Esca 2 vs Lush 2 Comparison: Which Can Please You Better?

Can't decide between OhMiBod ESCA2 and Lush 2? We compared them for you.
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Last updated: February 12, 2024
Lush 2
Can't decide between OhMiBod ESCA2 and Lush 2? We compared them for you.
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Popular models comparison

Esca 2 Lush 2
Type Egg vibrator Egg vibrator
Material Silicone Silicone
Overall length 7.3 in 8.2 in
Insertable length 3 in 3.5 in
Circumference 4.5 in 4.5 in
Working time 3 hrs 3 hrs
Charging time 1.5 hrs 2 hrs
Vibration patterns 4 Unlimited
Waterproof Yes Yes
Noise level 50 dB 45.5 dB
Warranty 1-year limited 1-year limited


Wearable massaging vibrator devices aren’t new, though, with each upgraded generation, there are some exciting and tempting reasons to purchase these toys. The Esca 2 and Lush 2 models have several similarities as next-gen products, though there are a few differences that may entice you to consider one of these toys over the other. These differences include the runtime, insertable length, pattern options, and noise level. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, check out our Esca 2 vs Lush 2 comparison for all the features these devices have to offer.

Performance Comparison

When choosing a new sex toy to add to your collection, one of the first things to consider is the performance of the toy. Performance doesn’t just include how quickly it makes you orgasm, either. How easy the toy is to use, the noise level, and how long the toy lasts before it needs charging are all part of this area. Let’s take a look at how the Esca 2 and Lush 2 compare in terms of performance.


Not all toys offer the same type of stimulation, so it’s a good idea to see what each one has to offer to be sure it’s meeting your needs. The Esca 2 has a powerful motor that focuses those tantalizing vibrations right on the G-spot, so the stimulation is completely internal. The shape of the bulbous head fits right where you need it, so there is little fiddling around with the toy to get it positioned right. The flexibility of the arm makes positioning easy as well, so it stays put once you have it positioned for the best stimulation possible.

The Lush 2 also offers G-spot stimulation using the bulbous head and deep, rumbly vibrations that hit you right where you need them. The curve of the toy and flexible arm also help with positioning, much like the design of the Esca 2., though the Lush 2 has a benefit that the Esca 2 doesn’t offer. The bendable antenna that stays outside of your body can be adjusted to stimulate your external areas, so you can experience clitoral orgasms and G-spot pleasure simultaneously.


Though Lush 2 features almost twice as many vibration patterns as Esca 2, their strength is pretty much similar

Most egg vibrators offer at least a few patterns, though they don’t all have the same options.

The Esca 2 device has a total of 4 patterns to pick from, including a continuous vibration pattern and a few more enticing options, so you can see which one works best for you or mix it up with each session.

The Lush 2 has a total of 7 vibration patterns when used in manual mode, which you can cycle through using the button on the device. Though this is already more to pick from than the Esca 2 has to offer, pairing your Lush 2 with the Lovense app gives you unlimited patterns to pick from. You can even set the device to vibrate along with music or other sounds for a customized experience.

Ease of use

No one wants a toy that requires a user manual nearby to use it properly. The simpler the controls are, the easier it is to use and the more fun you’ll have with the toy. The Esca 2 has a single button on the end of the antenna that you can use to adjust the patterns. You can also connect to other sex toys or the Bluetooth, both of which are rather straightforward, so it takes very little time to get the hang of this device.

The Lush 2 from Lovense also has a button on the outside of the antenna, which turns the toy on and off and allows you to scroll through the manual settings quickly and easily.
You can also pair the Lush 2 to one of your devices to give you remote access through the Lovense app. Doing so gives you more options for vibe patterns and couple’s play, though it may take some time to learn all the settings and controls in the app before you can really enjoy the toy.

Noise level

When looking into how loud a vibrating sex toy can be, it’s best to check out the decibel levels to determine the likelihood of anyone outside of your bedroom hearing what’s going on. The Esca 2 and Lush 2 are close in noise levels, though they aren’t identical.

The Lush 2 is the quieter model, with a decibel level of 45.5, which is only slightly louder than the hum of a refrigerator. The Esca 2 is a bit louder at 50 decibels, so it is somewhere between refrigerator noise and an air conditioner. Of course, if you’re trying to be discreet, playing some music while using either of these toys can mask the sound and maintain your privacy.

Working time

The working time of any sex toy tells you how long it will run before the internal battery dies and needs to be charged. This is one area where the Esca 2 and Lush 2 are perfectly matched. They both have a maximum runtime of about 3 hours.

Of course, this can be a bit deceiving. When using the lowest pattern on either toy, you may hit that 3-hour mark before needing to charge the toy. Higher settings use up more power, so if you frequently turn up the vibrations, this working time will decrease significantly. The Lush 2 has more to offer in terms of vibration patterns, so it’s likely that its settings could require more juice than those offered by the Esca 2 and more frequent charging.

Charging time

Both toys feature USB chargers, yet Esca 2 is half an hour quicker in receiving full charge

Though they match up well in working time, the charging time isn’t identical with these two exciting devices. The Esca 2 only requires 1.5 hours to fully charge the internal battery. The Lush 2 needs about 2 hours to get this toy’s battery fully charged and ready to go.

App Comparison

Both the Lush 2 and Esca 2 can be paired with their brand’s app for more options in terms of how the toy can be used. These apps don’t offer the same features, though, so let’s take a look at how they compare to see which one has more of the functions you’re looking for.



Connection is one of the most important parts of app use since this determines how quickly you can get the app up and running and how well it works when you’re trying to enjoy yourself.

Both toys require you to download the app for your specific device, which is why they have both Android and iOS options available. For the Esca 2, you need to download the OhMiBod Remote app, which is easy to do. Once you have the app downloaded, you need to open and sync it to your Esca 2. When this is done, you’re ready to use the functions, though there may be times when it’s a bit finicky to pair the app with your toy. Other than that, this app is easy and fun to use.

The Lush 2 works with the Lovense Remote app, which has more connectivity options. You can download it onto an iOS or Android device, plus there are Mac and Windows PC options if you prefer these devices instead. A phone is the most convenient option for most people, though, due to how compact it is and how frequently we use them anyway.

Once you have the app downloaded, all you need to do is register your user account, connect the app to your Lush 2 device, and click “Done”. Now you’re ready to check out those functions and begin your playtime. There have been some issues with maintaining a connection for some people, though this could be contributed to a faulty device or user error.

Pattern changing

How the apps function for pattern changes is another way these two devices differ. The Esca 2 has 3 Bluetooth settings that vary from the manual modes. You can choose the full motor intensity with the full LED light, half the motor intensity with the full light, or the full motor intensity with no LED light for discreet play. You can also sync the Esca 2 patterns to music for some unique pattern play. Your phone’s volume buttons can also alter the intensity of the regular patterns.

When it comes to the pattern options with the Lush 2. you have the usual 7 to pick from, plus you can use any of the unlimited patterns available through the app. You can even create your own patterns, alter the intensity, or sync the app to music or sounds for even more options to pick from.

Functions for couples


Both Esca 2 and Lush 2 offers great variety of couple play scenarios with the specific apps

There are a few options available for couples when using the Esca 2. First, you can use the app to allow your partner to manage the settings and intensities from the other side of the room or anywhere else in the world they happen to be. This makes it a great option for those in long-distance relationships, allowing them to maintain intimacy when far apart. You can also pair the Esca 2 with any other KIIROO product for some interactive play, pleasuring each other at the same time, no matter where you’re both located.

The Lovense Remote app also allows for some exciting long-distance lovers’ play. After downloading the app, you can invite a partner through the app. Once they’ve accepted the request, you can give them access to your Lush 2 and all the patterns and functions that go along with it. You can even give them unlimited access, so they can join in on the fun whenever they like. You can also restrict their access or delete them from your contact list if needed.

Extra features

The OhMiBod app doesn’t have a ton of extra features beyond what we’ve already mentioned, though there is one interesting option you may want to consider. There is an Oh!dometer feature in the app that allows you to keep track of your orgasm count when using the device.

The Lovense app has some cool functions, though they mostly relate to the patterns available. As well as the unlimited options, sound or music syncing, and long-distance controls, there is a tap and slide remote that lets you create your own pattern and the traditional remote that lets you pick one of the normal manual patterns and adjust the intensity.

Construction Comparison

The construction of any sex toy determines its size, durability, and how it can be used without risking damage. The following sections cover how the Esca 2 and Lush 2 stack up in all of these areas.

Insertable length and width

These two toys aren’t identical in insertable length, though they are close enough that some users may not notice a difference unless they are beginners trying toys for the first time. The Esca 2 has an insertable length of about 3 inches, while the Lush 2 can be inserted about 3.5 inches into your vagina. Depending on your size, one may be long enough to rest against your G-spot a bit more firmly, though this may not be an issue for everyone.

As for the width, both toys have a circumference of about 4.5 inches, so you should get the same full feeling with both toys. The Esca 2 is a bit rounder over the insertable end, while the Lush 2 has more of a pronounced bulge where it would hit your G-spot. You may prefer the shape of one over the other, though this will likely be a personal choice.


Both toys impressed us with their Flexibility that allows shaping them to your natural contours

The Esca 2 and Lush 2 devices have a similar design, with the bulbous heads on the insertable end and a long antenna that extends out of your body. That antenna is the flexible part of each toy, allowing you to bend it as needed to fit against you however you like to ensure complete comfort when using these toys.

Both the Esca 2 and Lush 2 have this flexible antenna, so you can shape them to fit over your body however you like to maintain the most comfortable position possible. The Lush 2 is a bit trickier to position since it has that vibrating clitoral end that needs to fit against this delicate area of your body, so different sizes of women may have more trouble positioning it where it needs to be.

Overall length and width

The overall length of these toys varies, so you may prefer one over the other, depending on your size below the belt. The Esca 2 is about 7.3 inches long, though it can be bent to fit nicely against your body as needed. The Lush 2 is a bit longer at 8.2 inches, which doesn’t seem like much until you try to get that clitoral end positioned where it can stimulate you the most. The slimmer you are, the harder it may be to get that long length positioned right for this type of pleasure, though with a bit of effort, you should be able to make this toy work for you.

The widest point on both of these devices is the bulbous end, which we mentioned above is about 4.5 inches around. As well as fitting well in your vagina, this size makes this toy easy to store. The fact that these devices are also flexible also helps with storage, since you can bend them into a more compact size.


While Esca 2 can hold its ground in some amount of water and quick drying, Lush 2 is a perfect toy to bathe with

Waterproofing is a fantastic feature for any sex toy since it allows you to use it in the shower or tub, plus it makes a toy easier to clean since you don’t need to worry about damaging the internal parts if you get the toy wet. Unfortunately, these two devices don’t have the same capabilities when it comes to waterproofing, so you may want to keep this in mind when choosing one.

The Esca 2 isn’t completely waterproof, though it is splash proof. This means that you can get it wet, though you shouldn’t try submerging it in water if you can help it or you’re risking damaging the toy. This is mainly due to the charge port, which isn’t sealable and could allow moisture in if not properly cared for.

The Lush 2 is waterproof, so it can be submerged in water when necessary. This feature makes it much more versatile since you can insert the toy for some water play whenever you like without risking any moisture getting inside the toy and damaging the motor or other internal parts.

Durability and warranty

Durability can be measured in a few different ways. First off, the material a toy is made of can affect how long it will last. Both the Lush 2 and Esca 2 are made of body-safe silicone on the outside for a soft, silky feel and ABS on the inside to hold the motor and other internal parts. Both of these materials are durable, so they shouldn’t break or tear unless you’re mistreating your device.

The seal on the charge port is also something to consider when it comes to durability. As we mentioned above, the Esca 2 doesn’t have quite the same coverage as the Lush 2 in this area, so water or fluids could get into this area if you aren’t careful. The Lush 2 has a better seal, so the charge port should stay clean, no matter how messy or wet you get.

As for the warranty, both options have a 1-year limited warranty that covers any defects in the parts or manufacturing of the toy.
This isn’t too bad since it gives you plenty of time to thoroughly test both the Esca 2 and Lush 2 models to be sure they are living up to your expectations. You can also try out a variety of the best egg vibrators to see how they stack up in terms of durability, warranty, and any other feature on your list.

Maintenance Comparison

All sex toys need maintenance, so learning what this entails will determine whether the Esca 2 and Lush 2 models are worth the effort. Let’s take a look at how these two devices compare when it comes to cleaning and storage.


Cleaning your sex toys is one of the most important parts of using them since a dirty device can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria and could lead to rashes or infections. Of course, the easier a toy is to clean, the more likely you’re going to get this job done more often.

The Esca 2 isn’t hard to clean, thanks to the silicone material, which is non-porous and won’t absorb moisture or anything else. You can quickly wipe down your toy with a damp cloth and a bit of anti-bacterial soap, removing any fluids or debris that has collected on the toy. The downside is that you can’t submerge it for a more thorough cleaning since this toy is only splash-proof rather than fully waterproof.

The Lush 2 is similar to the Esca 2 in terms of material, so it also won’t absorb any moisture or bacteria. You can wipe it down just as easily using some warm, soapy water. The difference is that this device is waterproof, so you can submerge it to give it a deeper clean before drying it and storing it away.


Both toys come with a reliable storage pouches, yet we must admit that Esca 2 thought of elegance rather than security

Storing your toys properly is the best way to ensure that they are safe and ready to use whenever you need them. The Esca 2 includes a satin privacy pouch, so you can tuck it in there to keep it clean between uses. The bendable body also makes it a more compact device, which allows you to store it wherever you have space for it, plus it is easy to travel with. The Lush 2 also folds down to a more compact size for easy storage and travel, though it doesn’t include any type of pouch or bag to keep it clean. You’ll need to purchase this piece separately.

Final thoughts

The Esca 2 and Lush 2 are both excellent egg vibrators, though each device has some features that may benefit some users over others.

The Esca 2 may be best for solo users or beginners to these types of toys, due to the limited pattern and intensity options. It is easy to use, with few controls to get the hang of, plus it allows for long-distance play or syncing with other devices for those looking to try out some couple’s fun.

When comparing the Esca 2 vs Lush 2 models, the latter may be better for those looking for a wider range of options to pick from when on their own or with a partner. The app has more to offer in terms of patterns and intensities, plus you can customize the settings as you see fit.

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