How to Hide a Fleshlight: 14 Ideas to Try Out

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By now, you are very familiar with a Fleshlight – a sex toy designed to give you amazing sexual pleasure in the comfort of your bathroom or bedroom. Have you imagined your parent or visitor walking in on your favorite sex toy? Of course, such a situation would be awkward and embarrassing. You don’t want your sex life to be the subject of some unsolicited admonishment.

What if we tell you there are simple places in your home – bedroom, living room, amongst others – where you can keep your Fleshlight? Oh yes, there are. We will help you know how to hide a Fleshlight in different ways. Rest assured, when hid properly, no one will walk in on your sex toy unexpectedly and cause you embarrassment.

Our article will discuss several ways by which you can hide your Fleshlight from wandering eyes and keep your sex life private as you want it to be. Trust us, these are not complex processes as you will soon find out. Ride along with us!

1. Empty console box

As we mentioned earlier, it can be quite embarrassing to have someone (you don’t want to) walk in on your Fleshlight. This situation can only present itself if you didn’t have the sex toy stashed away in a hidden space. Do you remember where you kept your console box? You do? That’s great. It can help you store your Fleshlight and save you from potential embarrassment.

So, how do you store your pocket pussy in an empty console box? It’s quite simple. Fetch the box and open it up. Pick up your Fleshlight, ensure that it is dry with no moisture, and place it in the empty console box. Stash the box away in your storeroom or somewhere discreet in your bedroom too. Almost no one will think about checking out your empty console box on a visit, especially when the console is already out there to have fun with.

2. Behind books

The best way to hide items from several people is to hide them in books or behind them. The rationale behind this is simple – many tend to ignore books because they find reading them boring. Hence, they won’t bother opening books or removing them from their location.

Therefore, hiding your Fleshlight behind your books can be a smart play because there’s a huge possibility of no visitor checking them out. To further make the hidden space discreet, try to hide your sex toy behind old and unattractive books that can discourage even the most ardent readers. Trust us, you can count on hiding your Fleshlight behind your books and encountering no troubles.

3. A gaming PC

Your gaming PC can provide you a good space to hide items, including a Fleshlight. When you have visitors, they will only care about playing games – not what you have hidden behind the PC. You can confidently hide your Fleshlight behind your gaming PC and return to pick it up anytime you feel like having some fun.

4. Your drawer

Do you have a table in your bedroom or living room? Does it have drawers? If it does, good for you. You have another smart place to keep your Fleshlight. Visitors or even housemates rarely visit the drawers except there’s a good reason to do so. This makes them the right places to hide something like a Fleshlight.

We advise that you pick a drawer that is unlikely to be checked by others – the last drawer or one with few, irrelevant materials. By devising a smart way to hide your sex toy in a drawer, you are keeping it well out of the reach of other people in the house.

5. Shoe box

Can you remember where you kept the box of the new shoes you bought for your graduation ceremony or the last Christmas party? If you do, great! A shoe box can also serve as a discreet place to hide your Fleshlight. No one cares about an empty box of use, making it an often ignored material.

You can take advantage of your unutilized shoe box and turn it into the perfect hiding space for your favorite sex toy. Hence, you won’t be found out and your private sex life will stay hidden from those you want it to be kept from.

6. In or under your bed

A bed can be a pretty discreet place to hide items because it is rarely checked. Except someone is trying to dry off their mattress in the sun or desperately looking for a missing item, they don’t tamper with the bed. Hence, you can easily hide your Fleshlight in the bed or under it and be confident, no one will find it except you.

If you are going to keep your sex toy in the bed, ensure it is placed in such a way that is not obvious to prying eyes. Also, if you’re keeping it under your bed, you should place it far away from the open space. This way, even someone checking under the bed won’t find your favorite pocket pussy or anal Fleshlight.

7. In a pillow

There’s a possibility that you’ve stored something (you don’t want in the open) in your pillow before. If you haven’t, a pillow can be a pretty reliable place to hide small materials because anyone rarely cares about the pillow until it’s time to get a nap.

To keep your Fleshlight smartly hidden in your pillow, open up the pillowcase and place your sex toy just under the pillow. Because that space rest on the bed, it goes unnoticed by people, making it the right place to hide your Fleshlight.

8. Plastic storage tote

You are probably familiar with a plastic storage tote due to its common usage for storing household items. It can also help hide your Fleshlight. You can acquire a unit, place your sex toy in it, and keep it somewhere that’s rarely visited by housemates or visitors. Ensure that you conceal the storage tote to a large extent.

9. Toolbox

As its name suggests, a toolbox is simply a place where tools are stored. It’s where you have your casual tools such as a screwdriver, spanner, amongst others, to carry out some simple repairs in the house. Who says you can only store tools in this box? No one, because it won’t be true.

Your toolbox can be a smart place to hide your Fleshlight from being seen by unwanted eyes. Neatly stash it in the box and ensure it’s not placed with tools that can damage it. You can then place the box anywhere you find discreet in the house and your sex toy doesn’t get seen by others.

10. Gym bag

You may have used your gym bag to store items in the past because you found it a safe space to do so. A gym bag is a safe space to store unused items when you’re not taking the bag to the gym. As you might have rightly thought, this bag can help you keep your Fleshlight hidden.

When hidden in your gym bag, your Fleshlight is effectively kept away from an intruder because the bag is not one to suspect to contain any hidden item. You can even afford to keep your gym bag anywhere in the house and be confident your sex toy will remain hidden.

11. Kleenex box

Do you have a Kleenex/Tissue box at home? If you do, it can also help you hide your Fleshlight. A Kleenex box can help you hide your sex toy in plain sight. All you need to do is place the Fleshlight neatly in the Kleenex box and almost no one will try opening up the box. You can place the box somewhere discreet so that it can be more secure.

12. Laundry bag

A laundry bag, just like a gym bag, can help you store items you want to be kept from open space. One of these items can be your instrument of sexual pleasure, Fleshlight. Almost no one will go through the contents of your laundry bag, making it a good space to keep your sex toy hidden.

With a laundry bag, you can place your Fleshlight between clothes and keep it fairly hidden from wandering eyes.

13. Suitcase

A suitcase is typically known for keeping important documents thanks to its organized structure and design. People naturally see it as a private, no-go area. Trust us, it can serve as a reliable space to hide your Fleshlight. You can use the discreet nature of the suitcase to your advantage and keep your sex toy in a safe, hidden environment.

Simply open your suitcase and place the Fleshlight on top of the materials (if any) in the case. Using a suitcase with a lock code can be an added advantage because it shuts

14. Buy a discreet Fleshlight model

Apart from keeping your item away in a hidden space, what else do you do? You buy a discreet/small item. You can easily agree with us that it’s easier to hide a discreet item compared to a large one. You must buy a discreet Fleshlight if you want to hide it easily. With a discreet pocket pussy, you can be confident of your private sex life staying hidden for a long time.

Do you have trouble finding a discreet Fleshlight? You should consider the Quickshot Vantage™ which is less than half the size of the original Fleshlight. Rest assured, the small size doesn’t compromise performance thanks to the fully exposed ‘orifices’ on both ends of the toy.

The Riley Reid Fleshlight Euphoria is another discreet sex toy you can consider. With this toy designed to mimic Riley Reid’s amazing asshole, you can also satisfy your deepest anal fantasies.

Final thoughts

A large majority of people usually want to keep their sex life private. It’s quite understandable if you desire to have your sex toy (Fleshlight) hidden. Keeping a Fleshlight hidden is not as difficult as many people think. If you are one of those people who think it’s a difficult thing to do, our article has comprehensively explained different ways on how to hide a Fleshlight. With our article, you can easily learn how to keep your sex toy from wandering or prying eyes.

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