What is the 4chan Holy Grail of Cum?

4chan, a website with plenty of questionable content, has users claiming to have discovered "The Holy Grail of Cum", a mixture of ingredients that intend to increase semen volume. Anonymous users trade tips and share their cum stacks in their question for the most powerful ejaculation.
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In 2016 a thread appeared on 4chan where a user claimed to have discovered “The Holy Grail of Cum”, a mixture of ingredients that intend to increase semen volume. The user listed their “stack”, and details on how much more this actually made him cum. Other users shared their similar stacks, and the discussion has since been used as a reference for others looking to create their own cum supplement stacks. Users of reddit have added to the discussion in subreddits like /r/ShootMoreCum and other cum porn related subreddits. So did that 4chan user actually have a legitimate concoction? We take a look at his findings, the discussion surrounding it, and determine if there’s actually any scientific evidence to back it up.

4chan Holy Grail of Cum

God Tier Cum

The original poster shared the “God-Tier Cum” image that had been circulating:

Let’s review his list.


This essential amino acid works. L-Arginine has got some scientific credit for boosting sperm health, with studies suggesting it can up the sperm count and get them moving faster. Plus, it has also shown promise in adding some volume to your semen.


This substance, validated by animal studies, is your friend for increasing semen volume and enhancing sperm motility. It alone is considered by some to be the best supplement for improved overall fertility.


Zinc is the absolute best when it comes to male fertility. It’s known to bolster sperm count, improve motility, and overall health. It can also be a crucial piece in cumming more and consistency issues.


Often found in “gas station boner pills”, selenium isn’t likely to increase semen volume.


The user mentions that this isn’t for semen volume, but instead for changing the color of semen to white. There isn’t any scientific evidence to back this up, but it has never been researched.

Kegel Exercises

Kegels can be great for a number of ejaculation related things. Can they actually increase semen volume? The answer is a solid “maybe.” While it’s not scientifically proven, kegels can strengthen the muscles needed to shoot more powerful ropes.

Second 4chan user’s cum stack

A second anon posted their brief overview of ingredients. He said:

L-Arginine – if you don’t eat that much red meat like me, this just made me feel slightly more energetic. Thus less stressed and thus happier balls.

Lecithin – was a big plus for me, but it took a couple weeks to build up and required almost 2 gallons of water/day. Be prepared to piss like Old Faithful

Zinc – No real benefit for me in terms of volume, but seems to help my borderline low blood pressure, thus better erection

Celery – No. Gives me indigestion, bad gas, and my breath smells from it. Now, celery powder is great for cooking…

Kegels – just do them. I had to do them after a difficult hernia operation because I had to “relearn” how to use half my core muscles due to the size of the incision. If you’re fucking a bitch missionary, pull out, and give her a facial from that distance…let’s just say that first time is a surprise for her.

L-Lysine – no results

Ginseng – good for making your own energy drinks, else stay out of the asian markets

Pygeum – some immediate results, but once the lecithin kicked in it was major. Much larger volume of precum too.

Maca – this + plenty of caffeine + a few other things is a great energy stack. No real benefit unless you like fucking like a machine past the redline

Similar to the list above, but this time with the addition of pygeum. Pygeum is extremely effective. If there was one supplement on these lists that have the most scientific evidence it back it up for increasing semen volume, it would be zinc, but a close number two is pygeum. We highly recommend pygeum.

More cum strategies from reddit and 4chan

Other users recommended kegel exercises:

While another user gave his recommendation for improving semen taste rather than semen volume, via bromelain:

The Holy Grail of Cum in all forms

So what else is there? These 4chan users provided surprisingly good lists. Cum pills like Semenax, Lock & Load, and Popstar have been trying to replicate this type of supplement, with only one of them succeeding. Load Boost is the only cum pill to have 100% effective ingredients, with no filler garbage. Yes, you can absolutely buy all of the ingredients listed by the 4chan users, but Load Boost provides a nice and clean supplement to do everything you want when it comes to blasting ropes of cum.

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