Homemade Butt Plug: Best Ideas to Try Out

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Last updatedLast updated: April 20, 2024
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Don’t have the time to wait for a new sex toy in the mail? What happens when you crave butt play (right now!) and a butt plug is nowhere to be found? You do-it-yourself! You can create a homemade butt plug.

Certain household items can double as a butt plug. These DIY butt plugs may not provide the same effects as a real butt plug, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. If you use these household items correctly and safely you can have a great time.

We will discuss how to turn common household items into the best homemade butt plug. Additionally, if you’re feeling crafty, you can a create a DIY butt plug.

If you’d rather buy a butt plug, check out our expert reviews. We’ve reviewed the best butt plugs for beginners, the best vibrating butt plugs and the best butt plugs overall.

Is it safe to use a homemade butt plug?

This is a very tricky question but the simple answer is if you use it safely! They can be safe when used correctly, but caution is advised.

You don’t want a DIY anal plug to get lost inside your anus. That will make for a very embarrassing visit to the ER.

Safety should be your priority when making a DIY butt plug. The anus is very delicate. You should only use a homemade butt plug that has a flared base and is rigid enough not to break during use. Also, the material you’re using should be nonporous and smooth to touch to ensure your safety.

Once again, if you’re in doubt of the safety of a homemade anal plug, you should avoid it and find a safer option. Lastly, always follow your gut when using a DIY butt plug. Remove your butt plug if anything feels wrong.

DIY anal plug ideas

As we suggested earlier, there are different DIY anal plug ideas. All you need to do is find the right and safe ones. Doing it yourself also allows you to get creative. You might even decide to go beyond the normal butt plugs and try to create a homemade inflatable butt plug with the help of a bike’s tube. Below, we will explore safe and effective ideas for a DIY butt plug.

1.      Fruits and veggies

You’re probably familiar with some fruits and vegetables that have nearly the shape of a penis. A few of them are even popular due to their use as homemade dildos and masturbators. Some people have used fruits and veggies like cucumbers, carrots, and even bananas, as makeshift anal plugs. But are they safe?

The safeness of using fruits and veggies as butt plugs depends on how squishy or ripe they are. Because you’re putting these things inside your anus, you want to be sure your sphincter won’t force them to break. You don’t want a banana to break inside your butt, leaving you with a mess that would take a lot to clear.

We must make it clear that we are not trying to discourage you, we are only preparing you for what lies ahead so that your safety is not threatened. You can look for a firm cucumber to do your butt play and satisfy your sexual urge.

Meanwhile, we strongly advise that you use condoms with vegetables to protect yourself. Vegetables are often sprayed with different chemicals and insecticides to preserve them. Due to the sensitivity of your anal lining, you don’t want to transfer insecticide into your body system. You can also shun a fruit like a banana due to its soft nature and potential to break.

Product Recommendations Instead of Home Made Butt Plugs

You can purchase butt plugs if you prefer not to go through the hassle of creating one yourself. For a mid-priced option that’s great for beginners, I recommend the Nexus Ace Vibrating Butt Plug. If you’re on a budget, the Tracey Cox Supersex Vibrating Butt Plug is a great option as it’s often on sale for $29.99.

2.      Toothbrush

A toothbrush is another household item that has often been deployed as a sex toy. You can’t put it past someone who has misplaced their vibrator to use their electric toothbrush as a makeshift toy. Electric toothbrush – due to its vibrating function – provides sensations similar to what you get from your vibrator. So, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea to use it as your butt plug. That would be you creating a homemade vibrating butt plug.

If you want to use your toothbrush as a makeshift butt plug, you should use its base. Although the base is flat and not tapered like that of the real butt plug, it will still get the job done and give you the pleasure you so crave. However, the toothbrush’s base might not get in easily, creating a risk of tearing your anus’ lining.

If the lining of your anus gets torn, that may open the door to nasty germs getting inside your bloodstream and on your toothbrush because the bum is full of bacteria and germs. Like we advised with fruits and veggies, you should also use a condom with your toothbrush before inserting it inside your bum. Obviously, your toothbrush is not the ideal alternative, you should only go for it when there are no better options on the table.

3.      Candles

A candle is also used as some kind of dildo due to its long and straight design. You can deploy it as your homemade butt plug. Just get one with your preferred shape and size. You should dip it inside hot water to give you chance to easily manipulate it. After that, you should shape the candle to get rid of sharp corners and create a smoother shape.

Due to the fragile nature of the anus, we advise that you use a condom on the candle. Failure to do so may cause you to introduce germs inside your anus. You can prevent such a situation by just playing it safe and smart.

Try this 3 piece metal butt plug set. Great for beginners!

If you’re looking for a classic, no-frills, metal butt plug, then the Lovehoney Jeweled Metal 3 Plug Set is a great place to start! It comes with three different sizes so that you can see what you like, and if desired work your way up in size.

4.      Your own finger

Using your finger to give yourself pleasure is probably the oldest trick in the book. It is perhaps the most natural means of enjoying solo sexual play. The finger works well to stimulate the vagina and produce great sensations. That also works for the butt. When you use your finger – in place of a butt plug – to perform a butt play, you are at no risk of an object breaking up inside your butt.

Also, using your finger to replace a butt plug is quite easy – it doesn’t require any labor other than washing your hands clean. With your finger or even fingers, you can use different styles to massage the inside of your butt for maximum pleasure.

5.      Crème and deodorant packages

Have you ever wondered what value the empty bottles of your crème and deodorant can offer? Your first instinct is to throw them away but what if we tell you that those bottles can provide an alternative to butt plugs. However, only tiny bottles can work here due to the small and inelastic nature of your butt. Like you would do with a vegetable, a toothbrush, or a candle, you should also use a condom with the crème or deodorant bottle you’re using to protect yourself from germs.

6.      Sanitary silicone

Another idea for a DIY anal plug is using sanitary silicone to create your anal plug. The material has all the qualities you want in a safe and reliable butt plug. You don’t want a porous material in your butt. Thankfully, sanitary silicone is nonporous, thus assuring you that your homemade anal plug will not smell bad.

Moreover, sanitary silicone is such a good material to use for your DIY butt plug because it’s originally intended to create a silicone dildo. You can shape the silicone anyhow you want to make the ideal homemade butt plug for your butt play.

7.      If you have glassblowing or woodworking skills…

Are you in need of a quick solution to your lack of butt plug for your butt play? Can you blow glass? If you can, then your problem has a solution in sight. There are glass butt plugs on the market and they are regarded as the best options available. They are safe to use and quite easy to clean. So, surely, you won’t get any bad smell from them.

You can use your glassblowing skills to create a glass butt plug for yourself. That’s the closest idea to having a professionally made butt plug.

Also, you might fancy creating your own butt plug if you have woodworking skills. Although it won’t be as good as a glass or silicone homemade plug, you can still get good value for it. But ensure that you opt for a strong wood like pine or oak to prevent a case of breakage.

Apart from that, you should polish the anal plug as hard as you can to prevent splinters inside your anus during butt play. Also, use a finishing varnish to get everything sealed. We advise that you use a condom with the plug for safety.

Or… just find a cheap 10-dollar anal plug

You must have noticed how hard we have hammered on safety in this article. You don’t have to use a homemade or DIY anal plug that threatens your safety. The best move is always to purchase a professionally made butt plug that is specifically designed for a butt play with safety in mind.

If you’re worried about the price, you should stop. You can get a cheap 10-dollar anal plug. At that low price, you can get reliable options like the Tracey Cox Supersex Beginner’s Butt Plug and the Basics Slimline Butt Plug.

The Tracey Cox Supersex is a sleek silicone butt plug designed for beginners’ anal play. This product has a flexible, yet firm body, and a tapered tip that aids pleasurable insertion. The Basics Slimline is also beginner-friendly with its flared base and narrow neck for safe and comfortable prolonged wear.

Trust us, you will want to spend that 10 dollars instead of ending up with a much more expensive ER bill because an object is lost inside your anus.

Sex Toys Instead of DIY Butt Plugs

We recommend that you always use an actual sex toy for masturbation, as they are made specifically for that purpose. And if you don’t happen to own one yet, we highly suggest ordering one from any of our trusted partners, like Lovehoney, Hustler Hollywood, Shevibe, or The Enhanced Male. Or if you can’t order online, find an adult product store nearby or check the hygiene aisle of your local pharmacy or Target store.

But if you absolutely cannot wait, please make note of the safety precautions that we mentioned in this article when making a DIY butt plug. As a result, you could avoid injury and infection.

Final thoughts

It’s very understandable to seek alternatives when you don’t have the real deal at your fingertips. In this case, using objects as makeshift butt plugs is not the worst idea. But such a move requires absolute caution so that you don’t hurt yourself in the process of looking for pleasure.

In this article, we have discussed several DIY and homemade butt plug ideas that can help you get pleasure in the absence of a professionally made option. While we advise that you adhere to the strictest safety conditions when using makeshift options. We strongly recommend that you buy a professionally made butt plug if you can. If you’re new to using butt plugs, a reliable beginner’s butt plug is the best for you.

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