Homemade Sexdoll: Step-by-Step Guide to Your Perfect Partner

Simple instructions to create homemade sexdoll: picking the right materials, choosing desired doll size and how to use them
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Last updatedLast updated: May 11, 2024
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Do you want 24/7 realistic sex without the worries of small talk or dating? Or you’ve always been put off by the high cost of sex dolls? It’s time to get yourself a homemade sexdoll! The DIY solution saves you from paying thousands of dollars to buy a factory-made love doll.

Contrary to what you might have thought, a sex doll is not impossible to make at home as long as you get your hands on suitable materials. Luckily for you, these supplies are readily available on the market. You’ll even find some of them in your house.

This article contains instructions for four different sex dolls you can make in the comfort of your home without digging a hole in your pocket. Let’s get right to talking about them!

How to Make a Sexdoll: Full Size

As we mentioned in the introduction, this article discusses how to make a sex doll at home. One of them is a full-size sex doll. This type is perhaps the most realistic option considering it features all the main parts of the body, including the head, arms, legs, hands, feet, vagina, and butt.

Besides, the main point of making a sex doll yourself is to reduce costs significantly. A DIY full-size sex doll helps you to do just that. In our estimation, the basic materials and tools—which we will highlight below—will cost you about $250 – $270. The cost may go up to $300 if you customize the homemade doll with some extra features.

Materials to use

As you’re well aware, you cannot make a homemade sex doll without shopping for some materials to get the job done. Here are some materials you’ll need to create your own love doll in your garage:

  • Zipper catsuit– The catsuit is unarguably the most important material in the lineup because you cannot do without it. Not only will it hold your sex doll together, but it will also give her a stunning feminine shape that pronounces her sex appeal.
  • Speaking of a zipper catsuit, the Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Zipper Catsuit seems like the perfect fit. It boasts an erotic wet look, thanks to the glossy, light-reflecting fabric design. And the stretchy material smartly envelopes curves, making it suitable for a homemade sex doll.
  • Beauty practice head– Buy a pretty head with hair that appeals to you. That helps to make your homemade lover desirable when you get to use her.
  • Breast set – This set will work as the sex doll’s boobs. Ensure that you choose a well-manufactured set. The Ecoup 500-1400g A-D Cup Teardrop Silicone Breast Forms seem like a high-quality set considering most buyers like using it. The fake breasts boast an incredibly realistic appearance. Plus, they are harmless to the skin. And you can choose from different sizes of weight.
  • One king-size bed pillow– This will work as the upper body/torso of the doll
  • One round toss pillow
  • Four hand towels
  • Four bath towels
  • Left and right hands
  • Pocket pussy masturbator– As you can probably tell, this masturbator will act as your doll’s vagina.
  • Anal masturbator
  • Set of feet
  • Rope or belt
  • Two potato chip cans

Tools you’ll need

  • Having those materials around is not enough when making your sex doll. You need to get some tools to put the materials together. Here are relevant tools:
  • Flex tape
  • Strong duct tape
  • Knife
  • Extra-large safety pins

Step 1: Building pussy and butt

The most important parts of any sex doll are the pussy and butt. Hence, we will start our step-by-step guide by discussing how to build these two parts of your sex doll.

Let’s start with the vagina.

First, pick up the king-size pillow and open up its seam at the bottom. Then, make room for your potato chip can by pushing the pillow’s stuffing around. Once you’ve got enough space for the can, slide it inside the pillow and get the stuffing to hold it in place. Ensure that the chip can is comfortably seated.

You can hold the can in your pillow with some flex tape that you already have available. Then, close the seam. With the potato chip can in place, you can insert your pocket pussy inside and remove it whenever you need to, whether for cleaning or replacing.

Whenever you decide to replace your masturbator with a realistic and pleasurable option, our list of the best Fleshlights will provide you with excellent help.

Next, the butt.

There’s little difference between how you build the sex doll’s butt and the vagina. You’ll need the round toss pillow, which is usually smaller, for the booty side. The round shape makes it suitable for simulating the butt. For the building, pick up another chip can and make room on one side of the pillow.

You make the room by cutting the pillow’s bottom seam. Then, push the filling aside until there’s a hole wide enough to hold your anal masturbator. After putting the can in the hole, place the masturbator in the can. Next, get a hold of flex tape to hold the can to the pillow. That offers you the stability you need for your sex doll during sex with her.

Besides, square toss pillows are an alternative to round ones. So, if you already have a square pillow at home, you can use it instead of spending extra dollars on the round variant. However, poke in the four corners of your square toss pillow with a finger. Then, hold that shape with a small cut of flex tape. That should do it.

If the vagina is all you need and you don’t care much about total realism, you can skip the stress of building the butt. That means no round toss pillow.

Step 2: Creating torso

You can’t build a full-size sex doll and ignore the torso. This is where your king-size pillow comes in. It will act as the upper side of your sex doll. Put the pillow at the top of the round toss pillow. Then, hold it in place with the large safety pins.

Next, choose a piece of rope or a belt and tie it around the lower part of the larger pillow. That makes a waistline for your sex doll, distinguishing her stomach from her vagina and butt area.

Step 3: Making breasts

Now that you have the torso, vagina, and butt in place, it’s time to worry about your doll’s breasts. There are many options on the market, including the set we suggested above. So, ensure that you pick breasts that have your preferred size and texture. That will keep you attracted to your homemade lover for as long as it’s usable.

Once you find the breasts, put them around the top of your king-size pillow. Then, hook the included bra in the back to hold the breasts in place. You can adjust the shoulder straps to allow them to grip the top of the king-size pillow properly.

If the grip is not good enough for you, get flex tape or some small safety pins to keep the straps in place. That keeps the breasts stable for any activity you subject them to.

Step 4: Attaching arms and legs

On your way to creating a full-size doll, you need to attach arms and legs to her. This step is where you get your towels to work. Below, we will explain the process of attaching legs and arms in different sections to give you good clarity.


Naturally, the human thighs are thicker than the lower legs. So, using thicker towels for your homemade sex doll’s upper legs/thighs is preferable. Keep that in mind when shopping for building materials. That means two bath towels should be thicker than the other two towels. That helps you create the necessary disparity between the upper and lower legs.

Next, roll the four bath towels separately and tightly. Then, tape around each roll with the flex tape to keep them together. However, try to moderate the tightness of the tape to avoid changing the shape of the love doll’s legs. Furthermore, ensure that the ends of the towels are still accessible. The accessibility guarantees space for when you want to attach the feet.

Now, attach your sex doll’s legs. Lay the catsuit on a large surface and unzip it. Pick the thicker bath towels and slide one down the left leg hole through the catsuit’s body. Do the same to the catsuit’s right leg hole. Once the towels are in place, slide one of the thinner towels through the left ankle opening in the catsuit. Slide the other thinner towel through the right ankle opening.

Ideally, you should choose a very stretchy catsuit to make insertion easier. However, if you can’t get the towels in the leg holes, you may need to improvise by cutting a slit along the seam. Close up the seam later with the flex tape. Your sex doll should have two legs you can bend at the knee. If the legs look bumpy, adjust the towels by squeezing them.


By the time you’ve built the legs of your sex doll, building the arms won’t be a strange activity for you. Just like the upper leg, the upper is naturally thicker. So, you’ll need to buy two thicker hand towels. Or you may just opt for two hand towels (for upper arms) and two kitchen towels (for lower arms).

Roll all four towels separately and a little tightly. Then, apply tape around the bottom and top of the towels to keep them from unraveling. Ensure you still have access to the bottom of the four towels to place the hands inside.

We assume the catsuit is still lying on the large surface and unzipped. First, take one thicker hand towel and slide it into the upper right sleeve of the catsuit. Slide the other thicker hand towel inside the left upper sleeve. If the towels struggle to enter the sleeves, consider cutting the seam and closing them up after inserting the makeshift upper arms.

Then, squeeze and adjust the towels to shape the arms. Next, push one of the thinner hand towels through the right wrist opening of the catsuit. Push the other towel through the left opening to meet the left upper arm. Like the bendable legs, your DIY sexdoll now has arms you can bend to your will.

Step 5: Putting it all together

By now, you have assembled the arms and legs of your homemade sex doll. Next, add the pillows to join the arms and legs. That means getting the king-size pillow and the smaller pillow inside the catsuit. Let the smaller pillow go in first and make it sit in the butt part of the catsuit.

Needless to say that the anal masturbator should face the back of the suit. And the pocket pussy should be at the front of the suit. Once the pillows are in, zip the catsuit up gradually, and shape the pillows as you go. The duct tape can help you to create your desired shape. So, don’t hesitate to use it whenever necessary.

Step 6: Attach hands and feet

This step involves attaching the hands and feet of your DIY sex doll.

First, the hands. Roll up the catsuit’s left sleeve to reveal the rolled towel’s end. Remember that we asked to leave enough space for the hands to stay inside. It’s time to use those access points. Put the left hand inside the end of the left arm. Use the flex tape to hold it firmly in place. Then, roll the suit’s sleeve down, and your doll has a left hand.

Now, repeat the same process to attach the right hand. Ensure that the tape holds the hand correctly, so there’s a very low chance of it coming off. If you are not attaching hands to your homemade love doll, tape the openings on both arms of the catsuit. Try to make it as neat as possible.

Next, the feet. Roll up the right leg of the catsuit a little, revealing some parts of the towel. Pick the right foot and plug it into the access point you’ve provided on the rolled towel. Once the foot is in, secure it with the flex tape. Now, repeat that process to attach your lovely doll’s left foot. If you’ve not invested in the feet, secure the openings on both legs with flex tape.

Step 7: Place the head

A full-size sex doll is not complete without a head. So, it’s time to get that beauty practice head to some good use! Generally, these practice heads feature mouth shapes. That allows you to get creative.

If you want your sex doll to have the ability to give blowjobs, here’s your chance to customize her head to taste. Cut a slit between her lower and upper lips with a sharp knife. Then, cut a tunnel that goes deep into the head—enough space to fit a blowjob simulator/masturbator.

Once you have that space, get your masturbator inside the beauty head’s mouth and seal it with some flex tape. You can always remove the masturbator whenever you need to clean or replace it. However, you can skip all that trouble if you don’t want anything ruining your sex doll head’s pretty face and lips.

Away from all the customizing, let’s get to attaching the head to the sex doll. Unzip the catsuit to reveal the king-size pillow at the top. Then, carefully create a hole in the top seam with your kitchen knife. Now, use your finger to make a hole inside the pillow to create space for the neck of the sex doll’s head. Look at the neck and ensure that the space you create is suitable for it.

Next, push the neck into the hole you’ve created and pull the stuffing back. Then, use flex tape to secure the doll’s neck. Instead of the regular black flex tape, you may want to opt for clear flex tape to seal the neck. Using clear tape ensures that the tape does not look out of place.

Now, zip up the catsuit completely. Then, carefully turn the doll over, lying her on her stomach. Get her hair out of the way and seal the head to the suit’s back collar with flex tape. If you’d like to increase your doll’s upper body support, take a metal rod or a dowel rod and tape it to the back of the neck and the back of the suit.

This move will keep the doll’s upper body from being too flexible. That means screwing her doggy style won’t be a hassle. These seven steps are all you need to learn how to make a homemade sex doll.

DIY Sex Doll Torso

The DIY sex doll torso is another type you can build in the comfort of your home with readily available materials. From the name of this sex doll, you can tell that it’s about building only the upper body, which includes the breasts, vagina, and butt. Notwithstanding, you can decide to add a head, arms, and legs to your sex doll torso.

According to our estimation, the primary materials and tools you need for the DIY sex doll torso is around $200. However, you may spend more than $400 if you want to add optional features such as cosmetology head, legs, hands, and feet.

What you’ll need

  • Zipper catsuit
  • Flesh-colored flex tape
  • Strong duct tape
  • Knife or scissors
  • One king-size pillow
  • One round toss pillow
  • Potato chip can
  • Pocket pussy
  • Anal masturbator
  • Cosmetology doll head (optional)
  • Cosmetology left and right hands (optional)– You’ll find some realistic cosmetology hands on the market. A good example is the Lifesize Female Mannequin Hand Display. It includes left and right hands. The hands are made from soft, elastic silicone that looks similar to an actual person’s hands.
  • Set of cosmetology feet (optional)
  • Four bath towels
  • Two kitchen towels
  • Two hand towels

Step 1: Making arms and legs

Before we talk about making arms and legs for your DIY sex doll torso, we must clarify that they are optional in this type of doll. However, you can add these features if you’re not using a head and want more realism for your sex doll.

Let’s start with the arms. For the upper arms, roll the hand towels tightly. Ideally, the hand towels are thicker than the kitchen towels. So that makes the upper arms thicker than the lower arms—as they should be. After rolling the towels, tape both ends using the flex tape in your toolbox and put them aside.

Next, roll the two kitchen towels tightly. Tape both towels at their ends to prevent them from unrolling. They’ll act as the lower arms. Keep them aside for later assembly.

Now, the legs. Pick two thicker bath towels for both the upper legs/thighs of your sex doll. Roll the towels tightly and use the flex tape to seal their ends, so they don’t fall apart. Put the thighs aside and move to the lower legs. Roll the thinner bath towels tightly. Then, tape their ends with the flex tape. If you want more shape for your doll’s legs, create contours using strong duct tape.

If you don’t want arms and legs for your DIY sex doll torso, cut off the sleeves of the catsuit and sew them close with a needle and thread.

Step 2: Optional head

If you are not attaching arms and legs to your homemade sex doll, you may want to get a cosmetology doll head on board. Cut open the top of the king-size pillow with a knife or scissors. Then, use your finger to create a big hole in the pillow by pushing the filling aside. After getting enough space to fit the neck of the cosmetology head, get it in.

Remove the head once you’re satisfied that the hole in the pillow is a good fit. You’ll return the head to the hole during the final assembly.

Step 3: Vagina and butt

You’ll need the king-size pillow here too. It will help you make the vagina of your DIY sex doll torso. From building the full-size sex doll, you will have some experience you need to build the vagina and butt of this torso.

First, use your knife to open the seam on the bottom of the pillow. Then, create room for the potato chip can by pushing the pillow’s filling around. Next, push in the chip can and fluff the pillow. That way, the stuffing will hold the can together. Use some flex tape to secure the can to the pillow. Then, insert the pocket pussy in the can, and you have a vagina.

Now, build the butt. It’s the turn of your round toss pillow to be helpful. Cut open a side of the round pillow and create a hole where your chip can is able to sit comfortably. Then, use flex tape to hold the can in place. Next, insert the anal masturbator in the can, and your doll has a butt hole you can screw.

Step 4: Final assembly

It’s time to put the various parts together and get your sex doll torso ready for action. Bring out the catsuit and place it on a large surface, preferably a smooth table. Unzip it and insert the lower arms in the suit through the top. If you’re having trouble getting them in, carefully cut the seam, get them in, and seal the cut.

Next, push in the upper arms. Then, insert the lower legs through the top of the catsuit. Get one leg in the suit’s right leg and another in the fabric’s left leg. Join them with the upper legs. After these moves, your sex doll’s torso should have bendable arms and legs.

Next, insert the round toss pillow with the anal masturbator. Make the pillow sit on the butt side of the suit. Then, get in the king-size pillow, with the pocket pussy sitting in the vagina part of the suit.

Now that you’ve attached the arms, legs, and torso, including the vagina and butt, start zipping the suit close. Zip it gently and shape the towels and pillows simultaneously. Then, get the neck of the cosmetology head inside the hole you created before. Hold the neck and the king-size pillow together using flesh-colored tape.

Making Mini Sex Doll

The mini sex doll construction consumes less time than the other sex doll types and is straightforward to make. Instead of building a torso with pillows or legs and arms with towels, the mini sex doll requires a medical mannequin to save time and effort. That means you’ll have fewer parts to assemble. And it requires minimal skills.

However, making the mini sex doll will cost you about $350 – $400, depending on the cost of the mannequin you invest in.

What you’ll need

  • Life-size female medical mannequin– Be careful to choose a top-notch product. The VEVOR Manikin for The Cure of The Patient is an excellent example of a top-grade life-size female medical mannequin. It highly simulates a real woman’s body, featuring eyes that imitate a human sight. Furthermore, the mannequin has joints you can move and a waist you can bend.
  • Adhesive silicone breasts
  • Pocket pussy
  • Optional wig
  • Sharp knife/box cutter

Step 1: Adding vagina or mouth

Generally, medical mannequins come with a partial vagina, so ensure that your own comes with one too. Your work is cut out for you with the partial vagina already in place. You’ll need to cut around the shape of the mannequin’s vagina using a knife or box cutter. Cut very gently, so you don’t damage the object.

As you might have guessed, the hole you create is for the pocket pussy you must already have around. The hole shouldn’t be too large. That way, it can hold the pocket pussy tightly in place. After creating the space for the masturbator, slide it inside. Once you have your masturbator sitting pretty in the mannequin, your mini sex doll has a vagina.

Step 2: Making breasts

After attaching a vagina to your mini sex doll, the next task is to equip her with breasts. We assume you must have invested in the adhesive silicone breasts we prescribed above. We recommend safe and high-quality breast forms.

Speaking of quality, the Vollence Self Adhesive Triangle Silicone Breast Forms have it in abundance, according to many reviews. They are made of high-quality, medical-grade, hypoallergenic silicone gel that offers soft touch and feel. Also, the breasts bounce and jiggle, providing you with impressive realism. And they can stick directly to the mannequin’s chest without tape or straps.

Once you’ve settled on the fake breasts for your mini sex doll, wipe down and dry the mannequin’s chest. Make sure the surface is as smooth as possible. Then, remove the backing of the adhesive breasts and gently place each breast on the sex doll’s chest. Ensure that they are secure so they won’t fall off.

Homemade Inflatable Sex Dolls

The homemade inflatable sex doll is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll be inflating some materials to make this type of sex doll. It’s the cheapest type of homemade sex doll in our lineup. More specifically, a homemade inflatable sex doll will cost you around $80-$100.

What you’ll need

  • Fleshlight or pocket pussy
  • Female head mask– Don’t buy a latex variant if you’re allergic to the material. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America,  latex allergy has severe symptoms Trusted Source Latex Allergy | AAFA.org In some cases, latex allergy can cause a severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. Learn how to manage your latex allergy and prevent allergic reactions. www.aafa.org  such as hives, itching, running nose or sneezing, eye inflammation, and anaphylaxis, which can even lead to death. So, it’s better to avoid all these troubles.
  • Inflatable pillow– This type of pillow is easy to find because it’s a popular choice for campers and travelers. It will work for your doll’s torso.
  • Flex tape
  • Long balloons– These balloons are easy to blow and twist. So, you can easily create any shape you want from them, making them ideal for homemade inflatable sex dolls.
  • Rocket balloons– These balloons have a suitable shape to create your doll’s legs.
  • Two kitchen towels
  • Two bath towels
  • Boobie party balloons– When you fill them with air, they transform into breasts. It’s good that top-quality and attractive options are readily available in stores. You can’t think about attractive boobie balloons and not mention the Naughty Party Boobie Balloons. When you blow up the balloons, you get bouncy, squishy, and huge breasts with erect nipples and a perky round shape.
  • Regular balloons or latex gloves– The balloons or gloves are ideal for making the inflatable sex doll’s butt.
  • Balloon air pump– Although optional, the pump makes blowing the balloons a simpler task.

Step 1: Inflate them all

The first step in building a homemade inflatable sex doll is inflating all the balloons. That means a lot of blowing, which is why we recommend a balloon air pump. While using one is not compulsory, it saves your mouth from constant blowing that leads to discomfort.

Firstly, inflate the pillow to its maximum limit and put it aside. Then, move to the long balloons and blow them to their limit. Keep them in a safe space. Also, inflate the boobie and regular balloons and keep them in separate areas until you need them.

Step 2: Making torso

After inflating all the balloons, it’s time to start building. Blow up two long balloons to make the doll’s arms. Twist them in the middle to separate the forearms and the upper arms. Handle the balloons carefully to minimize them popping.

Next, carefully wrap your kitchen towels around the long balloons. Tape the towels to each balloon to secure them. Then, pick up the inflatable pillow that you’ve blown up and place it on a large, stable surface. It is your inflatable sex doll’s torso. Attach each arm you’ve inflated to both sides of the torso. Hold the arms in place with the flex tape.

Finally, take the female head mask and tape it to the top of the torso. Make sure the seal is secure.

Step 3: Breasts and genitals

With the sex doll’s torso still lying flat, take the boobie balloons you’ve inflated and place them near the top of the inflatable pillow. Position the boobie balloons properly, like breasts on a woman’s chest.

Next, secure the inflatable breasts on the torso using flex tape. If you don’t mind spending extra on breasts, go for adhesive boobs like the Vollence Self Adhesive Triangle Silicone Breasts. They are simple to attach to the torso, and they stay securely in place.

Once you’ve attached the breasts, move down to the genitals. Place the pocket pussy or Fleshlight on the bottom of the sex doll’s torso. Hold the masturbator in place with sticky tape. Next, inflate two regular balloons to create the doll’s butt. Then, place the Fleshlight or pocket pussy between the two balloons and tape them around the bottom of the torso to make the sex doll’s butt.

Then, inflate the rocket balloons and twist them in the middle to distinguish between the thighs and the lower legs. Ensure that the balloons have the same shape as real human legs. Next, carefully wrap the bath towels around the balloons and tape them securely. Now, tape the towels (legs) around the lower region of the torso until they’re secure.

Once you’re done taping everything together, you may decide to add a sexy outfit that fits the DIY inflatable sex doll.


Chances are you still have some questions that we’ve not answered. Hence, we will answer a few popular questions below.

How to customize DIY sex doll?

You can add a few extra features to make your sex doll more realistic if you’re willing to spend extra dollars.

One of those features is a wig. Visit a beauty store and choose a beautiful wig that can fit your doll’s head. The wig will make your homemade lover more beautiful and realistic. You can also attach hands that feel and look natural to the doll to enhance her realism. Another way to customize your doll is to glue some tattoo skin on it.

You can add feet to the mix by opting for a realistic set like the Linmin Silicone Life-Size Model Women’s feet. These feet are made of a unique web skin that is soft and stretchy. Apart from looking realistic, the skin also feels like you’re touching natural human skin, which is incredible. Also, you can freely bend the toes on the feet. Rest assured, they are non-toxic.

How to clean homemade sex doll?

If your sex doll is inflatable or in a catsuit, you can clean only the pocket pussy and the anal masturbator. Remove the masturbators from your doll and clean the nooks and crannies of the toys with your fingers, warm water, and mild soap. Ensure that they’re completely dry before inserting them into the chip cans.

If your homemade doll is made of a mannequin, you can carefully wash the body with warm water and mild soap whenever you see it is dirty.

Cheap Sex Doll Options

If you find the process of making a homemade sex doll challenging, you may be open to some cheap sex dolls. We will suggest some options below.

Compact sex dolls

For people who are very concerned about their privacy, compact sex dolls are the way to go. They have a small size that you can discreetly store without attracting prying eyes. Compact dolls are also ideal for people intimidated by full-size dolls. Best of all, compact sex dolls are relatively cheap, and it’s not difficult to find affordable options on the market.

If you want a high-quality and cheap compact sex doll, our list of the best 65cm sex dolls is the perfect place to look.

Realistic dolls

Realistic sex dolls are top options because they sport all features that make you feel like you are looking at a real person. Besides the pretty faces and hair that ooze a fancy look, the dolls also feel real. That makes them understandably expensive, but you can still find the cheapest ones for around $1,500, even though most sell from $3,500-$10,000, according to a study. Trusted Source Over the last fifteen years, the sex doll industry has grown from producing inexpensive novelty items to creating a multimillion-dollar global industry featuring high- quality, realistic love dolls. digitalcommons.calpoly.edu

The beautiful Mandy Premium TPE Sex Doll is a perfect example of the cheapest realistic sex dolls. She offers different skin tones, breast types, breast sizes, and other customizable options you can choose from. You can even buy the doll for less than $1400 if you can do without legs.

Inflatable dolls

Inflatable dolls are another affordable variant on the market. They are much cheaper than realistic sex dolls, and they’re much less realistic. Nevertheless, they look great and offer squeezable breasts and realistic vaginas. You’ll find many of them in our review of the best inflatable sex dolls.

Pocket pussies

Pocket pussies are perhaps the most popular masturbators. That’s no surprise considering they are easy to carry around as their name suggests. Despite their small size, they offer excellent stimulation. Don’t you believe us? Just take a look at our collection of the best pocket pussies.

Final Thoughts

This article has shown that you can make your own sex doll even if you did not believe it before. Best of all, the materials you need to build the doll are very cheap and are easy to find on the market. If you can create time and have patience, you can build yourself a fine homemade sexdoll in hours. However, you’ll need to follow the steps we’ve explained carefully.

Moreover, this article contains steps for making different types of sex dolls. You can read the instructions and decide which option is the most attractive for you to bring to “life.” Ensure that you have the necessary materials for whichever sex doll type you choose. And you’ll start having fun with her in no time.


Latex Allergy | AAFA.org
In some cases, latex allergy can cause a severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. Learn how to manage your latex allergy and prevent allergic reactions.
Over the last fifteen years, the sex doll industry has grown from producing inexpensive novelty items to creating a multimillion-dollar global industry featuring high- quality, realistic love dolls.
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