Rocky Mountain Con Interviews

Discover Rocky Mountain Con through JoyNights' lens, a convention where comics, gaming, and sci-fi enthusiasts unite for charity. Learn about its partnership with 'Cap for Kids' and how it raises funds to support children battling cancer, capturing the essence of community and creativity.
Last updatedLast updated: April 28, 2024
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Rocky Mountain Con (RMC) is a beacon of creativity and goodwill in the heart of Denver. This unique convention blends the worlds of comics, gaming, anime, toys, and sci-fi, all with a noble cause at its core. Initially started to support the victims of the Aurora Theater shooting, RMC has evolved into a thriving event that continues to give back. In partnership with ‘Cap for Kids‘, a charity dedicated to aiding children with cancer, RMC has made significant contributions, raising over $6,000 for the cause. Join JoyNights as we explore this extraordinary convention, where the passion for pop culture and community support come together in a vibrant celebration.

Rocky Mountain Con Day 1

Rocky Mountain Con Day 2

Final Thoughts

Rocky Mountain Con stands out as a shining example of how fandom and charity can intersect to create something truly impactful. The event’s commitment to supporting ‘Cap for Kids’ and the joy it brings to both participants and beneficiaries is a testament to the power of community. Through JoyNights’ coverage, we’ve witnessed the heartfelt enthusiasm and generosity that define this convention, serving as a reminder of the meaningful connections and positive changes that can emerge from our shared passions and creative pursuits.

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