We Vibe Sync vs. Chorus: Which Is Better?

Can't decide between We Vibe Sync and We-Vibe Chorus? We compared them for you.
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Last updated: March 10, 2024
We Vibe Sync
We-Vibe Chorus
Can't decide between We Vibe Sync and We-Vibe Chorus? We compared them for you.
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We vibe is a sex toy brand that needs no introduction. They are popular for their fantastic sex toys that suit the needs of most users. The Sync and Chorus are We Vibe’s most popular ‘wear-during-sex couples’ sex toys. Both sex toys are dubbed as double stimulators as they can produce satisfying vibrations in two different areas. Most brands have tried to pull off such capabilities but We Vibe is still on top of the game.

We Vibe Sync and Chorus are both innovative and interesting sex toys. The Chorus is a newer model that has all the amazing features of the Sync and other models, plus a few new features that add a little bit of flair and excitement to the sex experience. This article delves deeper into the similarities and differences of the two famous We Vibe sex toys. Read on to see what the rave is all about.

We Vibe Sync vs. Chorus Quick Comparison

We Vibe Sync and Chorus are C-shaped vibrators. As their name suggests, C-shaped vibrators curl inward and can stimulate two pleasure points at the same time. The shorter and slimmer arm of the vibrators is what goes inside the vagina for G-spot stimulation while the longer and broader arm curls up the body and sits right on the clitoris. This means, you will get vibrations both on your G-spot and clitoris. Most dual stimulators operate this way, but the We Vibe Sync and Chorus are unique because you can use them during penetrative sex.

During intercourse, you can insert either the Sync or Chorus into your vagina, and your partner can also get inside you. Besides stimulating you, the inner arm of the toy will enhance your partner’s feelings. The vibrations will make the experience more exciting for your partner because it allows more blood to enter his penis shaft.

Features We-Vibe Sync We-Vibe Chorus
Type Couples vibrator Couples vibrator
Material Silicone Silicone
App connection Yes Yes
Overall dimensions 2.9 x 1.2 x 1.6 in 3.07 x 1.7 x 1.2 in
Length 3 in 3.5 in
Width 1.2 in 1.2 in
Vibration patterns 7 + 3 speeds 7 + 3 speeds
Working time 90 min 90 min
Charging time 2hrs 2hrs
Waterproof Yes Yes, IPX7
Warranty 2-year limited 2-year limited

Main Features Comparison

Here is a detailed breakdown of the main differences and similarities of the We Vibe Sync and Chorus sex toys. Choosing between the two toys should be a breeze when you know how they outdo each other.

App compatibility

You can control both We Vibe Sync and Chorus with a remote control or via the ‘We connect’ app. Connecting to the app opens better opportunities for maximum pleasure with your partner, even if you are miles away from each other. We have written a detailed guide on the best remote control vibrators that will be quite helpful if you’ll want to know more about remote control capabilities.

Connection and customization

If you don’t feel like controlling We Vibe Sync with the remote control, you can easily connect it to the ‘We Connect’ app on your phone and access more control features.

The We Vibe Chorus has a better connection to the ‘We Connect’ app than the previous model Sync because it now connects to the remote control and not the device itself. The seamless connectivity between the device and the app is based on AnkorLink technology, which ensures the signal does not drop in the heat of the moment. The technology also enhances Bluetooth connectivity.

The best thing about the We Vibe Chorus is that it is customized to fit every woman’s anatomy. Regardless of your body size or anatomy, you can easily use the vibrator to get maximum vibrations exactly where you want them. You can also adjust and modify it during sex with your partner for maximum comfort and pleasure.

Moreover, We Vibe Chorus has touch-sensitive receptors that vibrate along with your body movements. Once you have connected the vibrator to the We Connect app, you can customize the touch-sensitive receptors to maximize your pleasure.


We Vibe Sync comes with a remote control for switching modes and controlling the intensity of vibrations. You can use the remote on your won or with your partner.

We Vibe Chorus is much better with the squeeze remote control function, which is still a rarity in the sex toy industry. Using the remote is such a no-brainer. If you squeeze the remote tight, you get stronger vibrations and vice versa. The remote also has additional buttons that will help you adjust the vibrations’ intensity or switch between the modes.


Although they look the same and have some features in common, We Vibe Sync and Chorus perform differently.

Motors and stimulation

Both We Vibe Sync and Chorus are dual motor stimulators. The large part that remains outside your body has its own motor for stimulating the clitoris and the other part that goes inside your vagina also has a motor for stimulating the g-spot. You can turn both motors on to full power at varying levels or one at a time.

Vibration patterns and intensity

Both We Vibe Sync and Chorus have 10 vibration modes that you can change by pressing a button on the remote control. However, when it comes to vibration range and intensity, Chorus is the winner. Its stimulation is 10% stronger than We Vibe Sync’s, and what’s more, it has a better speed range than Sync. Unlike Sync, its stimulation starts lower and deeper but ends stronger. You can choose the vibration mode that best suits your needs before inserting the vibrator for the best sexual experience.

Moreover, Chorus features touch-sensitive receptors, which give touch-sense vibrations. In essence, it vibrates according to your movements and allows you to customize the experience. Another thing worth noting about Chorus is that its g-spot arm has a nice rumble but doesn’t vibrate strongly like the clit arm.

Working and charging time

Before using either the We Vibe Sync or Chorus, you must charge it fully. We Vibe Sync charges for 2 hours while Chorus charges for 90 minutes only. With a full charge, both vibrators can last you a whopping 90 minutes. You can squeeze 2 to 4 sessions out of either of the devices.


We Vibe Sync and Chorus look pretty much the same, and you might not be able to tell them apart at first glance.

Materials and flexibility

Both We Vibe Sync and Chorus are made with high-quality, medical-grade, body-safe silicon. According to Healthline, Silicone is the best vibrator material as it is non-porous, super-soft, easy to clean, and all-around body safe.

In terms of flexibility, Chorus is a better option. Flexibility means how easy it is to customize the shape of the vibrator to suit your anatomy. Vaginas and penises are not the same and a good sex toy needs to feel super-comfortable regardless of the user’s anatomy. Chorus features two adjustable joints that allow you to modify its angle all the way up to 120 degrees. Its shape is also easy to adjust and stays in position once you have found the perfect fit. This feature caters to women with different anatomies. If you don’t have a standard clitoris to vagina distance, you can modify the vibrator with this feature to get the best fit. What’s more, it allows you to get intense vibrations when you are playing with the toy hands-free.

Compared to Sync, Chorus has better flexibility on its G-spot arm because you can bend the lower arm toward the outside, which is impossible with Sync.

Size and weight

We Vibe Sync and Chorus are relatively small sex toys compared to others in the industry. The vibrators are made for the clitoris and vaginal stimulation. Therefore, if you are looking for a girthy hit on your G-spot, you better look elsewhere. Although they look identical, Chorus is slightly bigger than Sync, and its G-spot arm is a little thicker than that of Sync and thus gives more vibrations to the vaginal walls.

Manual controls

Both Sync and Chorus come with push buttons for manual control. You can press the buttons to choose suitable vibration modes and intensity before inserting the vibrator. However, Chorus is a step ahead with the squeeze remote function, allowing you to control the toy with your palm manually. During penetrative sex with your partner, the sensations may be overwhelming and you may need something to grab; this is where the squeeze remote comes in. The toy’s vibrations become more intense when you press harder and calm down a little bit when you let go.


We Vibe Sync and Chorus are not only soft and high-quality but also 100% waterproof, and this makes cleaning them super easy. Besides easy cleaning, the waterproof design makes the vibrators a fun option as you can use them in various settings, including the shower, bathroom, or pool. Do note that the remote controls are only splashproof and can easily get damaged if wet. You can use the vibrators in different water settings but cannot bring along the remote controls.

You must clean the vibrators after you are done using them to prevent bacterial build-up that may cause infections in your reproductive organs. Since they are both made with silicone, you can easily give them a thorough wash with mild soap and water before and after every use.

Durability and warranty

We Vibe is among the few sex toy companies that offer product warranties. All their products have a two-year warranty, and should anything happen to your toy within the period, you can get a replacement or a refund. The warranty cover is more than enough proof that the sex toys have a high-quality build.

We Vibe Sync and Chorus are made with top-quality medical-grade silicone, and it is body safe, long-lasting, and easy to clean. Moreover, the vibrators are waterproof and will remain in good shape after several uses in different settings.

How they work

Before using either of the toys, you must charge them fully and give them a quick wash with water and mild soap. Cleaning should be a breeze as both devices are waterproof.

Use a generous amount of water-based lube before inserting the vibrator in your vagina. If it’s not wet, it’s not fun. According to an article by Cosmopolitan, water-based lube is the safest to use with all types of toys and is easier to clean. We Vibe includes a small pouch of lube in their vibrator packages, and it makes a world of difference. You can buy more lube separately.

For the Chorus, ensure the G-spot stimulator is resting on your G-spot, and the clitoral stimulator is resting on the clitoris. Turn it on, pair it with the remote, and then let it run its course. For Sync, insert the smaller end into your vagina and leave the larger arm outside resting on your clitoris.

You can use both toys during penetrative sex. Gay and lesbian couples may not make the most out of the toy as a straight couple would. The toys’ surfaces that rest on the clitoris and g-spot have smooth ridges that enhance vibrations in the regions. Even the surface that the penis contacts during intercourse has smooth edges so that it can slide smoothly without any discomfort.


We Vibe Chorus is lightly pricier ($10 ) than Sync, but it is a worthy upgrade, given it is more powerful and has better rumbliness. Its flexibility also makes it a more comfortable and secure option as it can fit users with different anatomies.

In conclusion

The differences between We Vibe Sync vs Chorus mainly lie in the small features. Otherwise, the sex toys are both made with the same body-safe silicone material, and have the same shape and main functions.

Our We Vibe Sync vs Chorus comparison guide has proven that Chorus, although pricier, is a worthy upgrade from We Vibe Sync. It has better, stable connectivity is more powerful with 10% more vibration intensity, and is much easier to control, especially with the squeeze remote control feature. For both solo play and penetrative sex with your partner, We Vibe Chorus is a better option.

Also, if you enjoy We Vibe products as much as we do, you may find a few more nice options in our collection of the best We Vibe reviews.

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