How Long Can You Leave a Butt Plug In? All the Nuances Explained

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It is tempting to have one inserted for a long period, particularly when training to stretch muscles for anal sex, but for how long can you leave a butt plug in while still remaining comfortable? Apart from relaxing the muscles, people may wear butt plugs frequently for pleasure or as a naughty inside joke to them and their partners.

Butt plugs come with a broad base that keeps the sex toy from further insertion that might make it hard to get out of the anal sphincter. We have reviewed the factors that you should keep in mind before making a decision. So, how long can you leave a butt plug in place? According to recommendations, the maximum safe wearable time is 2 to 3 hours at a time. The period will also range according to the size, shape and materials used to make the butt plug. It will also depend on the type of activities you will be carrying out while wearing it.

Can you wear it all day long?

The discreet nature of sex toys allows users to wear butt plugs in public places like shopping malls, restaurants and offices. As well as public use, buyers have been known to wear them for much longer than the suggested period, so let’s talk about the implications of doing this.

While you will likely not experience any serious damage from wearing a butt plug all day long, you should still prioritize your health due to the possible risks.

Manufacturers and medical professionals recommend wearing butt plugs for a few minutes initially, and extending this period gradually to up to 2 to 3 hours at a time. This is to prevent damage to the sensitive anal walls.

Since some areas of the rectum do not have the typical pain receptors, you might not notice any pressure-generated pain until it heightens. This includes anal fissure from friction on the thin anal lining. For this reason, we advise beginners to observe the recommended time to be on the safe side.

Anal toys are pleasurable tools that can be used to train the anal sphincter to accommodate larger butt plugs or in preparation to anal sex. They can be worn comfortably without getting in the way of most of your usual activities. Wear it to a place where you can conveniently remove and hide it to take breaks after the specified time. You should also be able to clean it privately immediately after use to avoid odor and infections.

With constant practice and proper lubrication, you should be able to insert a butt plug for 3 hours, or longer. If you can, try to limit prolonged use and unplug the toy the moment you experience any pain or discomfort.

Recommended time for leaving an anal plug in

As mentioned earlier, the ideal time you should leave a butt plug inserted is a maximum of 2 to 3 hours. Such toys are designed with a tapered base that could cause pain or restrict blood circulation by pressing against the tender anal lining if left inside for too long. Exceeding the recommended time may also result in rectal damage or ulcers, especially for newbies.


Stainless steel is durable and resistant to chipping. However, it takes long to reach body temperature. This is fine if you are among the few people that like the feeling of a cold butt plug, but if not, you can warm up metal or glass before insertion. Lovehoney Jeweled Metal Beginner’s Butt Plug features 2.5-inch insertable length, submersible nickel-free zinc alloy material that can be warmed before use and will not harm sensitive skin, and a competitive pricing point for beginners and the experienced alike.


Silicone is a popular material for butt plugs that can be worn for extended period because it is sturdy, silky smooth, soft, and easy to clean since the non-porous design is waterproof. They are also versatile enough to be compatible with both water- and oil-based lubricants unlike latex and rubber which are damaged by oil-based lubes. Additionally, some people experience allergic reactions to latex. Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable Vibrating Butt Plug is a silicone model that boasts of 3 vibration speeds, 7 varied patterns, a T-bar base, and travel lock function. It is rechargeable by a USB cable for stimulating orgasms anywhere.


When compared to metal like stainless steel, glass butt plugs are easier to clean, have less friction and perform better at heat retention and distribution. Unfortunately, they are fragile and shatter easily.

Sleeping with a butt plug in

Despite the risks associated with prolonged pressure exertion on thin rectal walls and the absence of pain receptors in the deeper section, there are still users sleeping with a butt plug in position. By doing this, they risk exposing themselves to damage caused by 8 hours of pain that they may not feel until they wake up.

Don’t forget sleepers who toss and turn may unintentionally end up in a position that exerts additional pressure on the inserted sex toy. Not to mention that as long as you’re sleeping, you can’t act on the pain because you will be unconscious to any discomfort by the butt plug.

We strongly advise against sleeping with a butt plug in because you can’t immediately sense your body’s reaction to it and deal with any negative effects while sleeping. Wear it when you’re alert so you can take it out or adjust it at the first sign of discomfort. It also allows you to consciously experience the erotic sensations.

Physical activities


Keep in mind the kind of physical activities you will be performing while wearing a butt plug to choose a sex toy that will remain discreet, comfortable and convenient to remove quickly if necessary. For instance, you should take out the butt plug before using the toilet, whether you are peeing or pooping. This is because the pelvic muscles used to hold the butt plug in position are the same muscles that you should relax to use the toilet. This requires a lot of effort to do both and may weaken the pelvic floor and lead to incontinence and urinary tract infections. Also, relaxing these muscles a bit much could cause the butt plug to fall out as you empty your bladder and bowels unless you hold onto the toy’s base. Lastly, you risk damaging your toilet seat and the sex toy itself if a butt plug made from glass or metal shatters.

If you will be engaging in intense sports, running errands or constantly on the move, then you may choose to skip wearing one or opt for a smaller size that you have tested beforehand to confirm it fits snugly.

You may have to test out a few models for comfort before venturing out with a wearable one in public. Remember that the more engaged and public you will be, the fewer chances you will have of adjusting or removing your butt plug unnoticed.

Look for the best beginner butt plug with a broad tip, a narrow neck and a T-base that will stay in position and allow you to be comfortable when standing, sitting and walking.

Benefits and negatives of leaving a butt plug in for long

Cosmopolitan found that 82 percent of its readers enjoy anal stimulation, and 32 percent of them have used a butt plug.

The benefits possible with leaving a butt plug in for long durations are outweighed by the dangers of doing so. Well, you can quickly prep for anal sex, upgrade to a more advanced test and enjoy multiple hours of pleasure. Unfortunately, forcing your muscles to consistently relax poses lasting damage.

  • The area a few inches up the rectum is less sensitive to discomfort due to lack of the usual pain receptors that would draw your immediate attention to pressure and sore muscles. This makes it more dangerous to sleep with a butt plug in.
  • Extended periods of butt plug insertion could pressure the inner walls and reduce blood flow, or over-relax the sphincter muscles and create incontinence.
  • The rectum does not lubricate naturally. You have to keep reapplying lube to prevent the butt plug from drying out and chaffing you.
  • Seek immediate medical attention in case any pain, discomfort or bleeding continues after you have removed the sex toy.

How to prevent it from falling out

There are measures that can help you prevent a butt plug from falling out.

Identify the right size and shape: We suggest starting out with a small model with a thin neck and a T-shaped base that keeps it from further accidental insertion, and then upgrading to mid-sized options as your muscles expand. This is to prevent a compact butt plug from falling out of a loose asshole. Experienced users would favor larger and thicker sex toys with broader tips to stay in position.

Test out how comfortable the butt plug is by inserting it and then practicing different postures and activities such as jumping, walking and sitting with your legs closed.

Insert it properly: The right way to position a butt plug is by fitting in the entire insertable length so the toy can be comfortable and wearable in public without falling off or shifting to an awkward position. You may practice with larger butt plugs in the privacy of your home where a slip-out mishap can be easily fixed without drawing attention. However, stick with small butt plugs that will not strain your anal muscles during extended periods in public.

Know your lube limit: Apply a generous amount of lubricant on the tip of the butt plug and on your ass before insertion for smooth entry. No need to constantly reapply it if there is no irritation as doing so will make the plug prone to sliding out. Water-based lubricants are considered a safe option that can be reapplied to prevent chaffing without increasing slipperiness as opposed to oil-based and silicone lubes which last longer but tend to be thicker.

Harness it, maybe? If the butt plug keeps falling out as you move around, then you may have to wear a harness as an extra precaution to secure it in place. They wrap between your legs to hold up the butt plug inside and reduce pressure on the anal muscles. Comfortable panties or briefs would work as well.

Using a butt plug with your partner

The best thing about remote anal toys is that they allow your partner to operate the butt plug you are wearing in public or private. With the best vibrating butt plugs, one can set the speed, pattern and intensity to different modes and settings.

However, sex toys should never be shared to avoid transmission of potential infections in blood and body fluids. If you must share, use the butt plug with a condom.

Final thoughts

You know how long you can leave a butt plug in safely and the precautions to take before, during and after use to optimize your safety and comfort. You can choose from different sizes, shapes, functionality, and construction materials to get the right butt plug that will meet your individual needs.

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