6 Excellent Rubber Sex Dolls – Quality and Realistic Feelings Combined

From Sci-Fi characters to male boxing champions - we've picked the best rubber sex dolls and highlighted their most important features
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Last updatedLast updated: July 23, 2021
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Joy Nights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Gone are those days when you had to wait on a human partner to satisfy your sexual urges or fantasies. Today, with a sex doll, you have a lifelike mistress to do all your sexual bidding. Besides, sex dolls are made from different materials, including rubber, which is known for its soft and human-like feel. But finding the best rubber sex doll can prove difficult due to the many brands and models on the market.

To make life easier for you, we’ve evaluated several rubber sex dolls and chosen the best among them based on various factors, including material quality, skin tones, orifices, body type, durability, and others that combine to deliver your dream mistress. Specifically, we picked 6 top rubber sex dolls and we’ll tell you all about them in this article.

Top 6 Rubber Sex Dolls Review 2022


WM-Dolls AnastasiaEditor’s Choice

  • Height: 5’5’’
  • Breast size: C-cup
  • Weight: 73 lbs
  • Orifices’ depth: 6.7’’ vagina and anus, 5.1 mouth

More features: steel skeleton, joint articulation, 20’’ waist

We think it’s common knowledge that hot girls abound in Russia. How about treating yourself to endless rounds of sex with a Russian goddess? The WM Dolls Anastasia is that Russian goddess thanks to its exceptional sex appeal. The lifelike mistress boasts a young body, perky boobs, and a hot vagina designed to blow your mind. 

If you’d like to customize your love doll to your taste, the WM Dolls Anastasia gives you that freedom. You can choose from four hair colors, three eye colors, seven skin tones, three breast options, two vagina options (fixed or removable), two feet options, and more. Also, you can count on the doll if you like to try out different sex positions thanks to the steel skeleton with moveable joints. 

What do we love it for?

  • There are many things to like about the WM Dolls Anastasia, aren’t they? We liked that the love doll allowed us to customize the artificial mistress to our taste. With the steel skeleton, the doll allows different sex positions that can heighten your experience. Also, Anastasia offers vaginal, oral, and anal sex for a complete experience. Also worthy of mention is the product’s discreet packaging that protects your privacy.

What were we disappointed with?

  • Even though the WM Dolls Anastasia supported our customization efforts, they didn’t come without prices. For instance, we had to pay more to get the gel breasts that feel and behave like human fat, creating the sense of actual boobs. We also had to pay a lot more to get additional options such as a heating system, shrugging shoulders, moaning sound, and a hard storage case. In our opinion, some of them should have been provided as basic accessories.
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Iron Tech Kelvin Big Best Male Rubber Sex Doll

  • Height: 5’9’’
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Dildo length: 6.5’’
  • Dildo circumference: 4.9’’

More features: pressure recovery, flexible skeletone

Although female sex dolls are much more popular, male sex dolls do exist for adventurous women and gay men. One of those is the Iron Tech Kelvin, a rubber sex doll that brings your dream man to life. He boasts a removable penis as well as oral and anal holes for various sexual plays. 

Moreover, performing different sex positions won’t be a problem for you thanks to Kelvin’s joint metal skeleton that is adjustable. The doll even allows you to customize your ‘man’ if that’s what you want. You can choose your most preferred wig, eye color, skin color, feet, penis hardness, and more. 

What are our favorite features?

  • We liked many things about Kelvin, including his muscular body built for battle, his perfect height, his impressive penis length, and oral & anal holes. There’s also the joint skeleton made from strong metal that allows you to adjust the doll to almost any position of your choice for complete sexual satisfaction. Additionally, you can choose whether you want a soft penis or a hard and flexible one.

What could be better?

  • The Iron Tech Kelvin is a pretty pricey doll, no doubt. So, imagine our disappointment when we realized that we have to pay more to enjoy a more realistic experience. For instance, the standing feet required us to pay extra dollars. Although you could opt for the regular feet, Kelvin won’t be standing on his own with such feet. Having to spend more on these accessories could be frustrating if your budget is limited.
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SM Dolls NaviBest Sci-Fi Rubber Doll

  • Height: 5’1’’
  • Breast size: A-cup
  • Weight: 88.1 lbs
  • Orifices depth: 6.7’’ vagina and anus

More features: articulated skeleton

Another exciting product on our list is the SM Dolls Navi which is inspired by the popular sci-fi movie, Avatar. This doll looks just like the hot female Na’vis in the movie. She offers different eye colors, skin tones, breast types, nipple colors, nail colors, vagina types (fixed or removable), feet types, shoulder types, and more. 

If you’re a sucker for sci-fi movies and found yourself fantasizing about their extraterrestrial characters, the Navi offers you the perfect chance to have sex with a Na’vi and satisfy your wildest fantasies.

Why did it make our list?

  • Despite being made in the form of a Na'vi to bring your fantasies to life, the doll allows you to make modifications of your own to enhance your experience. For example, you can decide to go for solid or hollow breasts. Other features you can modify include eye colors, skin tones, vagina types, shoulder types, and feet types. Apart from Navi's vagina, she offers her anus for fulfilling anal sex.

What is not ideal about it?

  • Although Navi allows you to personalize most of the features, some didn’t come without extra costs. Modifying her skeletal structure with shrugging shoulders costs a lot of dollars that may strain your budget. Also, if you want the doll to stand on her own, opting for stand-up feet costs extra dollars that you may not be able to invest in, thus denying you a more realistic sexual experience.
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WM Dolls Saya PremiumBest Curvy Rubber Sex Doll

  • Height: 5’1’’
  • Breast size: M-cup
  • Weight: 97 lbs
  • Orifices depth: 7.4’’ vagina, 6.6’’, 4.7’’ mouth

More features: articulated skeleton, 39.3’’ breasts and hips

The WM Dolls Saya Premium is the dream of every man who desires curvy women. Regardless of your desired sexual play, this doll has the right vagina, ass, and mouth to satisfy you. You can also trust her to hold different positions thanks to the steel skeleton with movable joints. 

Besides, if you’re a choosy person, the WM Dolls Saya Premium offers you the opportunity to modify the doll to your taste. For example, you can choose from up to four body types, three skin tones, and seven vagina types, including a built-in option and more realistic removable ones that come with extra costs. 

What stands out?

  • Today, the WM Dolls Saya Premium is arguably the best curvy rubber sex doll you’ll find on the market. Not only did we like her curvy body, but we also liked that we were able to customize her to our taste. Apart from the options we mentioned above, you could even choose between a regular and EVO skeleton (which offers better movements). The doll also comes with a free intelligent cleaning set for easy maintenance.

What cons did we manage to find?

  • An undisputed fact about the WM Dolls Saya Premium is that she spoils us with choices. While we liked the several customizable options, many of them cost a lot. For example, having to pay over $200 for a heating system or almost $100 for an EVO skeleton seemed like a lot. We also had to pay extra dollars to choose the more realistic hairstyle, eye color, mouth with tongue, soft & natural breasts, pubic hair, and stand-up feet.

WM-Dolls Ginger GirlBest Value

  • Height: 5’64’’
  • Breast size: B-cup
  • Weight: 84 lbs
  • Orifices depth: 6.25’’ vagina, 5.5’’ anus, 4.33’’ mouth

More features: articulated metallic skeleton, 23’’ waist

Here to sexually please you is the WM Dolls Ginger Girl, a sex doll designed with realistic human features. The doll boasts elastic skin, just like human skin, to give you a human feel. Apart from that, the lifelike ‘mistress’ features vagina, anus, and mouth for exciting and complete sexual plays. 

There’s no good sex doll without customizable features. Fair enough, the WM Dolls Ginger Girl offers you the chance to make your own choices. Since the built-in vagina won’t last forever, the doll gives you the option of a removable vagina. Besides that, you get to choose your favorite skin tone, eyes, hair, and additional head and wig for free. 

What stands out?

  • The WM Dolls Ginger Girl offers some premium features at a great price and that impressed us, a lot. You also have different holes (mouth, anus, and vagina) to enjoy sexual pleasure. Then, there’s the metal skeleton which is implanted inside the doll to support her movement as if she was a human being. Hence, you’ll be able to perform various sex positions with your mistress.

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Despite offering some premium features, there are others that you’ll have to pay for. If you want gel breasts that will provide excellent realism, you’ll have to pay more. Choosing pubic hair, standing feet, shrugging shoulders, body heating, articulated hands, breathing, and intelligent voice will also cost you tens of dollars. While we admit that some premium features have to cost more, most of the doll’s add-ons are too expensive.

SE Doll SamanthaBest Anime Rubber Sex Doll

  • Height: 4’9’’
  • Breast size: E-cup
  • Weight: 59.5 lbs
  • Orifices depth: 6.6’’ vagina and anus, 4.7’’ mouth

More features: articulated skeleton, 20’’ waist

The SE Doll Samantha is another rubber love doll with great sexual features. It is handmade with realistic features in the popular Jinsan workshop. The doll’s body parts are movable thanks to the metal skeleton although you can make her movement even better with EVO skeleton and articulated hands. 

There’s more, especially if you like to build things based on your preferences. Samantha allows you to choose your preferred skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, mouth type, breast type, vagina type, and feet type. Also, if you fancy anime, this is the best anime rubber sex doll to satisfy some of your fantasies. 

Why is it special?

  • Is your favorite skin tone black, tan, or white? The SE Doll Samantha allows you to choose. Apart from skin tone, the doll offers you several other choices, including choosing whether you want a built-in vagina or removable vagina, whether you want non-standing feet or standing feet, and whether you want solid breasts or the more realistic soft & natural breasts. Although some of the options require paying more, you will enjoy a more realistic sexual experience.

What are the flaws?

  • No doubt, the SE Doll Samantha is not short of exciting and realistic features, but having to pay extra dollars for some of them wasn’t as exciting. If your budget is not more than $1,500, you’re going to miss out on these premium features, and that might hurt. In our opinion, some of the add-ons such as eye color, EVO skeleton, shouldn’t cost more.
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Things to Consider

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, identifying the best rubber sex doll is not straightforward except you have the right information at your fingertips. Luckily for you, we’ve developed a comprehensive buying guide and we will be providing you the relevant information you need to make the right choice.

How to use a rubber sex doll

If you’re not familiar with a rubber sex doll before now, there’s a good chance that you don’t know to use one. That’s about to change. You’ll even find that the usage is pretty straightforward.

The first thing to do when using a rubber sex doll is to lubricate it since a doll doesn’t naturally lubricate. A water-based lubricant is perfect for this type of doll. Put a good dose of the lube in the orifice you’ll be using and insert your penis. If it’s not slippery enough, you can add more and slam away.

Also, you must learn to clean your rubber sex doll properly if you’re counting on using it for a long time. In storing the doll, ensure that you don’t place anything on it and prevent it from direct exposure to sunlight.

How to pick the best rubber sex doll

6 Excellent Rubber Sex Dolls - Quality and Realistic Feelings Combined

As we said before, picking the best rubber sex doll has to do with having the right information. Below, we’ll let you know the places to look before making your choice.

Material quality

The first thing you must consider in your search for the best rubber sex doll is the material quality because this factor determines durability. For example, all of the products on our list are made from thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubbers. This material, although porous, is known for its soft, lifelike feel.

Of course, the rubber quality differs based on different brands and models. In terms of quality, we were most impressed by the WM Dolls Anastasia and the Iron Tech Kelvin although others weren’t far behind.

Skin tones

When it comes to skin tone, almost everyone has a preference. Yours might be white, your friend’s favorite might be black. You might even be one of the few that don’t have a preference but it doesn’t hurt to have options. The best rubber sex doll will offer you multiple skin tones to allow you to choose your favorite.

The WM Dolls Saya Premium, for example, offers different skin tones, including white, black, and tan. Another, the WM Dolls Ginger Girl offers white, black, pink, cocoa, pink, and more.

6 Excellent Rubber Sex Dolls - Quality and Realistic Feelings Combined


Before buying a rubber sex doll, you must also check the orifices, including mouth, anus, vagina. These orifices offer you the different avenues of sexual plays; oral, anal, or vaginal. The SE Doll Samantha is a good example of a doll with complete orifices. Even the male doll, Iron Tech Kelvin has two orifices, the mouth, and anus.

Additionally, you should check the depth of the orifices and see if you’re fine with them before choosing your mistress.

Body type

It’s very common to have a preferred body type. Some men like skinny women while others prefer them thick and curvy. Regardless of your preference, our list has it. If you’re looking for skinny, the WM Dolls Anastasia fits the bill perfectly. However, if curvy is your thing, then you should look to the WM Dolls Saya Premium.

You might even prefer something extraterrestrial like the SM Dolls Navi. Ultimately, the choice is in your hands.


Another factor you must consider in your search for the best rubber sex doll is height. How do you like your women or men, tall or short? If you like short women, the SE Doll Samantha looks like the right choice. However, if tall is your thing, the WM Dolls Ginger Girl and Iron Tech Kelvin are smart choices.


Also worthy of consideration is articulation. Of course, you want your doll to be as realistic as possible and part of that depends on your mistress’s articulation. With a good articulation, you get to move your sex doll as you wish for various sex plays.

While a regular metal skeleton is nice, it doesn’t do well enough. EVO skeleton is a great upgrade thanks to its better movements. You can even go for articulated hands which can hold things, bringing more realism to the table although you’ll have to spend some extra dollars. You can find both features on love dolls such as the WM Dolls Saya Premium and the SE Doll Samantha.

Cleaning easiness

When shopping for a rubber doll, you must also consider the cleaning easiness. Check if the doll offers you extra help or not. For example, the WM Dolls Saya Premium offers you help with its free intelligent cleaning set and a vagina cleaner available for purchase.

6 Excellent Rubber Sex Dolls - Quality and Realistic Feelings Combined

Warranty and durability

Warranty is a common factor most buyers consider but sex dolls typically don’t come with a warranty. However, you can return some of them like the SM Dolls Navi if there’s an issue with them but you’ll have to report within 24 hours of receiving the order. Returns are not valid if you’ve started using the doll. Since there’s no warranty, be sure to choose a durable doll like the Iron Tech Kelvin.

Discreet shipment

Almost no one will be willing to let neighbors or housemates know what they’re buying so it’s quite important that the doll you’re buying offers discreet shipment with the box arriving unlabeled. Most of the dolls on our list, including the WM Dolls Anastasia and the SM Dolls Navi, offer discreet packaging.


Without a budget, there’s no buying a sex doll. You’ll have to choose the doll within your budget but be careful not to sacrifice quality. If your budget is high enough, the WM Doll Anastasia is a great doll to buy. But if you have a smaller budget, the SE Doll Samantha is an equally good choice.


Cleaning your sex doll is very important or else, you’ll leave yourself at the mercy of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and other infections as the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) warned.

Moreover, rubber sex dolls are porous so they need extra care when cleaning them. You need a doll cleaner and a soft towel to clean. If you can’t get a doll cleaner, use mild antibacterial soap and water to clean your doll. Using warm water is an added advantage. Use the towel to gently scrub the doll and leave it to air dry after cleaning. 

If we’re going to compare rubber sex dolls and silicone ones, the latter seems like the better ones. Rubber types require more maintenance and are less durable than silicone variants. But rubber dolls are a budget option 

Our Verdict

Indeed, rubber sex dolls abound, and telling the best among them can prove difficult which is why we took it upon ourselves to evaluate them and identify the top options. After a thorough evaluation process, the WM Dolls Anastasia ended up as our editor’s choice thanks to its three greatly sized orifices, joint articulation, and many customizable features.

Right behind her is the other Iron Tech Kelvin, the best male rubber sex doll with impressive penis size, flexible skeleton, and oral & anal holes. The WM Dolls Ginger Girl is our value pick thanks to its free premium features such as free additional head and wig without forgetting the doll’s several customizable features. For your maximum enjoyment, you need to buy the right rubber sex doll. With our buying guide, you have just the right tool to do that.

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