Clone-A-Willy – Create the Perfect Dildo

Tips and tricks for using a Clone-A-Willy Kit and step by step guide to make your first replicate penis absolutely perfect.
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Clone-A-Willy uses high-quality body-safe materials to mold a replica of a penis. You can use your Clone-A-Willy kit to make a high quality replica of any penis you can get your hands on. If you have a penis, you can use the kit to give your partner a dildo of yourself to play with. 

Cloning your penis has never been easier! Using the kit itself is fairly straightforward, but it can be tricky if you don’t have a good knowledge of what you’re getting yourself into. Luckily for you, we are here to help. This article will discuss everything you need to know about using the Clone-A-Willy kit to create your own gorgeous replica dick.

What is Clone-A-Willy?

Clone-A-Willy is a molding kit that uses a molding powder to produce a dildo shaped like whatever penis you want to copy. Your own, your partner’s… anyone who has a dick and is willing to provide it for a fun and sexy craft night.

There are several varieties of Clone-A-Willy. For instance, there’s the Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Molding Kit with six color options. It offers a realistic replica of your penis, mimicking its exact size and shape. This kit comes with a vibrating unit that offers a single and powerful speed for extra stimulation.

There’s also the Clone-A-Willy Glow In The Vibrator Molding Kit with three color options. It’s an upgrade on the Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Molding Kit with glow in the dark silicon and a vibrating unit with multiple speed options. Get ready to take your lightsaber duels to the next level.

Another option is the Clone-A-Willy Silicone Refill which provides silicone for Clone-A-Willy kits. You can buy this to create a second (or third) willy from your existing mold.

How to Make a Clone-A-Willy: Guide and Directions

As an overview, the clone-a-willy making process has four steps: 

  1. Create the mold and allow the mold to solidify 
  2. Prepare your silicon for the dildo 
  3. Pour your silicon into the mold you created and allow the silicon to set
  4. Free your willy!

Clone a Willy Cure Time – How long will it take to make?

The mold portion of the Clone-A-Willy kit takes 3-5 hours to set while the silicon portion is best left overnight. The active making time of the kit is only 30 minutes or so, but you have to wait for these cure times to proceed between steps.

Now let’s get to the details.

Step 1. Prepare the mold tube by cutting to size

Take your (or your partner’s) cock and put their (erect) penis alongside the plastic tube with the open end facing away from you. Use your marker to mark half an inch beyond where the erect penis measures up to on the tube. This extra half inch makes sure than when you insert your penis into the tube to make the mold that you won’t “bottom out”. 

Take your scissors and use them to cut the tube on the line you just made.

Important: You are cutting off of the tube’s open end. When you’re done you should have a tube with one closed end and one open end that is about a half inch longer than your dick. Try to make the edges of your cut smooth. You can cover any jagged edges with duct tape to make a more convenient fit against your groin.

Step 2. Prepare the mixture for the mold

It’s time to measure and mix up the mold. You need water that’s just above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Use your thermometer to measure the temperature of the water. If you don’t get the right temperature, the mold won’t set up properly. 

Pour your molding powder into the mixing bowl. Pour in your 90 degree water and stir continuously for 45 seconds (use your timer!) using the help of your timer. It is okay if it’s still a bit lumpy.

Pour the mixture into the plastic tube.

Step 3. Put your dick in the tube!

Stand up quickly and insert your erect dick into the tube. Set your timer for two minutes. 

You’ll need your penis to stay erect for the full two minutes needed to set the mold. Do what you have to do, but try to keep your dick hard and don’t move too much. After at least two minutes, you can remove your dick from the mold. Longer is better, but that’s life.

Step 4. Wait for the mold to solidify

The mold will need to cure and completely solidify. This takes at least 3 hours, but it’s better to wait at least 5.

Step 5. Prepare the silicon and pour into the mold

Take out the two jars of silicone and pour them into the disposable cup. Mix them using the wooden stirrer. Stir until the mixture is thoroughly combined. After you’re satisfied with the stirring, you can then slowly pour the silicone into the mold. Leave an inch at the top so that when you place the vibrator in the base it does not overflow. Insert the vibrator at the base.

Let the mold sit and solidify for about 3 – 5 hours. You can start to prepare the silicone as you wait.

Step 6. Pour silicone and allow dildo to set

Take out the two jars of silicone and pour them into the disposable cup. Mix them using the wooden stirrer. Stir until the mixture is thoroughly combined. After you’re satisfied with the stirring, you can then slowly pour the silicone into the mold. Leave an inch at the top so that you can easily insert the vibrator.

The silicone mixture also needs time to cure. This is best left at least overnight, but 24 hours is best.

Step 7. Free your newly created dick and enjoy!

Once the 24 hours is up, it’s time to free your willy from its mold. If you have any trouble removing the dildo, carefully cut open the tube from the side to remove it. You now have a replica of your penis for action.

The silicone mixture also needs time to cure, even more time than the mold. Typically, you need to give the mixture 24 hours to cure. You can go do other things, leaving your dick’s replica to cure.

11 Clone-A-Willy Tips and Tricks

Whether you are a DIY clone kit newbie or a penis cloning pro, we are here for you every step of the way! Here are 12 tips to help you make sure your homemade dildo is perfect:

1. Read the instructions completely before starting and watch Clone-a-Willy’s tutorial video. Make sure you’re familiar with the water temperature requirements and time limits on the instructions before making your mold (we recommend reading instructions a couple of times). You don’t want to be reading the next step while trying to measure the water temperature, measure the water volume, stirring the molding gel, and maintaining an erection. Once the molding powder and water touch it’s go-time! In fact, in a perfect world, you don’t want to be doing anything except trying to maintain an erection, which is why we recommend our next tip.

2. Consider asking your romantic partner, friend with benefits, or even that overly friendly neighbor to lend you a hand! Have your sexy helper do the mixing of the powder and water. This is maybe the best piece of advice we can offer while using a clone kit. Have someone else measure the temperature and volume of the water while you think sexy thoughts, watch a naughty film, or anything else that gets you going.

3. Have an extra bag or two of powder on hand. Having an extra bag or two of powder can help take the pressure off and help you maintain something worthy of a clone. You can buy extra bags of powder here. 

4. Try the tube on before mixing the powder and water. Cut the tube to size, insert your penis, and press it against your body. Do you fit comfortably? Find a position you can stand in where your penis doesn’t touch the sides. If you’re curved and can’t fit in the tube without touching the side, here are a few ideas that you can try.

5. Make sure the water temperature is correct using the thermometer that is included with your kit. Warmer water can make the alginate solidify too quickly, so pour the water (straight from the faucet) into your mixing bowl and double-check the temperature before you add the powder, it should be 90 degrees on the dot! (Note: 90 degree water is close to body temperature and should feel lukewarm.) Again, the second the molding powder and the water touch, it’s go time!

6. Don’t use over carpet! The molding gel is super easy to clean up once it solidifies as long as any spillage hits a hard surface. Linoleum, tile, wood, concrete… you get the idea. 

7. No need to shave when using this product! However, we recommend putting vaseline on your pubes to make the mold more comfortable to remove. The finished mold is very soft and flexible, so there’s no risk of “getting stuck” in the mold, but it can grab your pubic hair and might take a little finesse to remove. Vaseline just makes it easier.


8. Bend at the waist to insert. Once you’ve poured the molding gel into the tube, hinge forward, so your erect penis points down a little. Insert the head of your penis and press the tube against your body as you stand up, creating a seal that will help hold the molding gel inside until it solidifies. You can still adjust yourself before the mold sets, so don’t panic and lose your boner.

9. Take a breather and relax. Once your member is in the tube, think of the sexiest thing possible and try to keep your erection for the next 60-90 seconds or so. This is a good opportunity to enlist the help of your sexy lab assistant!

BONER TIP: Use a penis pump, cock ring, and lube if it helps. We offer all of these on our site and they are great resources and products that can be reused in the future!

10. When the alginate has solidified you’ll feel it gel around you. Once that happens you can slowly pull/wiggle the tube away from your body. It’s totally normal (and expected) for some molding material to spill onto the floor, but it will peel off any hard surface for easy clean-up!

11. Mix the silicone well and pour slowly into your mold. The slower you pour the less air bubbles will appear in the final dildo. Once you have poured in all the silicone tap the bottom of the tube on the counter to force any extra air bubbles to the surface!

Can A Clone-A-Willy Improve Your Sex Life

In addition to being a ton of fun to make, the Clone-A-Willy kit can improve your sex life in a number of ways.

For those in a long-distance relationship, the kit can replicate your penis, providing your partner a part of you to play with when they’re far away from you. This can create a sense of intimacy with your partner even when you’re in different locations.

Is one dick not enough? If you’re interested in double penetration, but already have one penis you really enjoy, why not make it two? The Clone-A-Willy kit can help out here. Simply clone your penis and let it be the second cock in the show.

Final Thoughts

What’s there not to love about the Clone-A-Willy – a kit that replicates any penis you want? The kit is a winner, even if the molding process is a bit finicky.

If you’ve read this far and you’re still not sure if you’re interested in the DIY aspects of the Clone-A-Willy kit then consider purchasing a premade dildo. There are remarkable realistic dildos available on the market.

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