adult entertainer, you may have already come across the works of Riley Reid. If not, and you’re simply looking for a new experience, there is a lot to discover here.

Meet Riley Reid

Riley Reid is a special sort of celebrity – she’s won over 40 awards for her performances in various movies

With a petite frame and bubbly personality, Riley Reid is pretty unforgettable. She is always smiling and looks ready to try any new experience. Riley Reid is a hot new star and a multiple award-winning film star. Long brown hair, hazel eyes, and a bottom that really stands out all come together in this complete package. Riley Reid really seems like the girl next door that is up for all kinds of fun.


When you select the Riley Reid masturbator, there are two options to choose from. These include the Riley Reid pocket pussy and the Riley Reidy anal fleshlight. Both have their own charms, so which one you choose is completely dependent on personal preference.

Each one will have two components. On the outside is the Fleshlight case. This is a hard plastic that is quite durable. It is also easy to clean as all you need to do is wash it out in the sink, and wipe it down after use. The plastic case can actually be used with any number of inner sleeves.

As for the sleeve itself, this is where all the action happens. Inside both models you will find a system of bumps and ridges that are made to create intense pleasure. Each Fleshlight that is modeled after an adult entertainer is completely unique which is why there are many people out there who actually opt to have multiple designs.

Inner length and diameter

The Riley Reid vaginal model is named Utopia. It offers tight stimulation and ribbed pleasure. The inner length of Utopia is 9 inches, which is actually pretty long compared to other Fleshlights. The diameter is 0.9 inches. However, what makes the Fleshlight so amazing is that this diameter will expand according to your own girth. It actually feels like the inner sleeve is hugging your own member. We found it was plenty tight for any size man.

As for the Riley Reid anal model, it is named Euphoria. While a bit shorter, measuring 6.25 inches length, it is still pretty standard. The opening diameter is a tighter 0.5 inches but again, this will accommodate most users and will expand so that it engulfs you as you enter it.

Fleshlight case

The case of both versions of the Riley Reid fleshlight is a lovely white color with a slightly pearlescence sheen to it. The case it very easy to hold as there are subtle ridges along the side. You can use or two hands as it is narrower than the opening area of the fleshlight.


Riley Reid offers two textures – Utopia and Euphoria, they stimulate members in different ways and intensity

Life is all about choice and this one may be harder than others. You will need to choose between the Riley Reid Utopia fleshlight, which is modeled after her vagina, or the Riley Reid Euphoria fleshlight, which is modeled after her anus.

Both offer unique sensations, which we will get into in a moment. Both also offer complex designs that will leave you fully satisfied. If it helps, you won’t be alone if you decide to purchase both designs.

In Action

Once you receive your Riley Reid fleshlight, you may be itching to try it out. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that your experience can be full of maximum pleasure.

First, always use lube with any fleshlight. Unlike the natural anatomy of the body, the fleshlight is not self-lubricating. Furthermore, although the material used is incredibly velvety soft, with prolonged use it can create quite a bit of chafing. It’s best to use a lube that is made for the experience and you can find the best lube for fleshlight here.

Another tip to create the most memorable experience is to use a fleshlight warmer. This is an easy to use device that will warm your fleshlight up so that it even more closely resembles a real person.

The warmer is like a thin tube and once you plug it in, you can slip the sleeve over top. A fleshlight warmer is safe to use and won’t overheat your toy or cause it to burn or melt. Instead, it will offer a controlled temperature.

You may be tempted to forego an actual fleshlight warmer and use alternative methods. While this may work you could inadvertently burn your fleshlight. If temperature control is a must-have for you, it is far better to purchase a fleshlight warmer as it is the safest method.


Riley Reid Fleshlight has two sleeve openings to choose from – vaginal and anal

The two designs of the Riley Reid fleshlight, the vaginal Utopia model and the Euphoria anal model, are both designed to replicate Riley Reid’s own anatomy. This is what makes them so unique and special.

For the Utopia, you will find a small clitoris area along with two large labia. The whole area is smooth and clean. There is also a cute signature along the side so you can never forget who the model is.

With the Euphoria, you get a very tight rosebud. It puckered and surrounded by soft butt cheek folds. Again, even though the opening looks small, it will expand as you use it.


As mentioned, there are two designs of the Riley Reid fleshlight you can purchase: the Utopia vagina model and the Euphoria anus model. Each are unique and offer plenty of twists and turns.

The Utopia model is all about small nubs inside the sleeve. As you enter, you will find one small chamber with these nubs along the side. Then, after a brief reprieve, you will experience a series of ridges filled with more numbs. Finally, it tapers off into a very tight squeeze.

As for the Euphoria model, it is actually one design that repeats itself three times throughout the canal. After a tight entrance, you will find a pattern of ridges in the shape of tiny squares. There is a slight pause before the pattern repeats two more times. The overall construction of the Euphoria will indeed leave you in a euphoric mood.


The Riley Reid Fleshlight is made with materials that are completely allergen-free. They are all non-toxic and you don’t have to worry about any painful reactions when using the device.

For both an allergen-free experience and an easier cleaning experience, you should use a water-based lube. Trusted Source How Do Lubricants Work? Find Out From The Expert Sex is frequently not as simple and carefree as it appears in films! We expect it to be, and it can be—there is no doubt about that—but it will require compatibility, communication, stamina, flexibility, and a little more support! There are many to choose from and they won’t irritate your skin. Furthermore, they are much easier to clean up.


You can easily detach Fleshlight sleeve from its casing to wash both items after use

How important is cleaning your Riley Reid Fleshlight? Well, we can’t really stress that it’s the most important thing you need to do. We understand that the last thing you want to do after using a Fleshlight is cleaning it but if you don’t then you won’t have that Fleshlight for very long. As others have found, and we confirmed, leaving your Fleshlight dirty, covered in lube, or other substances is a sure fire way for it to get gross and unusable.

As you can imagine, using a fleshlight means there is a lot leftover inside of the device. Lube, semen, and other bodily fluids are all trapped inside the sleeve of the fleshlight. If these are not cleaned out, bacteria will start to grow. Mold can develop and once this does, even with the most rigorous cleaning, your fleshlight is probably a lost cause.

Furthermore, do you really want mold and bacteria around your most sensitive areas of your body?

While you can wait a few minutes to properly clean your Riley Reid fleshlight, don’t wait too long. Instead, give it a thorough washing. Use warm water to rinse it out. Then, use your fingers to gently wash the inner sleeve, getting into all the folds and crevices.

Due to its distinct texture, soap is not recommended for a fleshlight. However, you can purchase a special fleshlight cleaning agent if you are worried about getting a deeper clean.

Always use your fingers to clean inside and not a cloth or brush. Even the softest cloth may be too rough and can actually damage the inside of your fleshlight or cause small tears in the material, which can lead to mold growth.

More to Know

Consider any type of fleshlight as the top-tier model of sex toys. The Riley Reid fleshlight is no exception. The material used inside both the Utopia and the Euphoria models feels like satin and yet is durable enough for repeated use. You can get a lot of mileage out of either designs.


We talked earlier about proper cleaning for your Riley Reid fleshlight. And while cleaning is undoubtedly important, you also don’t want to forget about storing your toy. A clean toy only stays clean if it is in a proper storage container.

You can purchase a storage container for your fleshlight. While this will cost extra, it will perfectly fit the sleeve and case, meaning you don’t have to worry about dust or germs settling on your device when not in use.

If you don’t want to go this route, you can instead use a satin bag or even an airtight container. The focus on storage is all about keeping the fleshlight clean and properly tucked away. You don’t want to leave it anywhere where moisture can get in as this can lead to mold. Furthermore, even though dust won’t cause bacteria to grow, it can make the fleshlight dirty, which will necessitate cleaning it again before your next use.

Discreet shipment

Even though you may be a big fan of Riley Reid, others may not understand your proclivities. Furthermore, your business just doesn’t need to be anyone else’s business. The creators of the Riley Reid fleshlight understand that you probably don’t want your neighbors or roommates to know what goes on in your bedroom. Because of this, they offer discreet shipment.

When you order your Riley Reid fleshlight, it will be delivered to your address in a plain brown box. There will be no labels and no packing slip to describe the contents. Don’t worry, though, as all that information can still be found after you open the outer box. Inside is where you will find the packing information and, of course, your new toy.


Yes, there are many masturbatory toys out there and you can definitely find one at a lower price than the Riley Reid fleshlight. However, they will not offer the same experience or sensation. If you are looking for a toy that will give immense pleasure and will last for quite a while, then the Riley Reid fleshlight should be top of your list.

If you do want to save a bit of money you can actually purchase just the sleeve of the fleshlight. This is only an option, however, if you already have a fleshlight and the accompanying case. At a slightly lower price than the full package, you can purchase the Riley Reid sleeve and then swap it out for a different sleeve in another case. This is a practical and economical way to save a bit of money but still get to experience a range of sensations.

  • Both the Utopia and the Euphoria offer complex inner designs for optimum sensations
  • You can purchase both sleeves and one case to cut down on costs
  • The case is easy to hold and manipulate
  • Always use lube if you want to avoid chafing
  • The inner ridges may take a bit of time to get used to
  • Cleaning after each session is mandatory


The next time you are fantasizing about the lovely Riley Reid, just know that you can bring that fantasy to reality, at least partially. You can purchase either the anal or the vaginal replication of Riley Reid and make all your dreams a reality. We hope our Riley Reid fleshlight review has demonstrated how great the construction is, what you can expect, and how to keep it fresh and in good working order.


How Do Lubricants Work? Find Out From The Expert
Sex is frequently not as simple and carefree as it appears in films! We expect it to be, and it can be—there is no doubt about that—but it will require compatibility, communication, stamina, flexibility, and a little more support!
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