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Last updated: May 26, 2024

We Vibe Vector Review: Best Hands-Free Prostate Massager Found? (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: May 26, 2024
JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Single men
  • Couples
  • Prostate stimulation
  • Long-distance relationships
Main features:
  • USB rechargeable
  • Adjustable head
  • 10 vibration modes
  • App compatible
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  • Working time 9.7
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JoyNights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Prostate massagers aren’t new to the world of anal sex, though there have been many innovations when it comes to these types of toys. The Vector by We-Vibe is one of these new designs, with a variety of great features that make it a fun model for beginners and experts alike. It vibrates, has multiple control options, and can even be used long-distance for those whose partner is traveling or lives far away. If you’re intrigued with this toy but aren’t sure if it’s the right one for you, check out our We-Vibe Vector review for more information.


Our #3 pick for the best hands free vibrator
Our #3 pick for the best we vibe reviews


Silicone, ABS
4.2 x 3.9 x 1.1 in
3.5 in
Insertable length
3.7 in
Vibration patterns
Working time
2 hrs
Charging time
1.5 hrs
2-year limited

Not all prostate massages are made using the same design, even though they all serve the same basic purpose. This We-Vibe prostate massager has several amazing features that you may not find on many other similar toys on the market. Let’s take a look at the features this toy has to offer.

We-Vibe Prostate Massager Overview

We-Vibe Trusted Source All about the company behind We-Vibe | We-Vibe is a part of WOW Tech Group, world leader in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of premium intimate pleasure products. launched its first couple’s vibrator in 2008 and since then, they’ve created a wide variety of new and innovative products to meet their customers’ sexual needs. Their team is made up of engineers and industrial designers who work with doctors, wellness experts, and even consumers to ensure their products are as comfortable to use as they are enjoyable. The We-Vibe Vector is one of their most popular items, offering prostate stimulation for those on their own or with a partner. It is built well, comfortable to wear, and offers multiple control options for both hands-on and hands-free use.

How to Connect We-Vibe Vector to App

We-Vibe Vector connects to the app quickly with ability to link one device to multiple users

Connecting the Vector prostate massager to the We-Vibe We-Connect app is a lot easier than you may think.

First, you need to download the app onto your smartphone. You can also have your partner do the same if you want to share control, even if they aren’t in the same room or even the same city as you. Follow the instructions on setting up the app. Once this is done, you’re ready to get started.

Insert the toy into your anal cavity. You can adjust the angle of the head if needed to get the most comfortable fit. When it’s on, you can choose the vibration setting that you want to try on the app and let the toy do its work. There have been some minor connection issues for some when first trying to pair the app, though this doesn’t occur for everyone and shouldn’t take long to correct.


The construction of any toy and its parts are extremely important since this will determine how well-made the toy is and how long it will last. Toys with poor construction will likely fall apart or break before long, so it’s a good idea to consider how it is made and feels both in and out of you before purchasing any toy. The following sections cover the construction of the We-Vibe Vector prostate massager.

Materials and controls

We-Vibe Vector is made with body-safe silicone and features remote control in case you don’t want to use the app

The Vector from We-Vibe is made of silky smooth silicone that is soft against even the most delicate parts of your body. This material is body-safe, with no BPA, phthalates, and latex included. It is shaped nicely, with an adjustable head that you can bend as needed before inserting it inside of you to ensure it hits your P-spot perfectly every time you use it.

There is a button on the toy, near where the inner head and the outer arm meet, which allows you to easily turn on or off the toy and adjust the vibration patterns during use. A remote control with simple buttons lets you select one of the speeds or vibration patterns available. You can also use the We-Connect app that is included with the device for customizing the functions as you see fit.

Overall weight and size

The weight of the We-Vibe Vector isn’t specified, though this toy is rather light when holding it in your hand. It does have a nice weight to it, though, keeping it in place during use for the most part. Its dimensions are about 4.2 x 3.9 x 1.1 inches, so this toy is compact and easy to tuck away anywhere when it’s not in use.

Diameter and insertable length

The circumference of the Vector is about 3.5 inches, so it isn’t too large for most beginners to anal play. The insertable length is only about 3.7 inches, so it shouldn’t be too much for anyone to handle, even if it’s your first time using one of these toys. In fact, this toy is even pleasurable for intermediate users, giving them the length and girth they need to really enjoy the toy without causing any sort of discomfort.

Durability and warranty

We-Vibe Vector is a durable toy that can be submerged under water without breaking the mechanisms

The We-Vibe Vector is extremely durable, thanks to the materials used and the design of the toy. For the material, it is soft silicone, which is gentle on your skin but strong enough to handle regular use. The silicone used is also waterproof, so you can use this toy in the tub or shower for some new and exciting experiences without worrying about damaging the toy or the motors inside of it.

The adjustable head bends easily and stays put when you have it angled as you want it. Due to the makeup of the bendable area, it won’t tear or snap off, even if you’re altering the position repeatedly to find the one you like best. The single button control on the toy is beneath the silicone, so it won’t let any moisture or fluids into the device at any time.

Even the remote control is durable enough to handle frequent sessions. It has easy-to-use buttons, so there is no fumbling or angry presses required to find the setting you want.

Of course, not every toy lives up to our expectations, especially those with motorized parts included to keep them running as often as needed. If there are any issues with the Vector in terms of parts or manufacturing, there is a 2-year limited warranty that covers you for any repairs or replacement to ensure the toy is doing what it is supposed to.


How well a toy works and how fun it is to use will determine whether it becomes one of your favorites or just another discarded disappointment in your drawer. We’ll discuss what the We-Vibe Vector has to offer in terms of performance in the following sections.

Vibration patterns

Many vibrating toys have only 1 or 2 patterns to choose from, which don’t always offer the pleasure that you’re expecting. The Vector has 10 different pattern options available, so you can scroll through them while you’re using the toy using the button on the toy itself or the remote control.

Though the app also includes those 10 patterns, it also offers custom vibrations for you to tailor the experience to meet your sexual preferences. You can even sync it with other We-Vibe products and use them simultaneously with your partner to give you similar experiences at the same time, almost as if you’re in the same room.

Remote control and app range

We-Vibe Vector can be controlled with remote at approximately 10 feet distance, while app allows to use the toy from any place around the globe

The remote control included with the We-Vibe Vector is compact, fitting perfectly in your hand while you use the toy. It includes 4 buttons, which makes it easy to adjust the vibration pattern and speed, ensuring that you can change them up whenever needed to slow things down or finish you off. The remote has a range of about 3 meters, so your partner can sit across the room and watch you enjoy the settings they select for you or move closer to join in on the fun.

The We-Connect app range, when used with the Vector, isn’t specified by We-Vibe, though it is designed for long-distance use. In fact, We-Vibe claims that you can share control of the Vector from anywhere, so even if your partner is across the country, you should still be able to make use of this toy for some couple’s play whenever you both have some free time.

Stimulation and feel

The Vector is designed for varying stimulation, thanks to the dual motors that run independently to create those rumbly vibrations. There are also several vibration patterns to pick from, so you can choose the one that you like best, cycle through them all, or even customize them as you see fit using the We-Connect app.

The toy is adjustable as well, so you can bend the head as needed to ensure that it hits your P-spot exactly as you need it to for the most amazing orgasms possible. The smooth silicone also feels fantastic against your skin, with no discomfort or friction when used with the proper water-based lubricant.

Working and charging time

We-Vibe Vector features magnetic charger that allows to bring the toy to full working mode in just 90 minutes

There’s nothing worse than a toy that shuts down on you long before you’re satisfied. Luckily, that shouldn’t happen with the Vector from We-Vibe since this toy has a runtime of up to 2 hours when fully charged. When the toy needs more power, there is a low-power alert to let you know that you’re running out of time.

It takes only 90 minutes to charge the device using the magnetic USB charge cord. The remote control isn’t rechargeable, though. Instead, it uses a CR2032 coin cell to run, so you’ll need to replace this battery when it dies.

Noise level

Despite the 2 rumbly motors in the Vector prostate massager, it is actually whisper-quiet. You can wear it with someone else in the next room and they won’t know anything is going on unless you want them to.


All of your sex toys require some type of maintenance to ensure they arrive safely and are taken care of properly once they are in your possession. This will ensure that they are safe to use at all times, no matter how often you use them.


Though it may be exciting to choose new sex toys to try out at home when you’re on your own or with a partner, most people don’t want everyone around them to know what kind of toys they are buying. Discreet delivery is so important when buying sex toys.

That’s why We-Vibe ships all of its products, including the Vector, in plain cardboard boxes with discreet labels that don’t contain the brand name or any descriptions of the products you’re purchasing.
Even most distributors of We-Vibes products offer discreet shipping to maintain your privacy when purchasing your favorite sex toys.


Cleaning your sex toys is a must to eliminate any bacteria and germs that could have collected on the toy during use. Prostate massagers need extra-careful cleaning since there could also be fecal matter on the toy. Luckily, cleaning your toy Trusted Source How to Correctly Clean and Store Your Sex Toys, According to Experts Raise your hand if you’ve ever tossed a sex toy back into your goodie drawer after a job well done so you could roll over and enjoy the afterglow. with gentle hand soap and warm water should be enough, though antibacterial soap may be a better choice. Do not use dish soap on the Vector since this type of soap is too harsh for the material.

The silicone material is non-porous, so you shouldn’t need to do any deep cleaning on the toy, especially since there is a motor inside that could be damaged from the high heat of boiling water in the dishwasher. This toy is waterproof, so you can submerge it during cleaning to ensure every inch is clean before drying it and storing it until you’re ready for your next section.

Accessories and storage

We-Vibe Vector comes with full set of accessories to use the toy right away: sample lube, remote control and charger, as well as storage pouch

When you purchase the We-Vibe Vector prostate massager, you receive more than just the device itself. In the box, you’ll also find the wireless remote control, a magnetic USB cable for charging the device, a small sample of We-Vibe Lube, a Quick-start user guide, and a storage bag that holds everything to keep it all organized.

The storage bag not only keeps the toy clean between uses, but it also makes a lovely travel bag, so you don’t have to leave your favorite toy at home when you’re on the road. The entire contents of the box are all small and easy to tuck anywhere, from a nightstand drawer to a closet shelf, and even in the pocket of a travel bag.


If the We-Vibe Vector doesn’t sound like the right toy for you, there are a wide variety of the best prostate massagers available to choose from instead. They all offer the same type of P-spot stimulation, though they have varying features used to accomplish this. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options available.

Lovense Edge 2

Lovense Edge 2 is another app-controlled prostate massager that offers well-thought bulbous head design

The Lovense Edge 2 is the upgraded version of the previous model, with a few alterations to make it even more worth your while. These include an improved battery for longer sessions of up to 100 minutes, new internal technology for stronger vibrations, and an adjustable internal arm to position it perfectly against your P-spot. This toy is rechargeable as well, so you don’t have to fuss with batteries.

The Edge 2 is made of smooth waterproof silicone, with a reshaped bulbed head that holds it in place while you’re using it for complete hands-free enjoyment. There are also 4 vibration patterns and 3 speeds to choose from, which you can select using the included app, plus you can create your own patterns and even sync them to music for the most unique experience possible.

Nexus Revo

Nexus Revo is a big toy for experienced users – it looks massive yet that might be right what you want

The Nexus Revo is a larger prostate massager designed for those with a bit more experience when it comes to anal play. It has an insertable length of 5 inches and a girth of 6.5 inches, so it’s not a beginner toy. The bulbed internal shaft rotates in two directions, with several pleasure settings to stimulate you in the most exciting way possible. The external arm also has 6 vibration modes, as well as a ribbed section to stimulate the perineum.

The smooth, body-safe silicone is completely waterproof, with a magnetic charge port that can be used with the included USB cable to keep the Revo fully charged and ready to go when you need it. The remote control ensures hands-free use, plus you can hand this piece off to a partner to give them control over your pleasure settings.

Aneros Vice 2

Aneros Vice 2 is a toy that takes care of two pleasure zones at once: prostate and perineum

The Aneros Vice 2 is designed to stimulate your prostate and perineum at the same time, thanks to those unique contours and curves that fit perfectly to the natural shape of your body. It is made of soft silicone, which feels fantastic against your most sensitive areas, plus it is waterproof for some bath or shower fun.

This toy includes a remote control that connects to the powerful dual motors inside of the toy and allows you to choose one of the 18 vibration patterns and 4 speeds or cycle between them for the most pleasurable experience possible. There is also a Joy button that lets you tap in a new pattern to meet your preferences and needs at any given time.

  • Powerful dual motors
  • Remote and app-controlled
  • Easy to use
  • Beginner-friendly
  • May not be large enough for some users
  • Minor issues with the We-Vibe connection


Those looking for a powerful and enjoyable prostate massager may want to give the We-Vibe Vector a try. This toy is safe, comfortable, and completely hands-free, with a remote control and app connectivity for easy access to the vibration patterns available. Not only is this toy great for solo use, but it is a great option for couples, even those who are miles apart.


All about the company behind We-Vibe |
We-Vibe is a part of WOW Tech Group, world leader in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of premium intimate pleasure products.
How to Correctly Clean and Store Your Sex Toys, According to Experts
Raise your hand if you’ve ever tossed a sex toy back into your goodie drawer after a job well done so you could roll over and enjoy the afterglow.
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