Thorough Onahole Guide – How to Use it Right

This article will guide you through using an onahole - from choosing the type that will stimulate you the most to lubing and cleaning it
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Men who want a unique, intensely pleasurable masturbatory experience are always on the lookout for novel devices. Masturbation is often routine task and the more variety you can bring to the sensation, the better it will be. Relatively new to the scene, the onahole has made a giant splash when it comes to sex toys.

Japanese in origin, an onahole offers a tube-like chamber to insert your penis. However, there is so much more to this experience. If you are wondering how to use onahole for your maximum pleasure, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll guide you though all the steps to fully utilize this masturbatory toy. Whether you already have an onahole or are interested in purchasing it, once you learn what you can do with it, you won’t be able to stop. 

Onahole Guide

When we talk about an onahole, we are actually referring to a category of sex toys. There are many specific onaholes you can purchase but they do all have an overlapping structure and experience. 

The onahole was invented was invented in Japan, which should come as no surprise because Japanese sex toys are innovative and highly realistic. In fact, the demand for Japanese sex toys has steadily increased in recent years Trusted Source Sex Toys Market in Japan - Analysis, Technologies & Forecasts to 2021 - Growing Use of Vibrators for Therapeutic Purposes - Research and Markets The sex toys market in Japan to grow at a CAGR of 7.72% during the period 2017-2021.  and the rate doesn’t seem to be tapering off any time soon. The term comes from the Japanese word onanie, which means masturbation. 


There are many types of onaholes and they are designed around the overall experience you have with it. Let’s be honest. Some guys are really into breasts while others are into simulating anal penetration. The great thing about onaholes is you can literally find one for any fantasy you may have Trusted Source How sex toys are made at Doc Johnson - you might be surprised Inside Hollywood’s Doc Johnson factory you’ll see plenty of realistic copper-finished moulds of penises, vaginas and anuses.


If you are a breast man and fantasize about masturbating between them, then this type of onahole is perfect for you. While breast onaholes come in different sizes, most are on the larger end of the spectrum. This is because most men fantasize about large breasts and also for a more practical reason. 

To work with an onahole in the shape of breasts, there is a small channel in which you can place your penis between the breasts. A really nice feature of these models is that the breasts are fairly life-like. You can squeeze them with your hands and while the insertion may be a bit tight, the fact the texture of the breasts is a bit springy means they will mold around your penis. 

While there are different types of onaholes, usually with breasts, there is a hollow orifice behind them. This allows for a more realistic feeling. You won’t be getting just a solid chunk of plastic. 


Those that dream of receiving the ultimate blow job will love an oral version of an onahole. Made to resemble the lips of a woman, there is a canal between the lips for insertion. 

You can customize a lot of onaholes, so you can choose a deep crimson red for the lips or a sweet pink coloring. 

Usually, there is also a tongue that sticks out a bit from the mouth, for a more realistic experience. At the back of the mouth is a long tube which forms the canal. This is also a nice shape as you can hold onto it for increased pressure. 


With a hip onahole you can choose between one orifice or two. Most people opt for both a vaginal and an anal opening to act out different scenarios. With a hip onahole, you simply get the space from the top of the hips to the bottom of the bum cheeks. 

While there may be different proportions for a hip onahole, usually the waist is quite slim and the bum cheeks are voluptuous. 

You can insert your penis into either hole and are meant to grab on to the side of the hips for stability. For best results, place the hip onahole on a flat, elevated surface, such as a chair or table. 


A vagina onahole is meant to work like a sleeve. You get a realistic representation of the vulva of a woman and an opening at her vagina. There are no bum cheeks but instead there is a tube-like structure. You can hold onto it and manipulate your movements as you would like. 

If you like the realistic representation of a woman, you may be a bit disappointed with a vagina onahole. While some are made to really look like a woman, others have a smoother texture around the vulva and pay more attention to the inside feel of a vagina. 


The Japanese word for gorgeous is Meiki, and with these types of onahole, you are getting a replication of a famous Japanese porn star. 

Each Meiki onahole comes with a picture of the porn star who inspired the device. They are often in the shape of a vagina and each model you choose under this category is incredibly unique. 


For those that just can’t decide what kind of an onahole you want, a full-body version may be perfect for you. With these models, you get to experience the sensation of breasts, vagina, and anus. There will be two orifices, vaginal and anal, for insertion. You can also manipulate the breasts and create your own tunnel between them.

While full-body onaholes don’t, unfortunately, come with a mouth opening, they are quite realistic. They will feature petite waists and full breasts. You can have a lot of fun and if you like plenty of options, this should be at the top of your list. 


There is a slight difference between a full-body onahole and a torso one. While the full-body is more intricate, the torso version might be a bit too flat. You will receive a model that features breasts, a vaginal opening, and an anal opening, but there is less to manipulate.

Often, the breasts on a torso onahole are flat and while you can touch them, they are not large enough to really insert your penis between them. 

How Onahole Feels

The reason onaholes have quickly become so popular is that they are the most realistic sensation next to an actual vagina. The innovative technology used in their construction allows you to feel as if you are actually inside of a real woman. 


The inside of a onahole is as close to the feeling you will get to actual sex. The inside is a soft, spongy material. It cam start out as a bit of a tight fit but the sides will expand with pressure. You can move the onahole and change positions for different sensations. 

As for the outside of an onahole, expect a springy but firm texture. You will be able to grip the outside but also have a feeling like you are touching real flesh. This is especially true of breast onaholes, where manipulating them is half the fun. 


When we talk about realism, there are two main categories to discuss. First, let’s touch on the outside. Each onahole is different and while some people prefer a realistic approach to female anatomy, many may be unconcerned. 

The outside anatomy of an onahole can vary greatly. Some will have realistic vulva, including the labia, while others look more like dolls with smoothed-over parts. The same goes for mouth onaholes. You can find one with realistic-looking mouths and even a tongue, while others just have large lips. 

As for the inside canals of onaholes, they should all be similar and fantastic. The whole point of purchasing an onahole is its life-like replication. The material inside is spongy, warm, and even has small bumps and ridges. Overall, many people claim that an onahole is almost identical to a real-life vagina.


For the most part, no matter what orifice you purchase, it will have a similar texture. The construction will be foamy and there will be small ridges in any canal. You should, however, feel a difference if you purchase a model like a hip onahole which comes with two orifices. You don’t want the vaginal and anal orifice to feel exactly the same; otherwise what’s the point of spending more money? 

If you really want to compare orifices, you can try different meiki onaholes. These are modeled after real-life porn stars. Each onahole will be different, both in outside looks and inside feel. There may be more ridges in one, or a tighter fit in another. 

Tips for Using an Onahole

Now that we know what types of onaholes there are and how they feel, it’s time to go over tips for a truly remarkable experience. 

Warm up

Now, everyone is different but most people love the warm, moist feeling that women have. Whether you have a mouth onahole or a torso model, when you insert yourself into it, you don’t want to be cold. While you can remember to store your toy in a warm, or at least room temperature environment, there is an alternative. 

You can actually purchase a Sleeve Warmer  to get your onahole perfectly ready for you. Simply plug the warmer in and in less than five minutes it will be at your desired temperature. Place the onahole over, so that the warmer is inside it. Then, remove and enjoy. 


While onaholes are made to have a delicate, soft inside, lube is always a good idea to enhance the experience even further. We recommend a water-based lube, such as the Fleshlube Water. You can easily use it, either by pouring a bit inside the onahole or by first rubbing yourself. With a water-based lube, there is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction and it is easy to clean up afterwards. 


Honestly, stimulation should not be a problem. You can manipulate your onahole and twist and turn it for different feelings. The inside canal of an onahole is meant to be textured. Move in and out and side to side for different pleasures. You’ll be amazed at how much you can feel and how much pleasure you get.  


We certainly aren’t judging you but perhaps it’s best to close that door, first, before you really take your pleasure with an onahole. One issue that some people find with an onahole is storing it, especially with larger full-torso models. We suggest placing it in a discreet bag and having a dedicated storage place for it. A bag or cover is essential as it will prevent dust from settling onto the toy.

One nice feature is that almost all distributors will ship your onahole in a discreet brown box. There are no obscene labels or branding. Inside the box will be another box with the actual product. This is great because you can have your onahole shipped right to your door without having a nosy neighbor snoop on you. 


Even though an onahole is made for comfort, it might take a bit to get used to it. Instead of diving right in, take a bit of time to become familiar with your new toy. Comfort is especially important if you have a breast onahole. Your model might not have a built-in canal, so you will need to properly manipulate the breasts for arousal. For this purpose, definitely use lube to avoid chafing. 


Onaholes are not cheap sex toys but that is because they are so realistic. After you purchase your onahole, be sure to get the most out of it. There is no right or wrong amount of masturbation a person can do, so it all depends on your personal preference. 

You may find that you purchase an onahole while you are single and then once begin a relationship, are unsure what to do with it. Well, why not see if you can incorporate it. Sex is meant to be fun and enjoyable. Take your pleasure and be free in the knowledge you deserve it. 

Change angles

While it may be hard with a larger onahole, such as a torso model, smaller types, including mouth and vagina will have a back end to hold onto. You can easily grip onto this area and chance the angle as you wish. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Move around a lot. Just because you’ve found an amazing angle doesn’t mean there isn’t an even better option to be found. 

Alternate toys

Different types of onaholes work in different ways. If you have purchased one, don’t be afraid to purchase another one. 

We really like the meiki line of onaholes, where each model is formed based on a famous porn star. If you like this idea, you should consider other types, such as fleshjacks, which are modeled after the behinds of famous porn star men. There is definitely something erotic about viewing a person and being able to get as close as possible to that person during a moment of intimacy. 

You can also add extra toys to any session. You can use vibrators, cock rings, and just about anything else. Experimentation is fun, so why not go at it!

Cleaning Onaholes

Just like with any sex toys, your onahole needs a good washing afterwards. 


Start by rinsing off your you. Get rid of any bodily fluids or lube by holding your onahole under running water. This will help you see how dirty your toy still is. You also want to really rinse out the inner canals of your onahole. This is where most of the mess will be. 

Use cleaner

Your onahole is made from a special material and you don’t want it deteriorating before you can really enjoy your toy. Be sure to use a special cleaner, such as the Fleshlight Wash. Onahole cleaners are gently and non-abrasive. 

When washing your onahole, only use your hands to scrub inside the canals. A brush may be too hard and accidentally rip part of the inside. Try to get as deep as you can with your finger and rub around any bumps or ridges. 


Finally, once you have thoroughly cleaned your onahole, it’s time to dry it. Let it sit out overnight on a clean towel. Place the onahole in a way that any water can drip out of the orifices. If you are able to, hang it to dry. You may need to tie it up to hanger to achieve this feat. 

Air drying is better than cloth drying. Even the cleanest of cloths may still house bacteria which can be transferred to your toy.

Once it is definitely dry, place your toy in a protective cloth. This prevents any dust or debris from settling into it. Store your onahole in a dry place. Exposure to moisture can result in mold growth. If this happens, there is too great a risk of infection and you will have to throw your toy away. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to masturbation, you can stick to a boring sock or you can go all in and purchase an onahole. Made to be the next best thing to an actual woman, onaholes have a life-like texture that is warm, soft, and textured for maximum pleasure. You can purchase many different types of onaholes, including vaginal, mouth, and torso models. There is even an option to purchase an onahole modeled after your favorite porn star. When using an onahole, you can actually purchase a separate sleeve warmer to make the sensation even more amazing. Use lube, play around, and feel free to experiment. We hope you now have a better understanding of how to use onahole. These toys were meant for pleasure and we hope you get to fully experience. It. 


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The sex toys market in Japan to grow at a CAGR of 7.72% during the period 2017-2021.
How sex toys are made at Doc Johnson - you might be surprised
Inside Hollywood’s Doc Johnson factory you’ll see plenty of realistic copper-finished moulds of penises, vaginas and anuses.
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