How to Clean Your Sex Doll: Keep Your Best Toy in a Top-Notch Condition

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When you buy your sex doll, you expect it to provide you pleasure for a long time. But this isn’t always the case and it can get frustrating seeing your expensive sex toy get damaged in a short period. Sex dolls are built to last for a long time, but not without the necessary maintenance and care. You need to learn how to clean a sex doll to keep your companion in good shape for a long period.

Cleaning your sex doll is not complicated as you might have thought. It involves acquiring certain materials and following simple steps. These steps help to protect your delicate sex toy from irredeemable damage. They also help to keep your sex doll fresher and more likable.

You’re probably having trouble identifying the important processes that can help keep your sex doll clean. Don’t fret, we are here to help. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about cleaning sex doll.

How often should you clean your doll?

If you want your sex doll with the realistic butt to last for a long time, you have no choice but to clean her regularly and clean her rightly. Contrary to what you might have wrongly assumed, cleaning your sex toy won’t take all of your time. All you have to do is master the process and you’ll have seamless cleaning sessions. Taking care of your sex doll is even similar to cleaning a fleshlight.

So, how often should you clean your doll? We recommend that you clean your doll after every intimate session with her. Apart from helping to keep your love doll in good shape, cleaning also protects you from contracting infections or diseases, especially when you use no protection.

Excessive cleaning won’t damage your sex doll as you might have thought once you use the right materials, follow the right procedures, and learn how to clean your sex doll properly.

Regular Maintenance

As we mentioned earlier, regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your sex doll in the right shape for long life. Below, we will discuss the materials you’ll need and how to clean your sex doll.

What you’ll need

Cleaning your sex doll requires specific cleaning materials to help you out. Below are the most important materials to acquire:

  • Water
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Comb
  • Talcum powder (baby powder) or corn starch
  • Powder brush
  • Baby oil
  • Vaseline
  • Non-abrasive or microfiber cloth
  • Dry soft towel
  • Light sponge
  • Medical pincers
  • Strong paper towel
  • Vaginal irrigator

We must note that each sex doll comes delivered with a cleaning kit, including materials such as a comb, vaginal irrigator, amongst others.

Step 1 – Remove excess lube with a towel

A sex doll doesn’t have the natural lubrication of a real vagina. Therefore, you’re expected to lubricate your love doll with a water-based lubricant to enhance the smooth movement of your penis.

What happens when you add excess lube? You remove it by using a dry soft towel to wipe off the excess lube in the ‘orifice’ and on the body of the doll. Remember not to apply too much pressure when removing the lube, gently wipe the skin to avoid damaging it.

Step 2 – Clean the doll’s holes

There are three essential holes (mouth, vagina, and anus) in a sex doll that require regular cleaning to prevent infections. Use warm water, a small swab sponge, and antibacterial soap to clean the ‘orifices’. Use medical pincers to get the sponge into the ‘orifices’. With two swabs, the holes should be completely clean.

Step 3 – Clean the doll’s face

Cleaning your sex doll’s face is pretty easy. Before cleaning, remove the doll’s head and wig. Then, add an antibacterial soap to a wet sponge and gently dap the doll’s face. The face must be gently and carefully washed to prevent any avoidable damage.

Step 4 – Dry the doll

After cleaning every part of the doll, getting the skin dry is the next thing. You should avoid using an electric air dryer here. Use a non-abrasive material to gently wipe her body. Remove as much water as you can and leave the doll to dry.

Taking care of your doll’s face

The interesting part of sex dolls is, they’re made to look like women. A pretty face usually goes a long way in attracting men. So, you want to make your doll’s face attractive by taking good care of her. Many efforts go into taking care of your doll’s face, from replacing her lashes to replacing her eyes, and even fixing her makeup! Below, we will discuss these efforts.

Replacing the lashes

Women fix eyelashes because they beautify them, same as they do to your sex doll. Like women do, you can change your sex doll’s lashes anytime you want to change her look. Replacing your doll’s lashes is a pretty simple process once you get the right materials together. Follow the following tips for a seamless process:

  • Lay your doll down on a flat surface and make her face upwards
  • Get a small amount of glue
  • Apply the glue to a cocktail stick, pin, paperclip, or any material with a fine tip. A cocktail stick works best.
  • Place the lashes on the space provide for them on the eye and apply the glue to the back of the lashes.
  • Wait for some seconds before pressing the lashes into the space you want them to adhere to.
  • Hold for about five seconds and let go.

Replacing the eyes

Are you aware that you can replace the eyes of your sex doll? Oh yes, you can, if you see or feel the need to. It only involves a simple process that you must carefully learn. Follow the following steps for a hitch-free process:

  • Lay the doll on a flat surface
  • Gently pull the doll’s eyelids apart (up & down, not left & right) with one hand. Try to avoid touching the makeup or eyelashes.
  • Use your other hand to remove the doll’s eye and all the packing
  • Squeeze the packing into the new eye
  • Use one hand to pull the eyes apart
  • Using the other hand, insert the new eye into the doll’s socket and adjust accordingly.

Fixing/changing her makeup

Fixing and changing your sex doll’s makeup is another way to make your experience more realistic. As a real woman could wear makeup, so can a sex doll. Let’s be honest here, applying makeup on your doll can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never applied it before. But don’t fret, we will explain simple steps that will make the task easier for you.

Regardless of the material, your sex doll is made of, whether TPE or silicone, her skin is susceptible to damage if not handled properly. If you use the wrong things on your sex doll, you might damage it. Therefore, don’t get tempted to apply all sorts of makeup products to enhance your doll’s look.

To fix your doll’s makeup, you should first remove the current makeup (if any). Apply baby oil on a soft cloth and gently wipe the makeup off.

After getting rid of the old makeup, it’s time to apply the new one. Get the makeup kit and use a brush to paint the face of the sex toy. If the makeup won’t stay, apply a thin layer of Vaseline to “seal” it. Be careful not to smudge the Vaseline. Use a small powder brush for eyes, a large brush for blush, and an angled brush for lines and “flicks”. Remember to apply the makeup lightly.

Your doll’s nails

Your sex doll’s nails are another parts that require attention. Your doll’s nails can get dirty with time, forcing you to want to change them, or may just want to change the look. Before going ahead with replacing your love doll’s fingernails, you need to remove the old ones with a set of tweezers. Gently pull the nails towards you away from the sex doll. You must do this gently to avoid any kind of damage.

The next thing to do now is to apply the new fingernails. Follow these simple steps to do that:

  • Lay the doll on a flat surface and make her face upwards
  • Select a fingernail and apply a thin, even amount of glue on the bare fingernail surface. This surface should be dry, clean, and free from any dirt.
  • Once aligned properly, gently press and hold the nail for about five seconds

Try to avoid applying excess glue. But if you do, get hot soapy water and a microfiber cloth to remove it.

Washing your doll’s hair

To keep your sex doll in good shape, you should clean her hair regularly. It involves a simple process similar to cleaning actual hair but the right materials must be used. You need to acquire standard hair cleaning products, but mild ones to ensure the longevity of the hair.

Before you embark on cleaning the hair, remove it from the doll. Get shampoo and conditioner and clean the hair with them. After cleaning, rinse out all the shampoo and then leave the hair to dry. After the hair must have dried up, pick up a comb and gently comb through the hair. Be careful of the knots because pulling through them with too much pressure can damage the hair.

Getting rid of unpleasant smell and preventing mold

When you start perceiving an unpleasant smell or find mold on your sex doll, there’s a common reason – poor maintenance. You can get rid of unpleasant smell and prevent mold by cleaning your love doll regularly and properly. Specifically, you should clean her mouth, vagina, and anus. Below are simple steps you should follow for the cleaning process.

  • Coat your soft sponge with warm water and the antibacterial soap
  • Use the sponge to clean the ‘orifice’. Use the medical pincers to get them along into the orifice.
  • Gently scrub the inside until it’s clean.
  • Then, use a separate dry sponge to get rid of any excess moisture or soap

That’s all you need to do to rid your sex doll of any bacteria, dirt, mold, or unpleasant smell.

What not to do

While it is important to clean your sex doll regularly, there are certain things you should avoid in the process. When you have a high-quality toy like the Britney: Tantaly Torso Sex doll with soft breasts and sexy hips or the Thrust Pro Elite Natalia Lifesize Realistic Sex Doll with inviting lips, tempting vagina, and beautiful bum, we do not doubt that you don’t want her to get damaged due to poor maintenance. Below are the most important things to not do when cleaning your beautiful sex doll:

  • Never use an electric air dryer to dry your doll – let it dry naturally
  • Don’t submerge your doll’s head in the water
  • Don’t use abrasive soaps or other harsh cleaning products
  • Don’t apply too much pressure on the doll’s skin
  • Don’t use silicone-based lubricants on the doll
  • Don’t apply perfumes on your doll due to their alcohol content

Final thoughts

Just like every woman, your sex doll requires regular care. You must know how to clean a sex doll if you have one at home so that you can ensure its longevity. As we mentioned several times, poor maintenance can damage your love doll and we are sure you want to avoid that. Therefore, it’s important to clean your sex doll regularly as you will a pocket pussy. Luckily for you, this article features everything you need to know about cleaning sex doll.

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