How to Make Your Vagina Taste Good: Recipe for Irresistible Pussy

From getting a healthy diet to changing personal garments - all the best tips on how to make your vagina taste good
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Oral sex for both partners involved is not only important but also enjoyable. Still, some women can feel self-conscious about their partner becoming so close to their intimate parts.

To help your self-esteem, and to encourage your partner to go down on you, you may be wondering how to make your vagina taste good. We’ll start with what your natural vaginal scent should be and then how to enhance your natural essence. We’ll also explain a few behaviors to avoid. Our hope is that you will learn how to make your vagina taste good instantly so you can enjoy cunnilingus and all the pleasure that comes with it.

What does Vagina Smell Like?

There used to be a stigma around understanding your body and we hope this is slowly going away. If want to know what your vagina smells like, take a finger and test it out. We might think that our private parts are taboo subjects, but your body is your body. You can do whatever you like with it. The more comfortable you are with your entire body, the more confident you will be in life.

Natural scent

Yes, your vagina has a smell. We’ve somehow gone down this path where we try to make our bodies as un-human as possible, including trying to cover up or erase any natural smells.

You should never feel bad about how your body smells, as long as you are healthy. If a partner comments on your vagina, then they are in the wrong, not you. To put yourself out there and be vulnerable, only to be criticized, is never okay.

Overall, your vagina should have a mild scent that may be a little musky. It should be subtle and not too overwhelming.

If you are worried about how your vagina smells, the first step is to figure out if you have an infection or a medical reason for the smell. If not, you can look at simple steps you can take to change the overall smell of your body, including what soap you use and adding more vegetables and water to your diet.

Unpleasant odors

If you suddenly smell an unpleasant odor from your vagina, then it’s probably a sign that something isn’t right. Your body has many ways of showing you aren’t healthy, and odor is one of them. These are some common reasons why you might suddenly have a smelly vagina.

Yeast infections

While quite common with women, it still sucks to have a yeast infection. Less serious infections can clear up on their own, but if you experience itching or burning around your vagina, then you should see a doctor who may prescribe medicine for it.

Yellow or white discharge from your vagina is a common sign of a yeast infection. If there is a lot of discharge that isn’t cleaned regularly, then it can contribute to an unpleasant smell.

Bacterial infections

Most women will suffer from a urinary tract infection, or UTI, at least once in their lifetime. There’s a lot happening around your vagina and even with proper maintenance, infections can form.

To help prevent a UTI, always wipe from front to back. It’s also recommended to go to the bathroom after sex. This way you can help flush any extra bodily fluids out around the area.

Things to Make Your Vagina Taste Good

We hope that you are feeling comfortable with your body and how it smells. However, we know that everyone wants to change some things about themselves and this may be how your vagina smells and tastes.

There are many small steps you can take to make your pussy taste good. They should not be overwhelming and you can pick and choose what works in your own life. They shouldn’t cost too much money and instead will be tasks you can work into your normal schedule and routine.

Proper underwear

When it comes to what to wear in the bedroom, satin and lace are super sexy. It’s great to wear such materials to spice things up. But what should you wear the rest of the day?

Cotton underwear may seem boring but it’s actually a great starting point to make your vagina smell and taste good. Cotton is a breathable material which means there is proper airflow for your vagina.

Other synthetic materials, such as spandex and nylon, are woven too closely and thus air can’t properly circulate. This can lead to an increase in the amount of bacteria in your vagina, which can cause an odor to develop.

While higher numbers of bacteria aren’t terrible, too much and it can lead to an infection. Not only are UTIs painful and serious, but they can lead to an unpleasant odor and taste.

It’s better to stick to cotton underwear, which can still be found in a variety of fun prints and cuts, and then change into your sexier fare as you hit the bedroom.

Soap for sensitive skin

Keeping clean is paramount and top of the list when understanding how to make your vagina taste good fast. However, like most things, what you clean your body with is important.

There are many body washes available and the choice can be overwhelming. You might think that picking a soap or body wash that is full of strong scents is the way to make your vagina smell good, but these scents can actually damage your sensitive skin. The scents can also work against your natural smell.

Try to stick with natural soap options. Look for soap made from natural materials, such as olive oil, and read the labels to find soap that has the least amount of ingredients in it.

You should also try to find soap that is made especially for sensitive skin. Even if the rest of your body has neutral skin, your vulva is incredibly sensitive.

Finally, while you should definitely clean your vulva, which is the outside area around your vagina, you should not clean the inside of your vagina Trusted Source How to clean your vagina: How to do it safely and what to avoid A person should not clean their vagina as this can cause infection. Read this article to find out why, and learn how to practice healthful vaginal hygiene. . Your vagina is made to naturally clean itself and using soap on the inside of your body can lead to infections. Instead, gently clean your vulva, using either a very soft cloth or your fingers, to wash between the folds.

When you are finished cleaning your sex toys, you should then store them properly so that they aren’t exposed to any dirt or debris that can make them unhygienic. We really like the Joyboxx Hygienic Sex Toy Storage System. It is easy to use and even includes a drying rack.

Supplements for Vaginal Health

There aren’t many products on the market specifically meant to address vaginal taste or odor, but luckily there are some.

Our favorite is OH! Boost, a supplement that was recently developed by Vitaliboost to improve vaginal health. It does so by supporting a healthy vaginal biome, as well as giving your body the nutrients that it needs to maintain healthy vaginal moisture levels.

OH! Boost utilizes a blend of prebiotics, probiotics, and natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to promote vaginal lubrication and healthy vaginal bacteria.

Trimming your pubic hair

Pubic hair actually has a purpose, despite what every influencer or porn star says. Deciding what to do with your pubic hair should be a personal choice and not one that someone else, especially your partner, dictates.

Having said that, keeping your nether regions trimmed can be beneficial. Pubic hair can protect your vulva from friction and can also protect from the growth of bacteria. Yes, there is a perception that pubic hair is unhealthy, but not having it can actually lead to more infections.

For those that want to keep their pubic hair but feel a bit sexier, you can also simply trim it. Using clean, sharp scissors to trim your hair will allow you to feel more confident about the area.

You can also try some methods of hair removal, such as depilation, to clean up and shape the area. Again, this all comes down to personal choice.

If you do decide to wax your bikini area, always make sure the process is clean and sterilized. Also, watch for ingrown hairs or rashes that can cause discomfort.

Don’t let him cum inside

We understand that this might not be a feasible option. After all, having your partner finish inside of you can be beneficial for both parties involved. Condoms are always recommended with new partners, but if you are in a monogamous relationship, having sex without condoms is a real bonus.

The problem with allowing your partner to cum inside you is that sperm can live inside the vagina for up to five days Trusted Source Sperm: How Long Sperm Live, Sperm Count, and More WebMD answers common questions about sperm, including how long sperm live, sperm analysis, sperm thickness, how to keep sperm healthy, and more. . This will slowly filter through your body, often in the form of discharge.

Most sperm doesn’t particularly smell, but it can lead to an odor, which can be viewed as your own vagina smelling. If you are worried about the smell of your body, this might be an area to change up and then monitor to see if it does make a difference.

If you need an alternative to having your partner inside of you, we recommend this list of the best vibrators. They provide plenty of pleasure and can easily take the place of a smelly partner.

Use menstrual cups

Yes, periods are extremely annoying, but there are better ways to manage them, including the invention of menstrual cups. Made out of silicone, these cups will hold a lot more blood than tampons or pads. Most women can even go 12 hours before needing to empty them.

Traditional tampons are made from an absorbent material and most have chemicals in them. Even if you opt for all-natural tampons, there is still a risk of bacterial infection if you don’t change them often enough.

Menstrual cups are made of one piece of silicone and there’s no risk that fibers are left behind. They are easy to use, cheaper than tampons, and don’t emit any odors when in use.

Less smoking

What you put into your body will affect all parts of it. Thankfully, smoking seems to be on the decline Trusted Source Cigarette Smoking Among U.S. Adults Hits All-Time Low | CDC Online Newsroom | CDC CDC public health news, press releases, government public health news, medical and disease news, story ideas, photos. , so there’s a good chance you don’t engage in this unhealthy and smelly habit. If you’re still smoking, perhaps you need one more reason to quit, and that is the smell of your vagina.

Yes, the smell of cigarettes can permeate your entire body and clothes, including your vagina.

If you don’t want to stop smoking for health reasons, then think about how much more oral sex you will get if you quit.

Check your sex toys

Do you regularly use sex toys? What condition are they in? Sex toys need to be cleaned after every use, whether you are too tired to get up or not. You can use warm soapy water to clean your sex toys or you can also use a special cleaner. We recommend the Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner. Not only is it not too expensive, but it will guarantee that your sex toys are ready for use the next time you need them.

Use better sex toys

We know that some sex toys can be quite expensive but if you invest in a quality toy, you will have less to worry about in the long run. Cheaper sex toys can break or worse, become damaged, which will allow bacteria to find small cracks.

While not recommended for beginners, this list of the best glass dildos is great if you have some experience with the same type of toy. Glass sex toys won’t scratch or break, so you don’t have to worry about any small tears that can become breeding grounds for bacteria.

What Foods Make Your Vagina Taste Good

We are what we eat, so if you want to improve one aspect of yourself, such as making your vagina taste good, you can start with what you eat. As a general rule, stick to healthy, unprocessed foods for overall better health.

Cranberry pills

There are mixed results when it comes to taking cranberry pills. While some people claim that cranberry juice or pills will make your vagina taste sweeter, there’s unfortunately no science to back up these claims.

However, cranberry pills and juice are healthy, so if you want to try them, the worst that can happen is that you will be healthier.

Scented lube

Lube is one of the easiest ways to make sex more pleasurable for all involved. While you probably don’t need lube for straight cunnilingus, if you are mixing things up in the bedroom, there’s a good chance you will reach for a bottle at some point.

Flavored lube is fun to have around and you can even ask your partner what their preferred tastes are. These are some of the best flavored lube options that can help you get started so you always have a bottle around.

Always try to stick with a water-based lube. These are thinner in texture and you don’t have to worry about allergies. They are also very easy to clean, both from your body and your toys, and won’t leave any marks on sheets or clothing.

Healthy foods

Let’s look at your diet. Are you more likely to choose a double-decker burger with a large side of fries and a supersized pop or are you able to incorporate vegetables into your meals?

We’re all about balance so having those extra fries every now and then is nothing to feel bad about. But you should try your best to get at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

Processed food is an especially bad culprit to be aware of. The extra fat, sugar, and salt will upset your body, with the result that certain parts of you can start to smell.

Not only will your stomach become upset, which can lead to extra gas, but your body’s chemistry can change so that even your sweat smells.

Eating healthier is important for your overall health but can also help improve the smell of your vagina.

Drink more water

It always seems to come back to water when talking about anything health related. Water is essential to our survival and will help regulate all your bodily functions. Drinking more water will naturally get rid of toxins in your body and keep all your functions regular.

Yes, you will have to go to the bathroom more, but this is a small price to pay for increased health.

Try to stick with regular water as this has the most benefits to it. While lemon-flavored water can be more refreshing, the acid can actually wear away at your teeth. Likewise, avoid water with any added sugar or unnecessary elements to it. Plain tap water, filtered if need be, is all that your body requires.

If you’re looking for an impressive answer to the question of what to drink to make your vagina taste good, we’re afraid the answer is much simpler. Just drink water.

Final Thoughts

We really hope that the main takeaway from this article is that everyone has a natural scent to their body and it is nothing to feel ashamed about. Having a vagina that smells or tastes with a strong odor may be a sign of something serious like an infection. If this is ruled out, you can go about a few simple life changes to make your vagina taste sweeter. Change your diet to make it healthier, wear cotton underwear, and drink plenty of water. Ensure any sex toys you use are clean and bacteria-free, and if you can, don’t let your partner ejaculate inside of you. Learning how to make your vagina taste good is equal parts embracing your natural scent and making small adjustments to create a healthier version of yourself.


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