8 Outstanding Sex Dolls – Your Comfortable Partner

In this article you will find the best sex dolls on the market today - from torso models to advanced anime characters
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Last updatedLast updated: December 22, 2021
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Joy Nights is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Just because you don’t have someone to experience an evening of passion and pleasure doesn’t mean it should hold you back. Instead, you can invest in a love doll. Someone who looks real enough to actually be real, and who can help you achieve your wildest fantasies.

The best sex doll is one that is realistic, has plenty of options, and can be customizable. We’ve found eight of the best realistic sex dolls that will provide you with everything you’re looking for. In this guide, we’ll explain what makes them so special, highlight their features, pros, and cons, and give you our recommendations for special occasions. Whether you’re looking for a female model, a male model, or even one based on anime, we have tons of options to consider. Suddenly, your evening has become a lot more interesting.

Top 8 Sex Dolls Review 2022


WM-Dolls AnastasiaEditor’s Choice

  • Height: 5’5’’
  • Orifice: vagina, anal
  • Breast size: E-cup
  • Weight: 72 lbs

More features: flexible skeleton, made of TPE

Looking for a fun, sporty, and flirty sex doll? Anastasia is the complete package. Made from TPE which offers a flexibility to it, WM Dolls Anastasia comes complete with a sporty outfit that can lend itself to a bit of roleplaying.

WM Dolls Anastasia is perfect for men who want lots of choice. She has both a vaginal and an anal opening and her E-cup breasts are easy to manipulate. Both her arms and legs can be manipulated, so you can have her in multiple different positions. Furthermore, you can customize your doll at check-out. There are five skin tones you can choose from. You can also change the height of the doll as well as her breast size, so you can end up with the doll that is truly from your dreams.

What do we love it for?

  • For starters, we loved that you could choose exactly how you want your WM Dolls Anastasia to look like. From height to skin color to breast size, your version of your dream girl can really come to life. Furthermore, we liked that she comes with a fun outfit. You can pretend you’ve just come in off the ski slopes and are ready to snuggle up with a hot drink.

What were we disappointed with?

  • All the choice does mean that WM Dolls Anastasia comes with a hefty price tag. Furthermore, if you want options like mouth sounds and a heating ability, they come at an extra price. Overall, if you have the money, then this is a doll that will last you for quite some time.
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Iron Tech KevinBest Male Sex Doll

  • Height: 5’8’’
  • Orifice: anal, mouth
  • Penis length: 5.9’’
  • Weight: 110 lbs

More features: flexible skeleton, 6.2’’ anus depth, 4.7’’ oral depth

Despite the prevalence of female sex dolls, there are still plenty of options for men, including Iron Tech Kevin. This male sex doll is perfect for gay men and his leather apparel increases his fetish appeal.

Iron Tech Kevin has two orifices, anal and oral, for your enjoyment. He also comes with a 5.9-inch penis which you can use for your own purposes. The flexible skeleton is surrounded by TPE material so he is extra bendy and perfect for multiple positions. Furthermore, Iron Tech Kevin has a slightly futuristic look to him, thanks to his silver hair, so you can really role play going to a rave or techno night with him.

What do we love it for?

  • We liked the overall look of Iron Tech Kevin. He isn’t your average guy and instead based on his leather straps and silver hair, knows how to party. You can use him and his holes, or turn him around and have him use you. His penis is like a dildo and is flexible enough so you can insert him on your own. With a height if 5’8” he isn’t a giant but is still tall enough to have realistic proportions. His eight-pack and bulging pecs also really stand out.

What were we disappointed with?

  • We get that men have body hair but somehow this quality just doesn’t translate well to male sex dolls. The sparse chest hair looks unfinished and the silver goatee really stands out. In an effort to make this doll look more realistic, the body hair actual detracts from the realism.

Realdoll Stephanie 2.0The Most Realistic

  • Height: 5’10’’
  • Orifice: vagina
  • Breast size: A-cup
  • Weight: 90 lbs

More features: 12’’ vaginal depth, flexible skeleton, customization options

A quick glance and you might think you are looking at a real person. Realdoll Stephanie 2.0 is the most lifelike sex doll on our list and it can be eerie to see just how good the technology is.

Realdoll Stephanie 2.0 is just one model you can choose from; if you like the idea of her but want a different person, there are many more on the website. In fact, this line of sex dolls is all about customization. You can choose from 18 different body types with different combinations of breast and hip measurements. There are five skin tones to select as well as 14 hair styles. You can also choose permanent or removable vaginal inserts and there are even 12 different vagina options.

What makes it special?

  • We really couldn’t get over how lifelike Realdoll Stephanie 2.0 looks like. This is a model that looks like a human clone. There are so many choices, and while it can be a bit overwhelming, you will be able to select the absolute woman of your dreams. From hair style to breast size, whatever you are thinking of, there is an option for it.

What cons did we find?

  • If you thought paying $3000 for a sex doll was a lot of money, you might pale at the price tag of Realdoll Stephanie 2.0. At just over $5000, this is not a toy for those on a budget. Furthermore, if you want to customize her, be prepared to spend even more.

WM Doll LanaBest Mini Sex Doll

  • Height: 4’11’’
  • Orifice: vaginal, anal, mouth
  • Breast size: D-cup
  • Weight: 51 lbs

More features: made of TPE, steel skeleton, flexible body, 6.7’’ vaginal and anal depth

Petite and coy, WM Doll Lana has everything you want, just in a miniature frame. She still stands 4’11” tall but only weighs 51 pounds, which makes her much more movable. Her TPE material makes it easy to manipulate her into different positions and you are sure to get a lot of use out of her.

WM Doll Lana offers anal, vaginal, and oral orifices with standard depths. You can easily manipulate her body so that you are comfortable in the action. She comes with a fun outfit of a crop top and shorts, as well as a flirty bra and underwear set. A pair of white sneakers rounds out the ensemble and you can easily imagine picking up this fun girl for an adventurous date.

What do we love it for?

  • We liked how proportionate WM Doll Lana is. While it may be nice to fantasize about different body parts on a woman, with this sex doll, you get the feeling she is more realistic than others. The outfit is a nice touch and you can engage in some fun role play with it. Furthermore, WM Doll Lana looks like an approachable woman would be easy going.

What were we disappointed with?

  • Unfortunately, there are no options to customize WM Doll Lana. The pros of this include faster shipping but if you want a doll that is slightly different, you will have to shop for a product that is customizable. While not a deal breaker, you should be aware of it before you dream about changing a few of her features.

WM Doll AkiBest Anime Sex Doll

  • Height: 5’5’’
  • Orifice: mouth, vaginal, anal
  • Breast size: D-cup
  • Weight: 66 lbs

More features: steel skeleton, made of TPE, flexible body, 6.7’’ anal and vaginal depth

Sex shouldn’t be boring and with WM Doll Aki you can have a real-life anime star in your very own bedroom. This version of an anime character gives you plenty of options including eight skin tones, three breast sizes, and five hair choices.

WM Doll Aki comes with a seductive black outfit and thigh-high black boots, which, along wither her eye mask, adds to her mystique. She is fierce and sexy, which makes here a real winner. Those that love role play will quickly fall in love with all her options. She has openings for vaginal, anal, and oral sex, and her body is very flexible so you can engage with her in multiple positions.

Why is it special?

  • We loved that WM Doll Aki stays in character. Her outfit is incredibly fun and provocative and you can really pretend to be the hero or villain with her. Because she has a steel frame but TPE material, you can really manipulate her into different positions, which means so much fun. Furthermore, the many different aesthetics that you can choose from allows you to find the perfect person to make all your fantasies come to life.

What are the flaws?

  • Unfortunately, you will have to wait at least three weeks to get your WM Doll Aki as all the customization takes time. While you can choose from ready-made dolls, If you want a specific look, it will take time. Furthermore, while WM Doll Aki is less expensive than other high-end sex dolls on our list this is unfortunately reflected in her life-like appearance. You are always aware that she is a doll.
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Shy CamillaBest Value

  • Height: 5’7’’
  • Orifice: vaginal, anal
  • Breast size: E-cup
  • Weight: 7 lbs

More features: made of PVC, vibrating option, textured canals

Although most other sex dolls on our list are made from TPE, Shy Camilla is made from PVC and is an inflatable option. She weighs just 7 pounds so you can bring her with you on trips, if need be.

Those wanting to try out a sex doll but are not willing to part with thousands of dollars may find that Shy Camilla is a great starter opportunity. She is just under $200, which is affordable for almost everyone, and you still get a great experience. She comes with an anal and a vaginal opening and her inflatable breasts can be manipulated. To add to the sensation, you also receive a bullet vibrator for enhanced pleasure.

What makes it stand out?

  • We really liked that there is a budget option for sex dolls. Not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend, and it’s important to have an affordable choice. Furthermore, despite the low price, you can still get plenty of pleasure out of Shy Camilla. Her hair is rather lifelike and her hands and feet look realistic. Also included in your purchase is a storage case a foot pump, and a puncture repair kit, which is a great extra value. Finally, having the bullet vibrator can make your experience that much more amazing, and if you’re not sure about an extravagant sex doll, this is a great option to begin with.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Honestly, although Shy Camilla is still a good product, it just can’t compete with TPE dolls that are way more lifelike. This is a good option for the short term but you may grow bored of her after a short time.

WM Dolls AnnaBest Torso Sex Doll

  • Height: 2’11’’
  • Orifice: vaginal, anal
  • Breast size: M-cup
  • Weight: 70 lbs

More features: flexible joints, 6.7’’ vaginal and anal depth

WM Dolls Anna is all about what you need, and for the purpose of a sex doll, that includes just the torso. This doll features a realistic head, massive breasts, and an anal and vaginal opening. There are no legs so you will need to think a bit about positioning. However, her hips are large enough that she won’t topple over with heavy use.

Realistic sex dolls are expensive and WM Dolls Anna is a nice option if you want to save a bit of money. While still pricey, she is a third the price of a full-size doll, so this is definitely a model you want to think about. There are five skin tone options and five hair options, so you can really customize her to your desires.

Why did it make our list?

  • You can opt for a removable vaginal insert, which makes for much easier cleaning. While you need to pay more for this option, it is still money well-spent. We also like that this is an option that saves you a lot of money. WM Dolls Anna can be positioned in many ways so the absence of legs is not much of a detriment.

What is not ideal about it?

  • Now, we’re sure there are plenty of men who are fascinated with breasts, but to us, having a doll with M-cup breasts is a bit much. They are in no way realistic and can be a bit distracting. It would be much nicer if there was an option to change the breast size to something more manageable.

Aibei MalayaBest Silicone Sex Doll

  • Height: 4’10’’
  • Orifice: vaginal, anal and mouth
  • Breast size: E-cup
  • Weight: 58 lbs

More features: steel skeleton, 6.7’’ vaginal and anal depth, flexible joints

A versatile sex doll, Aibei Malaya has the option for anal, vaginal, and even oral pleasure. With her diminutive stature at just under 5 feet and very large E-cup breasts, this may be your version of the perfect woman.

Aibei Malaya has plenty of options, so you can really craft your personalized doll. There are five skin tones to choose from an you can select from five eye colors. She also comes with a knitted sweater which allows for a greater opportunity to role play. As for extras, there are plenty more choices, including jelly breasts, a heating function, and standing feet. Even with the basic model, however, you can still manipulate her easily and can engage in multiple different positions.

What do we love it for?

  • We liked all the extras and choices that come with Aibei Malaya. The five skin types are great for personalization and while you do have to pay extra for the add-ons, the fact they are available means a greater opportunity to find exactly what you want. While many sex dolls only have two openings, having an oral passageway with Aibei Malaya is a nice bonus and adds to her versatility.

What were we disappointed with?

  • Any time you have a company that offers a payment plan on their homepage, you know that you are investing in a premium product. Unfortunately, with the add-ons you probably want, the price of Aibei Malaya is unaffordable for most. While this is undoubtedly a premium product, you might want to think twice if it is worth spending money on.

Things to Consider

While there was once a stigma around sex dolls, now there is a growing acceptance that they offer both companionship and pleasure. To help you find the sex doll of your dreams, please read through our Buying Guide.

How to Use Love Dolls

When you use a love doll, you should think of them as a real person.

  • Set the mood by recreating a date night.
  • Most sex dolls come with clothes, so you can use these as a starting point.
  • Foreplay is key Trusted Source Why Foreplay is Important | Men's Journal Science has shown that building up to intercourse can lead to longer sex and better orgasms, even during solo sex. www.mensjournal.com and when it comes down to the act, don’t forget the lube.
  • Sex dolls won’t feel tired even when you change poses and want to do it all night.
  • Cleaning sex doll after each use is thoroughly important.

How to Pick the Best Sex Doll

You know yourself best, so be true to who you are. Start by envisioning your fantasy man or woman and go from there. Do you prefer anal or vaginal sex? Is oral sex important? Once you have the basics, you can begin to find a model that can provide you with this pleasure.


There are many types of sex dolls, and choosing the right one is about both your preference and your budget.

Inflatable dolls are not very flexible but they are very inexpensive. While most sex dolls include the whole body, there are some, like WM Dolls Anna, which is a torso-only model. Finally, if you want a male sex doll, there are plenty to choose from, like Iron Tech Kevin.

8 Outstanding Sex Dolls - Your Comfortable Partner

You can choose your sex doll’s material and shape by the most desired assets


The material Trusted Source Are sex toys safe? Yes, if you use them responsibly and keep them clean – otherwise, sex toys can pass on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and infections passed on through the blood (blood-borne infections). www.nhs.uk used in sex dolls is incredibly flexible and realistic, which is why they are so popular. Except for inflatable dolls that use PVC, most sex dolls use TPE. This material has a nice texture to it and you can bend it without breaking it.

Furthermore, inside the TPE is a steel skeleton that provides weight and form to the doll.


There are three orifice options on female sex dolls, (anal, vaginal, and oral) and two on male sex dolls (anal and oral). However, not all dolls will provide you with these options.

For example, WM Dolls Anastasia only offers anal and vaginal opportunities and Realdoll Stephanie 2.0 only has a vaginal opening. Sometimes you can customize them further, but you should think hard about what your favorite positions are before choosing a specific doll.

Breasts and hips

Sex dolls are meant to look fairly realistic but they also play out fantasies, so don’t expect realistic measurements. Breasts are often much larger than in real life while hips are on the petite side.

You can adjust breast size in any of the dolls except the inflatable.

Those wanting a very large breast experience will really enjoy WM Dolls Anna as she comes with M-cup breasts. Most other dolls, however, will offer choices from A-cup to D-cup.


A lot about a sex doll is focused on the outer appearance but the inner construction is just as important. Many models allow you to choose the texture of the vaginal or anal orifices, and the variety of inner textures can bring unforgettable orgasms. The inflatable Shy Camilla had different textures to choose from, as does WM Dolls Anastasia.


Sex dolls have amazing construction, so they should be very durable. While inflatable dolls, like Shy Camilla, are not as durable, other models are much more so.

Their steel skeletons and TPE construction allow them to withstand continued use.


Because there are two main types of materials for sex dolls, the price can range drastically.

The cheaper alternative is inflatable sex dolls. For example, Shy Camilla only costs around $200. However, with TPE dolls, you can expect the low end to be around $2000 while the high end is $3000. The extreme would be with Realdoll Stephanie 2.0, as she starts around $5000.

Many sex dolls seem like they are somewhat affordable but once you start customizing them, or adding on extras, the price can greatly increase. These include storage cases and whether your doll has jelly breasts.


If it is possible, it’s best to purchase a sex doll with a removable vagina, or other orifice. This way you can better clean it. If not, spend a bit of extra time to ensure bacteria and mold don’t grow.

Always wash your sex doll after every use. Warm soapy water is best and you can use your fingers to get into any crevices. Leave your doll to air dry overnight before storing it safely away.

Like any sex toy, unfortunately, sex dolls can become moldy. Their orifices need to be cleaned properly or else bacteria and mold can form. It’s always best to store your sex doll in a proper case to prevent mold from forming. Otherwise, you may need to throw out your investment.

Our Verdict

Sex dolls bring companionship, adventure, and pleasure. Our Editor’s Choice is WM Dolls Anastasia. She comes with a fun, sporty outfit and you can customize her to fulfill all your fantasies.

If you are a man looking for a male sex doll, then Iron Tech Kevin is the perfect option. With leather straps and handsome, silver hair, he has the ability to satisfy your needs. You can engage in oral and anal sex with him, and his penis is able to fill you up as well.

Finally, if you want a sex doll but are hesitant to spend a lot of money, you can try Shy Camilla. Although she is inflatable, she is still realistic-looking. As a bonus, she comes complete with a foot pump and a carrying case. She also has a bullet vibrator to make things even more interesting. The best sex doll is out there, just waiting for you to find him or her.


Why Foreplay is Important | Men's Journal
Science has shown that building up to intercourse can lead to longer sex and better orgasms, even during solo sex.
Are sex toys safe?
Yes, if you use them responsibly and keep them clean – otherwise, sex toys can pass on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and infections passed on through the blood (blood-borne infections).
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