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Last updated: March 27, 2024

Fleshlight Mini-Lotus Review (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: March 27, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Men with a smaller penis of 4 inches or less
  • Beginners who are first trying out Fleshlight
  • Those who want a Fleshlight that feels hyperreal
Main features:
  • Made of patented Real-Feel SuperSkin
  • 9 inches length
  • Strong suction
  • End caps control sensations
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  • Stimulation 8.9
  • Tightness 8.5
  • Realism 9.8
  • Cleanup and dry time 8.7
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

If you are new to the world of Fleshlights and don’t know where to start from, the Fleshlight Mini Lotus is an ideal first toy. It is frequently used by men with a penis of around 4 inches and under and is available in different designs.

As we will see in this Fleshlight Mini Lotus review, this upgraded Lotus is not a small Fleshlight per se; it’s just another version of the popular Lotus Fleshlight. The difference is characterized by a tighter entry at the start of the fleshlight. This design, therefore, makes it more suitable for men with small penis. In this article, we’ll see a complete review of the Fleshlight. We’ll also tell you what its texture and feel is like, what sensation options you have, what material it is made of, how to use and clean it, and what its key features are.


Lady, Butt
9 inches
Canal diameter
3/4 to 1/2 inches
Patented Real-Feel SuperSkin

Fleshlight Mini Lotus Review

In this section, we’ll see some of the things which we think you’ll like about this Fleshlight Mini Lotus. In addition, we’ll tell you some of the features we consider are key to making this stand out out of the competition.


On the texture side, this fleshlight is a classic. The sleeve is made of Real-Feel SuperSkin, a patented material that is close to the texture of the human skin. Fortunately, it contains no latex or phthalates. And on the other side, ABS plastic is used for the shell, cover, and cap, which is in black.

The internal texture has the Lotus texture. This texture begins with a somewhat narrow entrance and then ends up on a chamber containing smooth walls. Then, we arrive at the Lotus part itself, a canal designed in the shape of a lotus flower from which the texture takes its name.

Beyond this chamber, you’ll discover another zone in the shape of a drop, also with smooth walls before the channel finishes its course on four chambers of 0.4 inches on each of the chambers.

However, these last chambers are difficult to access. A medium-sized penis is around 6 long while the sheath is around 9 inches long. It is an end that you will never feel with your member (for the most part). However, the 4 chambers are used for the suction effect. So, all is not lost.

The best thing is that this ingenious inner channel is designed in the form of so many pussies that you know from a lot of porn movies. So, you can stop dreaming and get it to your dream woman in real life.

Sensation Options

This Fleshlight has a standard size of 9 inches in length and is available with most Fleshlight Girls models.

Fleshlight masturbators are made the same way. It is a classic fleshlight designed like an electric torch. It has several and distinct parts; first you have the cover. This protects the inner sheath. There is then the shell. This houses the sheath inside. There’s also a grip. This is for taking it by hand.

Upon entry, the Mini Lotus immediately opens onto a small, fairly narrow channel that measures 1 cm and feels tight. Another slightly larger chamber follows, which relieves the pressure a little bit.

When the penis slides into a small chamber, from here, it goes gently deeper into the lotus interior. From there your glans reach the beginning of the five large chambers lying one behind the other. They measure 0.5 x 0.5 inches. But they feel a little tighter so your penis can feel the pressure it demands – and deserves.

For added suction, all you need to do is tighten the end cap of the toy.

Most of the Fleshlight Girls that were produced up to 2013 are provided with the mini-lotus sleeve. But you can also get this insert in the classic pink version: Pink Lady, Pink Butt, Pink Mouth, and Pink Cheeks.


As regarding the feeling, the texture is slightly narrow on penetration, especially at the beginning of the canal. This brings you good sensations that widen afterward.

You can feel the internal texture very well by making small but long back and forth movements. The suction effect is present, just enough. An orgasm is relatively easily obtained due to the stimulation of the sheath.

The Fleshlight Mini Lotus, in our opinion, is one of the best Fleshlights for men out there. It brings about an intense orgasm that puts a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

It is designed to give a feeling of realism while providing exciting stimulation. The sheath generates a feeling of divine penetration. This is because the first zone of constriction is placed very close to the entrance of the channel.

The glans of the penis quickly find itself assaulted with alternation between a tight channel at the beginning then more open in the first chamber. Then, you arrive in an even tighter part, then even tighter. The semi- lotus constricted areas are really nice. We feel that the glans is stimulated better with it.


There are two different materials used in making this product: these are ABS plastic and then what is called the Real Feel SuperSkin. ABS is the material used in making the shell, the stopper, and the cover. This plastic is healthy for the body. It contains neither phthalates nor latex. So it’s perfect.

Then you have the internal sheath which is made from a more realistic type of SuperSkin! So what’s it about? It is a material developed and patented by the Fleshlight manufacturer. It looks and feels like real human skin.

It’s actually an upgrade to the SuperSkin texture. This was present in old Fleshlights. The material is safe and healthy. It is like a superior quality TPR. It doesn’t contain latex or phthalates. However, it is slightly porous. You should therefore avoid giving or sharing it with someone else.

The Real-Feel SuperSkin is the secret behind the realistic sensations of the sex toy. The term “realistic sensations” generically describes all products made from materials reproducing the natural appearance of the skin, both to the sight and to the touch, as is the case with Real Feel Super Skin, CyberSkin, Better-Than-Real, Fanta Flesh, Loveclone RX, Futurotic, UR3 and Sensafirm which are all essentially made from the same elastomer.

The material of this Fleshlight masturbator will allow you to live an ultra-realistic experience and will retain the heat so that your sex toy remains at body temperature!

To keep all its original softness in the materials, be sure to clean it well and sprinkle it with regenerating maintenance powder.

Note that the material is only compatible with water-based lubricants. So, don’t use a silicone-based lubricant with this.

How to Use

Using the Fleshlight sex toy is more than easy. First thing, it is better to wash it before use. A little lukewarm water and soap or a toy cleaner such as Fleshlight Wash is recommended.

For the lubricant, choose a water-based lubricant. The Rends Peace’s or the Fleshlube for example are good choices. The cap at the base of the product can be unscrewed to bring more or less air into the masturbator, which will increase or decrease the suction effect caused.

The plastic tube has to be removed to use the Fleshlight. After that, you go back and forth inside.


After each use, it is important that you always carefully clean and dry the Fleshlight. Otherwise, it can lead to unsanitary deposits and then generate mold.

The insert must be rinsed out as soon as possible after ejaculation, first with cold water and then with warm water. This is important because sperm consists mainly of protein that stagnates at 40 ° C. It is easier to wash away with cold water.

When you have rinsed it out, we recommend that you occasionally add a splash of isopropanol or fleshwash into the canal and rub it in with your fingers.

If you use simple soap to clean, you can damage the structure of the material. Soap dries out the Fleshlight and cracks may appear after a few uses. That doesn’t happen with the Fleshwash.

The biggest challenge is drying the insert. It can take up to three days because of the different sized chambers. Some get dry after just a day.

No matter how strong your temptation is, do not put a wet or damp sleeve in the case. The inner canals must dry out in the fresh air for one to five days. You can speed this up with three sheets of paper towels that you can leave in the canal.

Super Skin™ is inherently a sticky material. Now and then you need a little Fleshlight Renew powder to make the surface nice and smooth again.

Key features

The Fleshlight Mini Lotus Sleeve is around 9 inches long and has a total of five chambers. The material is a patented elastomer plastic called SuperSkin™. It is skin-colored and looks very realistic.

The canal itself is determined by the chambers. Narrow, small chambers lead the penis into larger ones. The highlight, however, is the shape of a lotus flower blossom. Thanks to the transverse structures, the entrance is very narrow and firm. It continues at the back of the chambers.

Price tag

The Fleshlight Mini Lotus is sold for under $70 price. In comparison, it sells for the same price as the Fleshlight Pink Lady Destroya and the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, also known as FTU.

However, it’s more than twice as expensive as the Tracy’s Dog Male Masturbators. Nonetheless, this model has a good value for money, considering its premium quality Real-Feel SuperSkin material. The material is an upgrade of the SuperSkin and is, therefore, a very realistic toy.

  • The perfect male masturbator for beginners
  • Easy to use and durable
  • Realistic textures
  • Good feeling close to reality
  • Improved version of the Lotus
  • A little complicated to clean
  • Long drying time
  • Increased lubricant consumption


Flashlight sex with the Mini Lotus is great! We don’t think there is a penis anywhere in the world that wouldn’t like the Mini Lotus Fleshlight. The sleeve does a perfect job and the texture feels great.

The Lotus Texture ensures a realistic experience. The suction effect is pleasant and the dimensions are just right; they are not too narrow and not too wide. Finally, we end the Fleshlight Mini Lotus review by recommending this sex toy for every man with a moderate to short penis who wants solo use. It’s however not an option for penis sizes of 5 inches and up.

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