How to Insert a Butt Plug: Every Nuance You Need to Know

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Today, there are many sex toys available on the market for sexual pleasure. One of them is a butt plug. While this toy helps prepare you for seamless anal sex, it can also be a great tool for masturbation, stimulating the nerve endings of your anus. However, inserting a butt plug inside the anus can be complicated because the bum doesn’t naturally expand as the vagina does. So, how do you insert a butt plug without incident?

Trust us, inserting a butt plug can be easy if done properly. Before anything, you need to learn how to insert a butt plug so that you can achieve maximum pleasure. For instance, you don’t get to insert a butt plug without preparation. You need to get the right anal plug, clean it, and prepare your anus for the coming of the visitor.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about inserting a butt plug to ensure that you have a safe, comfortable, and sexy experience.

Choose a butt plug wisely

Apart from learning how to put in a butt plug, you should ensure that you choose the right one. There are several types and models of butt plugs on the market. They range from bad to good. While some are unsafe to use, others are safe to use. If you want a seamless anal play experience, you need to identify and choose a safe butt plug.

The big question on your mind is: how do I identify a safe plug?  The process is not difficult as you might have thought, all you need to do is consider a few factors and make a sound judgment.

For instance, porous butt plugs made out of acrylics and hard plastics are not the best. Apart from harboring harmful bacteria, they’re also hard to clean. On the other hand, nonporous butt plugs made from silicone, glass, and stainless steel, are generally safe and easy to clean. The wise choice for you should easily be a nonporous butt plug.

Also, you should only choose a body-safe butt plug. The safeness of a butt plug largely depends on the materials used to make it. You don’t want a toy that leaks chemicals because it may leach into your body, creating an unpleasant situation for you. Ultimately, your choice should be influenced by safety and convenience.

Examine your butt plug

We can’t overemphasize how important safety is when using a butt plug. Before thinking about inserting a butt plug inside your anus, you should carefully examine it and ensure that it is in a good condition to enter your bum. You don’t want a butt plug to get stuck in your anus, you should make sure a butt plug is safe before using it.

Preparation is key

Can we get anything done without preparation? Absolutely not! Like we mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t insert a butt plug without taking certain steps to ensure convenience and safety. You need to get your butt plug and your anus prepared for your action. Below, we will explain some actions you should take before inserting a butt plug inside your anus.

1.     Clean your butt plug

This is arguably the most important preparation step. Since you’ll be driving the butt plug into your anus – the interior of your body – you need to be sure the toy is clean and free of bacteria and germs. When a butt plug is in storage, it is exposed to all kinds of bacteria and germs. You need to get rid of them before use to prevent infections.

2.     Use a bathroom

Before getting a butt plug inside your anus, using the bathroom is a smart thing to do. Oh yes, poop! When you take this action, your body is more relaxed for butt play. After you’re done with that, shower and clean the entrance of your anus. You can even put an inch of your finger inside to do some cleaning. Use a mild soap for the cleaning to prevent skin irritation.

3.     Flush with an anal enema

If you keep up with pornstars, you probably know what an anal enema is. Pornstars generally use the product to prepare for anal sex and it’s the secret behind their usually clean anus. Enema is a liquid that drives through the butt and into the large intestine to clear your bowels. Essentially, it provides a more comprehensive clean than a baby wipe or soap.

If you want a comprehensive clean before your anal play, you should purchase an enema kit (also known as a syringe kit and hot water bottle) at your local pharmacy. The package often includes a plug, a rectal tip, a hose, and a hot water bottle. Use the enema about an hour before anal play.

Lubricate the product’s tip, sit on your toilet, put the nozzle in your anus, and squeeze the water into your hole. Then, hold the water in your hole for about 10 to 15 seconds and release it into the toilet. You should repeat this process until all the water coming out is clear. However, regular use of enema poses certain risks associated with muscle function. So, you want to avoid or limit the use of the cleaning agent.

4.     Set the mood

Like you probably do for vaginal sex, you need to also set the mood for anal play. You shouldn’t insert a butt plug just because you’ve cleaned up and you think it’s time. You need to be aroused before putting the toy inside your butt. When you are turned on, your anal muscles naturally relax, making you ready for what’s to come.

It can even be better if you’re with a partner. You can do different foreplay activities before you insert the butt plug, leaving you properly aroused for the new kind of stimulation.

How to insert your anal plug

Knowing how to properly insert a butt plug is very important to how well you’re going to enjoy the experience. Without the right know-how, you’re going to hurt yourself and find the experience very unpleasant. Luckily for you, we will give you tips to follow for a perfect anal experience.

1.     Choose the perfect lube

People often talk about lubricating the sexual organ to make sex more enjoyable but that’s not all there is. Since the rectum does not self-lubricate, you need the perfect lubricant to enjoy your anal play, there are different types of lubricants. We have oil-, silicone-, and water-based lubes. If you want to use your butt plug with a condom – which we advise – oil-based lube won’t work for you because it breaks down latex.

Besides, silicone-based lube is a great option for anal play due to its thick nature and ability to last longer than water-based lube. With an option like the Doc Johnson Rear Entry Desensitising Lube, you’ll enjoy extra comfort offered by the soothing lidocaine ingredient

However, silicone-based lube breaks down silicone butt plugs. If you own a silicone butt plug, you’ll have to settle for a water-based lube. Still, you can use silicone-based lube with a stainless steel or glass butt plug. So, your butt plug will determine the type of lubricant to choose.

2.     Apply the lube on your butt plug

The next thing to do after choosing the perfect lube is to apply it to your butt plug as you prepare for action. As we noted earlier, the rectum does not have natural lubrication so you shouldn’t hesitate to use plenty of lubrication for butt play. You should have the lube nearby so that you can turn to it and reapply regularly as you use your butt plug.

3.     Find a comfortable position

After lubing up your butt plug for action, you need to find a comfortable position for yourself to make insertion convenient and seamless. If you don’t find a comfortable position, insertion will be quite difficult and won’t go well. After finding a good position, gently put one finger inside your anus, and then position your plug’s tip at the entrance. You can decide to lay on your back or sit down directly on top of the plug.

4.     Start inserting it slowly

Before inserting a butt plug, gently push out and try to expand your anal muscles. Then, relax the muscles of your sphincter, giving room for the insertion of the toy. Once you feel your anal muscles are ready for the visitor, insert the plug slowly, and push only its tip into your bum. Let it stay for a while, leaving your anal muscles to relax and get used to it. Pull the toy out and take a short break.

When you feel ready, reinsert the plug and push it slightly deeper this time. Repeat this process until you can fully insert the butt plug. You must be patient during all of these exercises.

5.     Decide on the ideal angle

After inserting the butt plug, you should decide on a comfortable angle to push it to. Choosing the right angle will help you enjoy maximum pleasure.

Ways to use your anal plug

As we hinted before, an anal plug isn’t used to only prepare for anal sex, it can be used for solo butt play too. Below are ways you can use your anal plug:

1.     For solo play

An anal plug is a sex toy that can be used as a masturbator. You can use its tip to stimulate the inside of your anus and enjoy great pleasure. Essentially, you can use the plug to enjoy a solo butt play without a partner.

2.     During an intercourse

If you have a vagina, a butt plug is a nice toy to add to sexual intercourse. If you have a double penetration fantasy but you and your partner can’t agree on a threesome, using a butt plug can get you close to enjoying your fantasy. You can insert a vibrating butt plug inside your anus as you engage in vaginal intercourse. Your anus and vagina will get stimulated simultaneously,, creating the feeling of double penetration.

3.     In public

You can even wear your anal plug in public and let it stimulate your sphincter muscles as you walk around. Not many sex toys can give you sexual pleasure on the go, anal plug gives you that. However, we advise that you don’t allow the plug to stay too long in your anus for your safety.

How to remove a butt plug

You have no idea how to remove a butt plug? It’s not complicated. Just relax your anal muscles, take slow & steady breaths, and gently pull out the plug. You can easily remove the toy as long as you’re relaxed.

How to insert a large anal plug

If you’re confused about how to insert a large butt plug, we’ve got you. You shouldn’t rush to use a large anal plug. Before thinking about using a large plug, you must have gotten used to opening up your anus with smaller plugs. To insert a large anal plug, use plenty of lubrication, use a few fingers to test the waters before introducing the toy.

Increase the size gradually

When you’re new to using a butt plug, don’t be anxious to move to larger plugs. Gradually increase the size of your plug as your anal muscles adjust and become more relaxed to the toy. With patience and time, you’ll soon be able to use a large anal plug.

We advise that you settle for an inflatable butt plug that allows you increase and decrease the size. You can even go for a beginner’s option like the Size Matters Magnum Ease-In Anal Dilator Kit. The kit contains five butt plugs of increasing size for exciting and pleasurable anal training. Each of the plugs features a smooth shaft and flared base to ensure your safety.

Final thoughts

Inserting a butt plug inside the anus is not as difficult as it sometimes appears. Of course, some people have unpleasant stories to tell about using a plug. The negative experiences are often a result of inadequate knowledge about how to insert a butt plug. If you prepare yourself well for the action, you have a great chance of enjoying the experience.

We strongly advise you to carefully study the guidelines in this article so that you can easily insert a butt plug inside your anus without any hassle.

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