5 Wonderful Kegel Balls – Stronger Muscles for Brighter Orgasms

Last updatedLast updated: February 11, 2021
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Joy Nights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

You’ve probably heard about Kegel exercise that help you tone and straighten pelvic muscles. The best Kegel balls (you might also find them by the name Ben-Wa balls) can help you train and achieve brighter, more intense orgasms. There are many options to choose from, but how can you determine the right Kegels balls that will fit your needs?

We’ve consulted doctors, experts and common users on the different Ben-wa balls models that they found most helpful and satisfying to use. We’ve focused on hypoallergenic material that is pleasant to touch and won’t irritate your vagina. We’ve also tried various weights and found which ones are more comfortable for beginners and experienced users. Some models are best fit to train than help you achieve pleasure; some are perfect for using them as a sex toy due to vibration modes they provide. With our thorough guide you’ll find the Kegel balls that you won’t want to part with ever.

Top 5 Kegel Balls Review 2021


Fifty Shades of Grey RelentlessEditor’s Choice

  • Insertable length: 3 in
  • Material: silicone
  • Circumference: 3.5 in
  • Weights: 1.4 oz

More features: allergen-free, rechargeable, submersible balls, 45 min run time, 10 vibration patterns, remote control

You can choose or add these luxurious smooth Kegel balls with a remote control to your collection to enjoy their 10 fantastic patterns and 6 levels of intensity. When you buy and use these balls, you’ll feel your muscles tightening around her and experience deep and exquisite internal stimulation.

In addition to 10 vibration patterns and 6 mind-blowing intensity levels, these balls feature a tapered tip. This provides super comfortable insertion and an elongated end for easy removal.

You can apply a coat of water-based lubricant for an even more pleasant sensation.

This toy includes an elegant satin bag that makes it a great erotic gift.

It’s part of the Official Fifty Shades of Gray Pleasure Collection endorsed by writer EL James.

Take note, however! Although the toy is waterproof, the remote control is not, so it should not get wet.

What we liked:

  • The remote control is functional and ergonomic. It's very easy to operate. We also like its super smooth finish and pull-out end which helps for easy insertion and removal. The variety of patterns allows to find new joy with the toy and train pelvic muscles while having fun.

What could be better:

  • We are not fond of 45-minute run time, some users prefer longer sessions.

We-Vibe BloomPremium Pick

  • Insertable length: 3.5 in
  • Material: silicone
  • Circumference: 4.25 in
  • Weights: not specified

More features: USB rechargeable, 10 vibration patterns, allergen-free, submersible, app-controlled, 90 min charging time, 2-year limited warranty

The Kegel ball set is an ideal gift for your intimate lover. The soft silicone material and varying weights of the balls make the act of strengthening the muscles in your pelvic floor fun. What’s more, it can help you achieve more satisfying and intense orgasms.

You will benefit from its 10 different vibrations and connect with the app to customize your vibrations. Rechargeable by USB, the Bloom vaginal weights is an ideal toy for pleasure while on the go.

Its comfortable and smooth design makes training your pelvic floor sensational. The super-soft silicone glides on easily for slight stimulation. Its varying vibration levels will heat things and deliver delicious internal sensations.

The circumference is 4.25 inches. It has an insertable length of 3.5 inches and a total length of 7 inches.

You can connect it with the We-Connect app to customize your vibrations.

What we liked:

  • The balls help tone the pelvic floor and ease the way to more intense orgasms, while at the same time, progressively increasing the weight of the balls. Vibration patterns and low noise make it a fun little item, that can be used even on public. We also enjoy the longer warranty tat covers most problems you can have with the device.

What could be better:

  • Free app though a good idea, disconnects from the device the moment you step out f the area and takes some time to connect back.

Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead SystemBest for Beginners

  • Insertable length: 4 in
  • Material: silicone
  • Circumference: 4.75 in
  • Weights: 2 x 1 oz, 2 x 1.3 oz

More features: allergen-free, submersible, rigid

A great choice for beginners, Lelo’s Luna Kegel Ball Kit allows for effective Kegel exercises that help tone your muscles and increase the intensity of your orgasms. And most importantly, the balls bring great pleasure during use.

Designed as an easier-to-use alternative to traditional balls, Lelo’s gradually weighted system helps strengthen your Kegel muscles and the intensity of your intimate pleasure.

You will start with the 2 lightest balls (28 grams) and when you are ready to move on, progress to the 2 heaviest balls (37 grams).

You can use the balls with or without the silicone harness which includes a rope that facilitates extraction.

If you’re new to Kegel exercises, have ever given birth, or are in your 30s, go for the lighter ball duo. Then, once you’ve progressed, do a more intense exercise with the heavier pair.

Coat each ball with a generous amount of water-based lubricant to facilitate insertion and maximize pleasure.

The Kegel eggs are presented in an elegant box with a satin pouch for discreet storage. It has a circumference of 4.75 inches, an insertable length of 4 inches, and a total length of 4 inches. They’re the best kegel exercise balls for beginners.

What we liked:

  • Can be used at any time of day. The material is pleasant to touch and hypoallergenic. It is also easy to clean. Two different weight provided can be perfect to start you pelvic training and increase as you feel you can pull off more.

What could be better:

  • The holders might feel uncomfortable for long use
  • Insertable length: 7 in
  • Material: silicone
  • Circumference: 4.5 in
  • Weight: 2 x 1.3 oz

More features: allergen-free, submersible, firm casing

These Kegel exercisers provide an incredible workout and are wonderfully low-key. And best of all, they result in toned muscles and more powerful orgasms.

These Tracey Cox vaginal balls will discreetly massage your internal erogenous zones to strengthen those muscles and help you achieve better orgasms than ever.

The 1.3 ounce balls, specially designed for beginners, are designed to slightly tone the pelvic floor muscles for more intense pleasure during sex. With them, you will enjoy with discretion where and when you want

You can squeeze around these balls to make your vagina feel tighter (for him) and to increase sensation (for you).

It is a perfect item for use after pregnancy and for women who want to have stronger orgasms.

Just apply a generous amount of water-based lube for a good exercise. The more you tighten your pelvic floor muscles around the balls, the more toned and stronger they will be.

Use your Supersex Toning Balls wherever and whenever you want. The more you use them, the more you will enjoy your sex life. Supersex Toning Balls have a combined weight of 78g and are great for beginners and intermediate kegel ball users.

What we liked:

  • Made with soft, smooth, and hypoallergenic silicone, they are perfect for stronger pelvic floor muscles and better orgasms. They come at very modest price and feature prefect weights for beginner and intermediate users.

What could be better:

  • The pull string could be more durable. It feels too elastic and worries some users.


Je Joue Ami 3 Step SetBest for Experienced Users

  • Insertable length: 3.5 in
  • Material: silicone
  • Circumference: 4.25 in
  • Weight: 2 x 2.8 oz, 2 x 3.7 oz, 1 x 1.7 oz

More features: retrieval loops, submersible, allergen-free

This is a luxurious set of silicone Kegel balls presented in a stunning gift package.  It’s a three-step kegel system. Each step involves a ball of different weight and shape to build your pelvic floor. This increases your sexual sensitivity and improves your pleasure.

By using Ami regularly, you will tone and strengthen your pelvic muscles. You will be able to develop greater sensitivity and reach more intense orgasms more easily. Ami also features small balls that move inside your vagina creating subtle arousing sensations even while you are working out.

If you exercise your muscles regularly with Ami, your sexual intercourse will be improved, and your partner will feel it when you contract your pelvic muscles around his penis.

Ami is no ordinary Kegel ball, but a set of three: it’s a unique way to tone your pelvic floor. Ami 1 is a single, flexible, and lightweight large ball weighing 47g.  If you’re new to kegel exercise products or haven’t used them for a long time, this is the Friend to start with.

Ami 2 is a medium-sized double ball that is flexible like Ami 1 but slightly heavier, with a weight of 78g.  Friend 2 is intended for those for whom Friend 1 no longer has enough effect.

Ami 3 is a small double ball, hard and heavy with its 106g.  This is the Most Demanding Friend and is intended for experienced users.

The Ami Kegel weight system comes with a comprehensive instruction booklet (just lift the bottom and you will find it there) that will give you tips on how to use Kegel balls effectively to tone and strengthen your pelvic floor.

What we liked:

  • By using Ami, you will also be able to better control your bladder, prepare for childbirth, and improve your natural lubrication around menopause. Variety of weights is perfect for experienced users. These ben-wa balls are also very easy to clean.

What could be better:

  • Even experienced users can feel overwhelmed with wearing such Kegel balls for a long period of time.

Things to Сonsider

There are many false beliefs and myths in circulation on Ben-wa balls. Some believe that they are only used because they provide sexual pleasure when there are a thousand sex toys that are much more suitable for this! In this section, we will try to explain what these balls are, what they are used for, and how to choose them. We will also answer the most frequently asked questions.

What are vaginal balls?

Ball-shaped toys of varying weight often made of silicone, tied by straps, with a pull-out end. Made for females, they are used as a perineum rehabilitation, muscle-building accessory as well as a sex toy. They come in various holders with different systems in mind, depemding on purpose. They are made to be tightly caught between pelvic muscles but can stay inside even when the muscles are relaxed.

Benefits of using vagina balls

5 Wonderful Kegel Balls - Stronger Muscles for Brighter Orgasms

Beyond the sexual aspect that we have mentioned, vagina balls have several beneficial effects for the perineum:

  • Improve the tone of the muscles of the perineum

Due to their varying weight, the perineum will contract to retain the vagina balls. The contractions will allow the muscles to develop and assert themselves.

  • Improve sensitivity and sensations

The firming of the pelvic musculature will generate an influx of blood during exercises. They also allow better vascularization of the vaginal muscles. They, thus, make it possible to regain better sensitivity during sexual intercourse.

The use of Kegel balls will therefore be an effective solution for the maintenance of the intimate area. You can use them to solve problems of lack of sensations during intimate relations.

Tip: If you use Kegel balls after childbirth, it is advisable to wait 6 weeks postpartum and 8 weeks in the event of an episiotomy, or even wait until you have started your perineal rehabilitation.

Top Kegel exercises using ben wa balls

Before looking at the exercises you can practice with the ben wa balls, it’s essential that you are precautioned before using them:


Although Chinese balls are suitable and recommended for almost all women, there are situations, such as the following, in which they can be counterproductive:

Although there is no consensus, many doctors agree that it is not recommended to use them:

  • During pregnancy or in the first weeks after delivery.
  • In case of hypertonia of the pelvic floor, pain with penetration, or dyspareunia.
  • When you are suffering from urinary infections or candidiasis.
  • During menstruation, simply for hygiene reasons. In case it is not a problem, you can clean it afterward as if it were a menstrual cup.
  • During sexual intercourse, as they prevent penetration. In case you are going to have intercourse without vaginal penetration, there is no problem.
Some exercises using ben wa balls

Below are some of the most popular exercises you can try:

  • Sitting fast-twitch Kegel Exercise
  • Sitting slow-twitch Kegel Exercise
  • Horizontal Kegel Exercise
  • Standing Kegel Exercise


Kegel balls come at a varying price. The features, design, and numbers determine how much they’re sold for. Models like the Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Toner Balls, which consist of just one or two balls and no remotes or other features, are the cheapest. They are sold for a price ranging from $20 to $30. The two-piece models like the Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead System are sold for around $40 to $70. Meanwhile, there are premium models such as the We-Vibe Bloom and the 50 Shades of Gray Relentless that are sold for more than $100. These models usually have a remote control or can be connected by an app.

Features to consider while buying the best Kegel balls

As you have seen in this article, there are different options and similar products that do not fulfill the same function. For your purchase to be successful, take into account these purchase criteria.


You have to know that there are different types of Kegel balls. There are even models with functions that bring them quite close to a sexual stimulator, such as a vibrating egg. Not all of them are easily found in stores, but the most common are the following:

  • The traditional: As we have already told you, the most common balls are two and they are linked together. They can be round or have an oval shape. There are options, such as the Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless, which include several spheres with different weights.
  • Single Ball: Freestanding balls are easier to place and wear, especially for beginners.
  • Ben Wa: These types of spheres are not linked to each other, but are completely independent. They are usually smaller in size than traditional balls, although heavier. They are for experienced users only.

Circumference and insertable length

5 Wonderful Kegel Balls - Stronger Muscles for Brighter Orgasms

Chinese balls are available in different lengths and circumferences or diameters. Acquiring a suitable size, in addition to helping you exercise your pelvic floor correctly, will make it more comfortable to wear them. Many manufacturers offer small and medium sizes. Which one will be best for you? Take into account the following aspects:

  • If you prefer tampon size balls, choose balls that are small or medium
  • Have you had vaginal deliveries? In this case, the medium size is better
  • If you can insert two fingers into the vagina without feeling discomfort, go for the medium size. If you feel uncomfortable or it hurts, the small size is better.
  • For urinary incontinence, choose a medium size
  • Do you suffer from hypotonia of the pelvic floor? It’s better to choose the medium size.


Do not overlook the manufacturing material. Chinese balls are an article of intimate use. This means that the material they are made from is crucial. You can’t just settle for anything! The most common and recommended is the medical-grade silicone. This is hypoallergenic, does not produce irritations or dermatological alterations, is non-porous, and is easily cleaned.

Our advice is to avoid porous materials at all costs, as they can promote the proliferation of bacteria. The presence of phthalates or other toxic or irritating components such as latex is not recommended. When in doubt, consult the manufacturers.

Again, it’s better to choose silicone or ABS balls without additives (avoid poor quality balls without certification of materials). As you can see, all five models we recommend are made of silicone.


Geisha balls are not only sex toys, they also help tone the perineum. So, it would be necessary to choose those which have a suitable weight to find satisfaction.

Depending on your needs, you can choose balls with a fixed weight of around 80g. They help maintain your perineum muscles when they have undergone rehabilitation. You have the option of choosing balls with weights that vary between 28 and 100 grams. In this case, you can gradually build the muscles of the perineum. For a smarter choice, you must take into account the weight that your anatomy will be able to support. It is sometimes advisable to opt for balls that have a variable weight and a suitable size (36 mm or 29 mm).

Vibration options

Kegel balls with vibration do not work so much as a therapeutic item, but rather as a sexual stimulator. Remote control models can be used by a couple. However, vibration options can be found in battery-powered devices. When the toys have vibrating options, what that means is that they have more than one vibrating speed and/or pattern. In general, the more the better. Remote/app-controlled models have the highest number of options. The 50 Shades of Gray Relentless, for example, has 10 vibrating patterns. This helps you vary the pleasure and brings different patterns to the menu.

5 Wonderful Kegel Balls - Stronger Muscles for Brighter Orgasms

Balls set option

You can choose models with single or double balls. Kegel balls are available to all women for various uses. When you go for the simple one-piece ones, you can go about your various activities in peace. They act on the muscles of your genitalia, helping you to build them up. They are easy to use and very practical. They are suitable for all types of women.

As for the multiple ball models, they play several roles when you put them on. You can use them to strengthen your perineum and feel sexual pleasure when you have them on you. The shock between the two balls gives you a pleasant feeling and stimulates you. Also, note that your expectations play an important role in choosing your Kegel balls.

Extra features

Some extra features to consider can be the remote control for couple play and more control over the orgasm, and the app connectivity. Some kegel balls come in storage cases or travel pouches for convenient transportation.


Not really. When too large for your vagina, you’ll have a hard time inserting the Kegel balls. And except you want to force them inside, you can easily drop them and resign to the fact that they aren’t your size. But when you choose the right size, use enough lubes, and they manage to get in, they won’t hurt your insides.

Ben wa balls can’t go up more than 10 inches, in rough estimate. The adult human vagina can expand up to 4.75 inches in length and the uterus length can go up to 14 inches. In comparison, the Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Toner Balls are the longest in our review. But it measures only 7 inches in insertable length. So, there’s no question of reaching the limit. Just be careful to ensure the balls are not lost in the depth of the vagina.

Our best Kegel balls for beginners is the Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead System. It’s suitable for beginners because the balls are a system with graduating sizes. If you’re new to Kegel exercises, have ever given birth, or are in your 30s, you can go for the smaller ball duo. Then, once you’ve progressed, you can practice more intense exercise with the heavier pair. However, some balls are heavy and small enough to meet rehabilitation needs.

Our Verdict

Kegel balls help to strengthen the pelvic floor and also improve the sexual life of women in the medium and long term. They produce micro-vibrations when moving the ball inside. These lead to the activation of the musculature and increases blood flow to the pelvis. There are five models in this review but here is our final verdict.

Our Editor’s Choice is the Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless. We like this model because it has a remote control, 10 vibration patterns, and 6 mind-blowing intensity levels. These balls feature a tapered tip. This provides super comfortable insertion and an elongated end for easy removal.

Our Premium Pick is the We-Vibe Bloom. You will benefit from its 10 different vibrations and connect with the app to customize your vibrations. Rechargeable by USB, the Bloom vaginal weights is an ideal toy for pleasure while on the go.

The best Kegel balls for the money are the Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Toner Balls that have longer shape and weight system that is best fit for beginning users. Hypoallergenic material is perfect for all women who were afraid to try the toy.

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